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Apple Watch For Alzheimer’s

Consider The Range Of New Tag Tech That Can Help You Keep Track Of Easily Misplaced Items

Apple Watch For Elderly or Aging Parents… No Brainer!

Some people living with young onset dementia can have challenges finding things in three-dimensional space.

Add this to the usual trouble that even non-neurocognitively-challenged folks have in finding keys, phones and wallets, and much frustration can emerge.

For some, a solution lies in using contemporary tracking devicesâsuch as Tile, Samsung Galaxy SmartTag, Chipolo or Apple AirTag.

Keith Barrett, who lives with young onset dementia in Ottawa, uses the Tile on his keys, phone and wallet.

âVery frequently I will misplace my keys or I can’t find my phone, or vice versa, and on Tile you just have to hold down the center button and it will ring. I use it to find both those things,â says Keith. âAnd when I was working, I had some different keys that I would use for work. I also had Tiles on those as well.â

Apps like Find My Phone, Google Find My Device or Find My iPhone can sometimes do the trick as well, depending on your needs.

Apple Watch For Your Elderly Family Member

Hopefully, this information will help you decide if the Apple Watch is a good idea for your family members. And if you choose to make that purchase, the tips for getting the Watch set up for them should help too.

Please let us know what you decide and how it all works out! You can pop back over and leave a comment below or visit us on or wed love to hear from you!

Best Overall: Apple Watch Series 6

This Apple Watch version features an always-on altimeter and a blood oxygen monitor . It also features an electrocardiogram system capable of detecting whether you’re experiencing cardiac abnormalities such as atrial fibrillation. There’s also a built-in fall detection tool that automatically contacts emergency services if you fall. The Apple Watch Series 6 also includes a relatively loud speaker , a ceramic and sapphire crystal back, and plenty of storage capacity for your favorite photos, podcasts, and music tracks.

If you plan on using your watch without your iPhone, consider the GPS + Cellular option. Otherwise, go with the less expensive GPS model. Regardless, the Apple Watch 6 is the best Apple Watch for seniors this year.

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Start With The Equipment You Already Have

Dementia and caregiving advocate Ron Beleno is a Toronto innovator and researcher on a variety of tech projects and teams.

He puts forward a hopeful, inspiring model of using tech and other solutions in the dementia space.

âWeâre all playing a similar game, with similar challenges,â Ron says. âAnd the game is against the challenges that come with different kinds of dementia.â

Ronâs dad Rey was diagnosed with Alzheimerâs disease in 2007. But his family recognizes that Rey already showed strong signs of dementia a few years earlier, when he was around 63 years old.

Ron started out using some of the tech tools he already hadâlike an iPhone 3 and a spare security cameraâto help them stay connected while keeping Rey safe at home.

Later, as his family’s needs changed, Ron invested in some new tech tools, such as a GPS device to keep his father safe while he continued being out in the community.

Your Apple Watch Might One Day Spot If Youre Developing Alzheimers

Future #Apple Watch Series Updates May Be Able To Detect Dementia ...

A feasibility study suggests that data collected from smartphones and digital apps might help speed up the diagnosis of Alzheimers disease.

The study: Researchers from Apple, Eli Lilly, and health tech startup Evidation Health handed out iPhones, Apple Watches, iPads, and sleep monitoring devices to 113 people aged 60 to 75, of whom 31 had varying levels of dementia and cognitive decline. The researchers collected data from the devices over 12 weeks, studying factors such as peoples motor control, mood, typing speed, use of language, and sleep patterns. The subjects also had to fill in energy and mood surveys every day, and take short tests on an app.

The results: The people with symptoms of dementia typed less regularly and more slowly and sent fewer messages than healthy participants. They also relied on support apps more, and were less likely to fill in surveys. That suggests a phone or other device might one day be used to track someones cognitive declinebut, the study authors say, itll take more research to know whether the method is accurate enough.

The potential: It can take a long time to diagnose Alzheimers disease correctly, because its early symptoms are subtle and easy to dismiss as normal aging. Accelerating that process would help the nearly 500,000 people diagnosed with Alzheimers every year in the US alone.

The privacy problem: Monitoring people this way would require them to consent to their data being tracked for a long time in immense detail.

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Best Value: Apple Watch Se

In 2020, Apple revealed two new Apple Watches at the same time. The Apple SE has many of the same features as the Apple Watch Series 6, but for much less. On it, you’ll find high and low heart rate notifications and irregular heart rhythm notifications, emergency SOS alert, fall detection, an always-on altimeter, and more.

Disadvantages Of An Apple Watch For Seniors

Even though the Apple Watch offers some beneficial health and emergency features, it may still not be a perfect gift for the senior in your life. Here are a few considerations.

Small screen

No matter how you look at the Apple Watch, its still a watch. So obviously the screen is not as large as an iPhone or iPad. This could make it tough to tap the things you need to without accidentally tapping something else. The Apple Watch does offer accessibility features such as Zoom that can help which can be found in the Watch app.

Learning curve

While the Apple Watch is not difficult to learn or use, it still can be for someone who isnt keen on technology. If your loved one struggles to do things like make calls or send text messages on their iPhone, you might consider the same difficulties they would experience with an Apple Watch.

Getting nearby help

Who currently helps your parents or grandparent if theyre having trouble with their iPhone, iPad, or computer? If they arent able to figure things out on their own, is there a go-to person to help them and if so, is it you?

The thing is, you may have to plan on helping them get used to the Apple Watch by showing them how to do the basics. And if youre not nearby, for example, if you live in another state, then this wont be easy for either of you. Its just another thing to think about.

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Apple Watch Fall Detection

Using the Apple Watch Series 4 or later’s built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, the device can detect when a user has taken a bad fall. The watch will tap the user on the wrist, display an alert message, and sound an alarm. If the user is OK, they can tap I’m OK or close the alert on their Apple Watch.

If the watch receives no input and detects that the wearer has been immobile for a minute, it will call emergency services automatically after a 30-second countdown and a series of louder alerts. When the call connects, the Apple Watch will play a message explaining that the user has fallen and provide the user’s current location. When that call ends, the Apple Watch will then send a message to the user’s emergency contacts list.

Best Status Symbol: Apple Watch Series 6 Herms

Alzheimer’s Store | Theora Link GPS Watch Tutorial

The Hermès line of Apple Watch is incredibly exclusive and will definitely let the world know that you know luxury. The only way to get the exclusive Hermès-designed watch face is to buy from the series directly . Each band is crafted from quality leather and comes in a variety of eye-catching colorways. The casing material is only available in stainless steel, and all Hermès Apple Watches are GPS + Cellular.

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Delve Into The Accessibility Features That Come With The Smartphone You Own Now

Any kind of smartphone usually offers accessibility features.

On Apple devices, for instance, there are options for magnifiers, larger text, zoom and other vision features. There are also cognitive features that can reduce visual clutter on webpages these can also speak what you are reading or writing. Mobility features on those devices include voice control and assistive touch, among others.

On Android devices, there are many similar options, too. Screen readers, hearing-aid support, voice access, and magnification are just a few of the tools available. So are live transcribe, selective sound amplification, and increasing font size and display size.

Essential During The Pandemic

During the COVID-19 pandemic, BoundaryCare is offering a two-week trial for free. After the free trial, the monthly subscription is $14.99.

For those who want to give it a try, it is available on the Apple App Store on their iOS devices. For more information, including the technical requirements, you can visit BoundaryCare’s official website or contact them at info@boundarycare.com.

Beatrice Health LLC is located at Northfield, Minnesota, and is dedicated to providing health-focused technology, specializing in apps for Apple Watch and iPhones.

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Benefits Of Apple Watch For The Elderly

You may be wondering how other families feel about the topic or if the scientific industry has taken a look. Some studies have taken place regarding technology in geriatrics. One such study from 2018 states:

The most promising clinical applications of technologies are housing and safety to guarantee older people remaining in their own homes and communities, mobility and rehabilitation to improve mobility and gait and communication and quality of life by reducing isolation, improve management of medications and transportation.

But the advantages of an elder using the Apple Watch could go much further than just the built-in health and safety features and communication apps.

A report from CNBC talks about Apple and Eli Lilly recently working together with data from iPhones and Apple Watches in relation to detecting signs of dementia.

The authors found that people with symptoms of cognitive decline typed more slowly, typed less regularly and sent fewer text messages than healthy participants. They also have a greater reliance on support apps and are less inclined to fill out surveys.

Where the data obtained from the study by Apple and Eli Lilly will go is unsure at this point, but it is something to keep an eye out for down the road. There are approximately six million people in the U.S. alone living with dementia.

Classy Luxury: Apple Watch Series 6 Titanium Edition

Apple Watch Medical ID

The Titanium Edition Apple Watch is like the well-bred, financially independent cousin of the aluminum series. It’s got a familiar brushed metal look, but the colors are a little richer … a little deeper. It comes in titanium or Space Black. It’s the perfect watch for someone wanting to make a very subtle statement. “I can afford a Ferrari, but I choose to drive a BMW because I’m classy like that.”

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Should You Buy An Apple Watch For An Elderly Loved One

Sandy Writtenhouse December 30, 2019

Whether its a holiday gift or birthday present, you might be wondering if an Apple Watch is a good gift for an elderly family member. After all, there are health features and apps that can be quite useful. And if you wear an Apple Watch yourself, you probably believe these things could benefit someone in their older years. But would it really make a suitable gift for your parents or grandparent?

A lot that weighs on the answer to this question is knowing the individual youre considering buying it for. Are they resistant to technological devices? Are they willing to learn new things? If youve already thought through these types of questions, but still arent sure, were here to help.

Lets look at the pros and cons of buying an Apple Watch for a senior, what benefits they could gain, and which apps and features would help them the most.


The Impact Of Mild Cognitive Impairment

About 15% to 20% of the population over the age of 65 experiences some form of mild cognitive impairment . Of those, 80% diagnosed with amnestic MCI develop Alzheimers disease, according to the National Institute on Aging.

Signs of MCI can include losing things often, forgetting to go to events or appointments, and having trouble coming up with words more than other people of the same age.

But the onset of symptoms is often subtle. It can take months or even years before a person brings these issues to the attention of their physician or other healthcare provider. The study hopes to track the brain health of many people over time and better identify the earliest indicators of cognitive decline.

Michel Vounatsos, Biogens chief executive officer, said in a news release that the hope is that identifying digital biomarkers in brain health would help address the significant need to accelerate patient diagnoses and empower physicians and individuals to take timely action.

The study is open to people of all ages and at various levels of cognitive function.

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If You Do Have A Digital Calendar Make Sure Turn On Your Calendar Reminders

Several people who are living with young onset dementia told us they really appreciated the automatic reminders that you can turn on with digital calendars.

For some people with thinking problems or memory issues, those reminders can be a game-changer.

âAll of my birthdays are in the calendar, and they are all set to remind me one week in advance and one day in advance, in essence, so I donât forget birthdays,â says Keith Barrett in Ottawa.

âI also donât forget appointments, because itâs on my computer and itâs on my Apple iPhone and it also links to my Apple Watch,â Keith says. âSo if I donât have my phone on, I will still get the notification on my watch.â

Apple Watch And Iphone

GPS Tracking Watch Phone For Elderly / Kids / Dementia [2019]

All participants will need to be iPhone users with an iPhone 8 or later, running the latest version of iOS.

You will be provided with an Apple Watch at the start of the study. You can keep the Apple Watch you receive if you earn enough points by completing activities during the study. The study has been designed so that if you consistently complete the study activities, like closing your Stand ring, answering survey questions, and other study activities, then you will be able to keep the Apple Watch.

If you already own an Apple Watch, youre welcome to continue using it for the study. Youll still receive a new Apple Watch from the study that you will be able to keep if you earn enough points from completing study activities.

You will also need access to a computer or iPad for some of the study tasks. Learn more about the device requirements for the study.

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Biogen Will Use Apple Watch To Study Symptoms Of Dementia

AppleInsider is supported by its audience and may earn commission as an Amazon Associate and affiliate partner on qualifying purchases. These affiliate partnerships do not influence our editorial content.

Biogen is launching a new virtual research study in collaboration with Apple, one that will look into how an Apple Watch and iPhone could help monitor a person’s cognitive decline, a potential symptom of dementia and neurological diseases.

The study will last for multiple years, and will launch later in 2021. People across a wide range of ages and cognitive performance levels will be asked to take part by Biogen, with the aim of determining whether wearable devices like the Apple Watch could be used for long-term cognitive performance monitoring.

The ultimate goal is to develop digital biomarkers for cognitive performance monitoring over time, which could potentially help detect early signs of mild cognitive impairment .

At present, there are significant delays in recognizing declines in cognitive health, which affects between 15 and 20% of adults over the age of 65. The subtle onset of symptoms, including being easily distracted and memory loss, can potentially take months or even years before it is observed as a cognitive decline by healthcare providers.

Is It Time To Get An Apple Watch Benefits For Seniors

Pew research reports that 85% of people over 65 have cell phones, and almost half are smart phones. Its no surprise that more older adults are considering smart watches like the Apple Watch as well. And with recent innovations in the technology, there are now compelling health reasons to consider it as well.

When the Apple Watch first appeared, it was largely like having a remote control for a phone. It had features that would help you track your movement, and alert you to text messages or phone calls without checking your phone all the time handy if you are in meetings, but not earth-shattering for most people. But in the most recent update, the technology has evolved to include sensors that are terrific to help track a variety of health issues.

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Know That There Are No One

One meaning of the word âtechnologyâ can be âthe use of science in solving problems.â

And whatever helps solve your particular challenges in a way that works for youâwhether itâs electronic or notâwill be the right âtechâ for you in that moment.

The right tech will be the one that works for you and your own circumstances, even if itâs a whiteboard and a paper notebook.


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