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Does Neuriva Help With Dementia

Q: I Take A Daily Dose Of Warfarin Could There Be Problems With This And Neuriva

An insider’s perspective on what you can do to help a person with dementia – with Christine Bryden

A: According to an FDA report, warfarin , ginkgo biloba , aspirin and vitamin E can each thin the blood. Taking any of these products together may increase the potential for internal bleeding or stroke. Some dietary supplements can interact in a harmful way with medications. You must discuss any dietary supplements with your health care professional.

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Do Brain Boosting Memory Supplements Work For The Elderly

Dietary supplements make up a ubiquitous $40 billion industry. Some of the 50,000 different types of supplements out there claim to improve your mood, energy, vitamin levels and overall health. Prevagen is one of the most popular supplements and says it can help protect against mild memory loss, boost brain function and improve thinking in seniors.

But is there any truth to these claims? Top senior living placement expert, Sarah Ordover, owner of Assisted Living Locators Los Angeles, looks at the evidence.

According to a review of studies by Consumer Reports in 2018, there’s virtually no good proof that products such as Prevagen can “prevent or delay memory lapses, mild cognitive impairment, or dementia in older adults.”

CNN Medical Correspondent, Sanjay Gupta, agrees. “A quarter of Americans over 50 take ‘brain-boosting’ supplements, but after two years of investigation, I could find little proof they improve memory, sharpen attention and focus, or prevent cognitive decline or dementia, no matter what the manufacturers claim.” A large 2020 study led by Harvard further showed that multivitamin or mineral supplements don’t improve overall health.

So What Should You Do Instead?

While common wisdom suggests that leisure activities like gardening, playing cards, attending cultural events and doing crosswords help delay cognitive decline in seniors, studies have not found an association between these types of activities and a decreased incidence of dementia.

Our Advice To You

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Phosphatidylcholine Benefits Include Improving Memory

The mineral phosphatidylcholine can drastically reduce cognitive decline, research suggests. This link in diet and dementia comes from a 2019 study that analyzed 2,500 men in Finland. The results, published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, show a 28% lower chance of dementia in men who consumed high amounts of phosphatidylcholine. A wide range of research validates this finding in women, as well.

Fda Curbs Unfounded Memory Supplement Claims

Neuriva Plus Review

I must have seen the commercial for Prevagen 50 times. Perhaps youve seen it, too: “You might take something for your heart your joints your digestion. So why wouldnt you take something for the most important part of you your brain? With an ingredient originally found in jellyfish! Healthier brain, better life!”

Like many heavily-advertised supplements, this one makes many claims. The bottle promises it “improves memory” and “supports: healthy brain function, sharper mind, clearer thinking.” Never mind that the main ingredient in jellyfish has no known role in human memory, or that many experts believe supplements like this would most likely be digested in the stomach and never wind up anywhere near the brain. Oh, and the commercial doesnt mention any risks of treatment or cost .

But does this supplement actually do what it says? If it doesnt, how can the manufacturer make these claims? And if apoaequorin is so great, why arent jellyfish smarter, as a colleague of mine wonders?

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Forget About Those Over

A recent survey found that about 25% of adults over age 50 take a supplement to improve their brain health with the promise of enhanced memory and sharper attention and focus.

The problem? There’s no solid proof any of them work.

“The main issue with all over-the-counter supplements is lack of regulation,” says Dr. Gad Marshall, associate medical director at the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “The FDA doesn’t oversee product testing or ingredient accuracy they just look out for supplements that make health claims related to the treatment of specific diseases.”

In terms of brain health, this means a supplement manufacturer can claim a product helps with mental alertness or memory loss but not that it protects against or improves dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. “This way manufacturers don’t have to back up any claim that their product is effective or even safe,” says Dr. Marshall.

A Combination Of Nutrients

Many brain supplements focus on omega-3 fatty acids , vitamin E, various B vitamins, or various combinations. Why these?

There’s strong evidence that certain diets like the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and the MIND diet can help improve cognitive function, according to Dr. Marshall.

“These diets contain foods with large amounts of these vitamins and minerals,” he says. “But what is not clear is whether it’s the combination of nutrients in these diets that’s beneficial, or whether it’s specific ones or even certain amounts, or some other factors.” Researchers have tried to answer these questions by testing how these individual nutrients affect cognitive health. So far the limited studies have found no evidence they help, with a few rare exceptions.

“Still, this doesn’t mean that the brain supplements may not work,” says Dr. Marshall. “It’s just that there is not much, if any, evidence from randomized clinical trials the gold standard for research on isolated vitamins or minerals and brain health.”

Here’s a summary of what science has found so far and what it means.

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Brain Fog: Solutions To Help You Improve Concentration

5 minute read

Most people have experienced mental fog or brain fog. It is often described as a cloudy-headed feeling. Forgetfulness is a common complaint among older adults. As we grow older, we experience physiological changes that can cause glitches in brain functions we have always taken for granted. It takes longer to learn and recall information. We are not as quick as we used to be. Also, lack of sleep, overworking, and stress can cause brain fog. Brain fog can be frustrating, but relief is possible. Do not ignore your symptoms. If left untreated, brain fog can impact the quality of your life and lead to other conditions such as Parkinsons disease, memory loss, and Alzheimers disease.

Where Can I Buy Neuriva

How to Help Someone with Dementia Communicate

Neuriva is distributed in a colorful bottle with a creative image of a brain on the front and comes in your typical pill supplement bottle. The packaging makes all of the claims we detailed above.

Like most of its competitors, Neuriva bottles will contain 30 capsules. You should take Neuriva daily , meaning each bottle will last 30 days. The bottle will cost you $30 for the original formula and $45 for the Plus formula. Compared to other brands, the cost is similar, but the value might not be there.

Schiff also offers a 7-capsule size for $12, or $15 if you purchase the Plus. Shipping is free for orders over $30 on Schiffs official website it is $5.99 otherwise. If you prefer, you can purchase the product on Amazon, but it is not eligible for Prime shipping .

Neuriva is also available at some Walgreens and CVS locations.

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The Best Supplements For Your Brain

Medical experts maintain that several dietary supplements and vitamins are considered an important part of a brain-healthy diet. One such expert, Dr. Richard Isaacson, Harvard-trained neurologist and author of the book, Alzheimers Treatment, Alzheimers Prevention, recommends several supplements for your brain, including:

  • Vitamin D

Helps To React Faster With Accuracy

Next on the list is the promise to improve accuracy. Like the first two, this benefit can also be traced back to the potential of PS.

Neuriva Brain Performance promise that your mind will become sharp and respond not just fast but accurately.

This is a nice claim made by a nootropic, but we are unsure how a two-ingredient formula can achieve this. The Neuriva manufacturer is quite vague about this and is entirely banking on the potency of PS to do all the work.

They are relying on one research study on the efficacy of coffee extract to increase BDNF. Other than that, nothing really backs up the claims of Neuriva.

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Prevagen Vs Neuriva Plus Review Also Verified By Ahmad Mahmood Phd

The facts mentioned and explained in this article have been checked and found to be consistent with scientific literature .

Fact Checking was carried out by Ahmad Mahmood, PhD from Professional Writings.

Ahmad Mahmood has a background of studying and exploring food as medicine and has expertise in plant metabolomics, and currently works as a freelance academic writer, editor and proofreader. He can be reached at

Side Effects Of Neuriva

Shilajit Resaerch in 2021

There are no known side effects of Neuriva. Most of the ingredients are safe to use, as most are vitamins. Since the extracts themselves have to come from a well-documented plant, there are very few chances of any sort of contamination that may cause an adverse effect.

The recommended dosage is around 300mg. Excess amounts can upset ones stomach or cause sleep issues. There may be a case of medication mingling where Neuriva may interact with your other regular medication and cause complications.

As for phosphatidylserine, it is relatively safe when taken orally, both for kids and adults. Side effects include insomnia and stomach issues. Both of which are pretty mild but, if you suffer from these issues already, it is advised to consult your doctor beforehand.

Neurofactor, on the other hand, has no reported side effects or cases.

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Neuriva Review Final Verdict

The Neuriva products are nootropic supplements that claim to have beneficial effects on five important factors of brain function: memory, learning, accuracy, focus, and concentration.

The products themselves are made of naturally occurring ingredients and are GMO-free. Both Neuriva products contain PS which may not be a very effective ingredient for those who really need help with their memory.

Neuriva Original also contains soy so some users may want to avoid taking it. The Original formula is rather limited at just 2 key ingredients so it may lack some components that could make it better. Overall both Neuriva products seem like they could be beneficial for certain consumers.

More than ever people of all ages are struggling with memory problems. People are unable to disconnect from their work, while students are under immense pressure to perform. Brains are overloaded with information that must be remembered. A quality memory enhancement product might contain clinically proven ingredients that will help to enhance not only memory, but also focus and night concentration. Memory products might help to optimize overall mental health and brain function.

Below you’ll find some of the most effective memory products on the market today, in our opinion.

Verdict on Claimed Benefits: Below is our summary of the available evidence for the claimed benefits of below mentioned brain health supplements and nootropic based on the available research:

Improves Focus And Concentration

This is followed by Neuriva claiming to assist with improved concentration and focus. It purports to increase attention span by improving neuron health and acting as a brain booster.

Once again, the credit for this may well go to phosphatidylserine as it acts as raw material in creating new brain cells.

PS assists cognition-related concerns due to brain aging, and higher levels can improve focus and concentration.

Some research with the elderly shows PS supplementation to improve memory scores after 12 weeks.

Another similar study presented evidence that when elderly participants were administered 100 mg of PS for 12 weeks, they scored better on cognitive testing related to memory and concentration .

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Prevagen Vs Neuriva Plus Side Effects

Prevagen vs Neuriva Plus in terms of side effects which one is safer?

The truth is, neither of these should cause you side effects. Both products use light doses of ingredients, which does come at the cost of effectiveness but at least theres no risk.

Even though Prevagen does lack research in terms of its main ingredient, Apoaequorin. What little evidence weve seen so far shows that Apoaequorin is a harmless ingredient.

How Is Neuriva Plus Different From Prevagen

How to Ask for Help! Dementia Caregivers need these 3 Aâs

Both Neuriva Plus and Prevagen claim to support healthy brain functions and improve focus, memory, learning and cognitive functions.

They do so by adding different ingredients to their brain supplements. Neuriva Plus has 5 ingredients compared to only 2 ingredients of Prevagen, making it more effective in helping with memory and cognitive functions.

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Prepare For The Future

Discuss decisions about health and finances as soon as possible to ensure you have a say and are prepared for the future.

Preparing for the future may be the last thing you want to think about. But it will be easier to think about health and finances now rather than later to make sure you have a say in future decisions.

How To Take Neuriva

To start with, the supplement should only be taken by adults from 18 years and over.

You should take one capsule daily at bedtime for you to get the best results with the supplement.

You should not take neuriva if you

  • Are pegnant
  • Know you have a current medical condition without checking with your doctor first

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Folic Acid Vitamin B6 And B12

High levels of an amino acid called homocysteine are thought to make the brain more vulnerable to beta-amyloid . Homocysteine comes from the normal metabolism of protein from meat sources. An abnormally high level of homocysteine, along with low folic acid levels, has been associated with heart disease and possibly lends itself to a higher risk for dementia.

An Oxford University study suggested that lowering homocysteine levels by supplementing with B vitamins may help fight against Alzheimers. Study participants age 70 and older, with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, were either given high-doses of folic acid, B6 and B12 or given placebo pills. After two years, the researchers discovered the rate of brain shrinkage in people receiving the B vitamins was 30% lower than in those taking the placebo and the effect was greatest in those who had the highest levels of homocysteine, according to the book Alzheimers Treatment, Alzheimers Prevention.

Based on the studies, 800 mcg of folic acid, 20 mg of B6 and 500 mcg of B12 per day are the best supplements for your brain health, but again, be sure to consult with a health care provider before taking any type of supplement.

Be Sure To Take Your Vitamins And Memory

Neuriva Review 2021

If youre serious about the prevention of Alzheimers and improving memory loss, you should definitely take a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral capsule. Be sure the vitamin formula you choose contains folic acid and vitamin C. Folic acid reduces homocysteine levelshigh homocysteine levels put you at risk for both heart disease and memory loss. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce your risk of Alzheimers disease by 20% when taken with vitamin E. To take advantage of its fullest benefits, you should take a dose of 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day.

When you create a balanced diet that puts your overall wellbeing at the forefront, youre not only doing good for your body, but youre also supporting and enhancing your memory as well.

Consider including the following memory-specific nutrients in your daily vitamin plan:

  • coenzyme Q10

Discover our latest research update in the Summer 2014 White Paper.

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Diet Sodas And Drinks With Artificial Sweeteners

If regular soft drinks are bad for you, then sugar-free ones are good, right? Not so fast: Research finds that people who sip at least one diet soda a day are nearly three times as likely to have a stroke or develop dementia. Scientists think that artificial sweeteners may be the offending ingredient.

About Neuriva: The Brain Supplement

Neuriva is a specialty health supplement made by Schiff Nutrition.

It is a nootropic supplement marketed in 4 variations.

Neuriva Brain Performance Original is the flagship product of Schiffs brain-boosting brand.

The four brain health supplements are available in gummy form, vegetable capsule form, and liquid shots.

  • Neuriva Brain Performance: Original
  • Neuriva Brain Performance: De-Stress
  • Neuriva Brain + Energy Shots

According to the manufacturer, Neuriva uses a blend of clinically proven ingredients to improve all aspects of human cognition and improve brain function naturally.

The nootropic uses a two-ingredient formula designed to turbo-charge different aspects of brain activity. The two active Neuriva ingredients are:

  • Cherry coffee extract, and
  • Phosphatidylserine

These are naturally sourced ingredients that work together to deliver what the brain needs to attain peak mental performance.

The ingredients have been shown to have brain supporting properties, working within multiple bio-pathways.

Ill talk more about these unique brain-supporting properties.

Still, its important to mention that the two Neuriva ingredients present vital biomolecules , which are found in the human brain.

Researchers at the Luxembourg Centre for Systems Biomedicine discovered that decreased or increased levels of specific biomolecules found in the brain trigger a corresponding change in the functional state of particular nerve cells in each brain region.

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