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Does Prince Phillip Have Dementia

Prince Philip Was Set To Be In The Hospital ‘for A Few Days’

Prince Philip And Queen Elizabeth: A 70-year Love Affair | TODAY

As Prince Philip gets older, it’s important for him to be mindful of his health and, when possible, to be proactive about taking care of himself. That’s why “His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh was admitted to the King Edward VII hospital in London” on Feb. 16, 2021, according to a statement from Buckingham Palace .

The statement also revealed that Philip had been “feeling unwell,” which is why his doctor visited him at Windsor Castle before urging him to head to the hospital as a “precautionary measure.” A source also told The Guardian that “the illness was not Covid-related and the stay in hospital was purely precautionary.” In fact, the Daily Mail noted that “it is understood the decision to admit him was taken with an ‘abundance’ of caution,” and the royal “is said to be in ‘good spirits.'”

As “it was not an emergency admission,” Philip reportedly went to the hospital in a car and “walked into the hospital unaided,” per The Guardian. Apparently, the “duke is expected to remain in hospital for a few days of observation and rest,” while the queen is staying back at Windsor Castle where she’s surely hoping that her husband will join her soon when he’s feeling a little bit better.

A Duke First And A Prince Later

Just before Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth wed, he became the Duke of Edinburgh. A decade later, he became His Royal Highness the Prince Philip. After Queen Elizabeth stepped into her role after her fathers death, the young couples life changed drastically. Prince Philip was a naval man who struggled with following his wifes lead, and he had to define a role for himself.

Over the years, Prince Philip has overseen the couples personal properties and made the major decisions regarding his childrens education.

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Honours And Honorary Military Appointments

The Duke of Edinburgh was appointed by King George VI to the Order of the Garter on 19 November 1947, the eve of his wedding. Since then, Philip received 17 different appointments and decorations in the Commonwealth, and 48 from foreign states. The inhabitants of some villages on the island of Tanna, Vanuatu, worship Prince Philip as a god-like spiritual figure the islanders possess portraits of the Duke and hold feasts on his birthday.

Upon his wife’s accession to the throne in 1952, the Duke was appointed Admiral of the Sea Cadet Corps, Colonel-in-Chief of the British Army Cadet Force, and Air Commodore-in-Chief of the Air Training Corps. The following year, he was appointed to the equivalent positions in Canada and made Admiral of the Fleet, Captain General Royal Marines, Field Marshal, and in the United Kingdom. Subsequent military appointments were made in New Zealand and Australia. In 1975, he was appointed Colonel of the Grenadier Guards, a position he handed over to his son Andrew in 2017. On 16 December 2015, he relinquished his role as Honorary Air Commodore-in-Chief and was succeeded by the Duchess of Cambridge as Honorary Air Commandant.

To celebrate his 90th birthday, the Queen appointed him Lord High Admiral, as well as to the highest ranks available in all three branches of the Canadian Armed Forces.

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Harry And Prince Philip Shared A Bond Over Their Military Service

Insiders imagine it must be particularly upsetting to the prince that he cannot wear the uniform of Captain General of the Royal Marines, a title passed on to him by his grandfather. Though Philip had always been a major influence in Harry’s life, their connection grew even deeper when Harry chose to enter the military. “Philip could see how Harry had found his place in the army,” a royal insider previously told Best Life. “He was impressed with Harry’s dedication and commitment to serving his country.”

In 2017, after serving as Captain General of the Royal Marines for 64 years, Prince Philip gave the title to Harry. The Duke of Edinburgh took the position over from the Queen’s father, King George VI. Harry retained the role for less than two years.

And for more on how Philip felt about Harry’s departure last year, check out Prince Philip Went From “Furious to Deeply Saddened” Over Prince Harry.

The Real Reason Prince Philip Is In The Hospital

Does Queen Elizabeth II suffer from dementia?

Queen Elizabeth‘s husband, Prince Philip, who, as of this writing, is just a few months shy of 100 years old, has faced a handful of health issues as he has gotten older. For instance, along with “being treated for a blocked coronary artery … in December 2011,” he also dealt with “a bladder infection in June 2012,” which “forc him to miss the queen’s diamond jubilee celebrations,” according to The Guardian.

However, those weren’t the only health-related issues the royal has dealt with. In June 2013, he underwent “xploratory surgery on his abdomen,” and the following year, he began using hearing aids. There was also an incident in June 2016 which saw him managing “a minor ailment,” and a four-day stay at King Edward Hospital in December 2019 to address a “pre-existing condition.”

While Philip has seemingly handled each and every physical concern that has come up, those earlier issues were followed by another visit to the hospital in February 2021. Read on to find out why.

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Prince Philip Reportedly Values His Fitness

Prince Philip has lived a long life, so some might be wondering whether he has any health tips worth sharing. Camilla Bowles, aka the Duchess of Cornwall, shed some light on this subject during a July 2020 interview on BBC Radio 5’s The Emma Barnett Show. “He is probably the fittest man of his age I know. He’ll walk and walk and walk,” she said of her father-in-law, according to People. “He’s like a mountain goat, he leaves everybody miles behind.”

As for the prince’s eating habits? Queen Elizabeth’s former chef, Darren McGrady, revealed to CNN that Prince Philip is “sort of into healthy eating.” But when it comes to organic food, he supposedly draws the line. McGrady shared a funny anecdote recalling how one Christmas, Prince Philip came into the royal kitchen in search of holiday treats from Harrods, a high-end department store. When he accidentally stumbled upon a bin of healthy treats sent for Prince Charles, as he supposedly prefers organic food, the elder royal “slammed the lid down” and scoffed, “It’s bloody organic,” as McGrady claimed.

Food preferences aside, it sounds like Prince Philip prioritizes his health. Here’s to hoping he makes a speedy recovery.

Did Prince Phillip Cheat With Susan Barrantes

Susan Barrantes was the late mother of Sarah Ferguson, former wife of Prince Phillip’s son Prince Andrew.

In her book My Husband and I: 70 Years of Royal Marriage royal biographer Ingrid Seward claims that Susan is just one of a whole list of woman that the prince has had dalliances with.

Seward alleges that TV presenter Katie Boyle, actress Merle Oberon, actress Anna Massey and novelist Daphne du Maurier are all former flings. However, the announcement of Seward’s book coincided with Elizabeth and Phillip’s 70th wedding anniversary, with some critics labelling it a mere publicity stunt.

Susan Barrantes is another suspected mistress

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Prince Philip Turns 99 Releases A Rare Photo From Windsor Castle Lockdown

Hes not a fan of birthdays but Prince Philip agreed to be photographed in a rare picture with the Queen to mark his 99th birthday on Wednesday. The Iron Duke, who typically doesnt like a fuss being made around his birthday, was happy to pose for the picture, taken on Monday in the quadrangle at Windsor Castle.

Smiling for the camera in the sunshine, his hands clasped behind his back the Duke appeared fit and wellhe stood without assistance while wearing a blazer accessorized with a Household Division tie. Sources say he is in good health despite not having been seen in public since January.

In the picture Her Majesty is seen wearing an Angela Kelly dress with the Cullinan V diamond brooch, also looking the picture of health. This weekend would have seen the official celebrations of her 94th birthday, but the Trooping the Colour ceremony has been cancelled because of the COVID pandemic.

This is the first time the Duke has been photographed since the start of the year, though rumors about his health have persisted since he was hospitalized shortly before Christmas for a pre-existing medical condition. Philip has rarely been seen in public since stepping back from public duties in 2017, though he did release a rare statement thanking the medical community during the COVID pandemic.

Vanity Fair

Prince Charles And Alzheimer’s Disease

Prince Philips lasting impact on the monarchy l GMA

Reports say that Prince Charles, the 62 year old heir to the British throne, has Alzheimer’s Disease and that he is suffering from memory loss and other symptoms. If true, then this is incredibly sad, as is every case of Alzheimer’s.

Alzheimer’s Disease is characterised by memory loss, confusion and mood swings.

Years ago, it was called senile dementia and generally affects those aged over 65.

Pre-senile dementia was the label given to those under 65.

It is caused by a breakdown in the blood supply vessels in the brain.

People with Alzheimer’s Disease have difficulty acquiring new memories – their brains do not seem to retain new events nor register them in their memory banks – as well as forgetting earlier memories.

There is no cure, and once diagnosed, people suffering from Alzheimer’s rarely live longer than 7 years.

Prince Charles photographed on his 60th birthday

Possibly every single one of us will have a family member or someone we know suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease. For some families, Alzheimer’s can be catastrophic. There have been cases where grandma or grandpa needed 24 hours care, because they would become so confused they would try to mow the lawn with a vacuum cleaner in the middle of the night, or light a fire on the bedroom floor, believing it to be a campfire outside.

Advanced Alzheimer’s Disease, especially in a still physically active person, is devastating as in their confusion they do things they have no memory of.

Prince Charles

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Why Wasn’t Prince Philip Called King

Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, died on Friday at age 99. The prince married Queen Elizabeth II five years before she became queen but when she was crowned, he wasn’t given the title of king. That’s because Prince Philip, who is actually a former prince of Denmark and Greece, was never in line to the British throne.

Prince Philip married Queen Elizabeth II in 1947 and she became queen in 1952 after the death of her father, King George VI. She later gave her husband the title of prince.

This title wasn’t a slight to Prince Philip he wasn’t supposed to be called king or prince. His title was Duke of Edinburgh until February 22, 1957 when the palace released a statement: “The Queen has been pleased by Letters Patent under the Great Seal of the Realm bearing date 22nd February, 1957, to give and grant unto His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh, K.G., K.T., G.B.E., the style and titular dignity of a Prince of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Whitehall.”

So, the queen gave her husband a prince title when she took the crown but why not king?

A woman who marries the king can be called a queen, but for men who marry the monarch, there are different rules. They can’t use the king title because it is only given to males who inherit the throne, according to BBC News.

Still Beside The Queen At 9: Prince Philip To Mark Birthday

FILE In this June 19, 1962 file photo, Britains Prince Philip and his wife Queen Elizabeth II arrive at Royal Ascot race meeting, England. There certainly wont be fuss. Count on that. When Britains Prince Philip reaches the grand age of 99 on Wednesday, he will spend it quietly and in much the same way hes spent most of his adult life: beside Queen Elizabeth II.

LONDON There certainly wont be fuss. Count on that.

When Britains Prince Philip reaches the grand age of 99 on Wednesday, he will spend it quietly and in much the same way hes spent most of his adult life: beside Queen Elizabeth II.

The stalwart consort plans a quiet lunch at Windsor Castle, where the senior royals have been sheltering due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Some family members may call but the palace is saying little more than that. Britain is still under coronavirus restrictions that limit the size of gatherings and Philip and the 94-year-old queen are well into the over-65 age group most vulnerable to coronavirus.

The last year hasnt been an easy one for Philip, who retired from public life in 2017 after 65 years of supporting the queen.

Wednesdays birthday is just the latest milestone for the man born Prince Philip of Greece and Denmark on June 10, 1921, amid the upheaval that led to a military coup that overthrew his uncle, King Constantine of Greece, a few months later.

His parents were Princess Alice of Battenberg, a great-granddaughter of Queen Victoria, and Prince Andrew of Greece.

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Does Queen Elizabeth Ii Suffer From Dementia

The National Enquirer recently published the story on how Queen Elizabeth II is suffering from dementia and she has plans for Prince William to be future King of England. They stated how the Queen is throwing protocol out the window and deciding to skip a generation and name her favorite grandson instead of her oldest son as the next monarch. This all came to the National Enquirer from a palace insider who claims that Queen Elizabeth II has long felt Charles lacked the fortitude to rule. The insider further said how William has strength and discipline to lead The people like him and say hes more genuine than his father ever was.

The magazine further said how Kate Middleton will make an amazing queen due to her compassion and composure, and how decisive Elizabeth has even gone as far as officially passing the crown to William in a secret ceremony. They also stated how Queen Elizabeth II has ordered to leave England and settle outside the U.K. The distraught Prince of Wales is taking the news very hard.

GossipCop checked in for the story and came to some interesting conclusions. If the Queen was indeed suffering from dementia, how is that her Christmas message sounded quite sane? And regarding Prince Charles emotions over the fact that he will not be King of England, he was seen very happy in the public.

Why Don’t The Queen And Prince Philip Live Together

Did Prince Andrew Really Just Use Prince Philips Death to ...

They don’t live together because the Queen needs to live in Buckingham Palace so that she can undertake her royal duties.

Meanwhile, Philip is enjoying his retirement on their Sandringham Estate in Norfolk.

The Duke resides at Wood Farm, a cottage on the Estate.

Philip is thought to pass the time painting, reading and driving a horse and carriage around the estate.

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Did Prince Philip Speak Greek

As the country reflects on Philip’s life, people are wondering about the man behind the titles – and lots of are googling whether Prince Philip’s upbringing meant he spoke Greek. So, did Philip speak Greek? While Philip was born in Greece, he left when he was a baby and so never learnt the language. His family spoke English and he grew up speaking French and German too – quite the linguist.

Camilla Duchess Of Cornwall: Wine

Whenever she accompanies Prince Charles on royal tours, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, always seems game to try the locals’ favorite libation, but she prefers wine for private dinners. In fact, she’s quite the connoisseur and is the president of the U.K.’s Vineyard Association. At a reception celebrating the association’s 50th anniversary, she said, “People always ask me how I became involved in it allwell, first of all, I love wine but secondly, my father was in the wine business, so I was brought up as a child drinking wine and water rather like the French.”

When the occasion calls for it, however, the duchess has been known to reach for something strongeras she famously did after meeting Prince William for the first time in 1998. According to The Guardian, the then 16-year-old prince had dropped by Clarence House unexpectedly when he encountered his father’s true love. While the chance meeting went smoothly, Camilla was said to be a tad shaken up and reportedly said, “I need a gin and tonic.”

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Not Wearing A Military Uniform Is A Painful Reminder Of What Harry Has Lost

Harry’s inability to be in uniform for his grandfather’s funeral is a stark reminder of his bitter disappointment at losing his military titles when he and Meghan departed for North America in March 2020. Just last month, Best Life reported that friends of Harry said the prince “would fight” to get his titles back upon the one-year review of the Sussexes’ exit agreement, but that did not happen.

“Finding his place as a soldier was a defining moment in life,” a source said at the time. “He feels most comfortable in that role.” Another insider said that “in the end, Harry paid a high price for his freedom,” suggesting that he “regrets giving up one of the things that means the most to himhis military affiliations.”

A royal source reiterated that recently, telling Best Life, “Of all the things had to give up, losing his military titles was a devastating blow. This is such a painful reminder of that.”

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