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The First Survivor Of Alzheimer’s Disease

Becoming One Of The First Survivors Of Alzheimers:

The ROOT CAUSES Of Alzheimer’s Disease & How To PREVENT IT | Dr. Dale Bredesen

Sally first heard about Dr. Bredesens ReCODE program on Peoples Pharmacy in December, 2015. She completed her first cognoscopy in July, 2016. Her cognoscopy revealed that she was positive on most of the 36 risk factors that Dr. Bredesen had identified at that time.

Sally had five of the six types of Alzheimers as described by Dr. Bredesen: inflammatory, glycotoxic, atrophic, inhalational toxins, and traumatic. Moreover, she was positive for one copy of the ApoE4, also known as the Alzheimers gene.

Sally gradually implemented all of the ReCODE program over approximately 12 months. Today, five years later, Sally is very grateful for her functioning brain and the many things that she can now do.

National Trial:

When Sally first started having memory problems , she actively sought out Alzheimers research for answers. In September, 2015, Sally enrolled in a national trial. She learned that the PET scan of her brain was positive for beta amyloid plaques. In addition, the researchers told her that she would inevitably develop Alzheimers within 10 15 years, based on the presence of the beta amyloid plaques. The randomized controlled drug trial was testing if a specific drug could remove the beta amyloid plaques from the brain.

Who Are The First Survivors Of Alzheimers

Dr. Dale Bredesen has been studying Alzheimers disease for decades. Instead of a single risk factor, he has uncovered more than three dozen. IN the first place, he presents evidence that this neurodegenerative condition is a network disorder. He has developed personalized precision medicine protocols that address specific deficits for individual patients. The first survivors of Alzheimers have implemented the protocols and reversed their cognitive decline.

The First Survivors Of Alzheimer’s : How Patients Recovered Life And Hope In Their Own Words

First person stories of patients who recovered from Alzheimer’s Disease–and how they did it.

It has been said that everyone knows a cancer survivor, but no one has met an Alzheimer’s survivor – until now. In his first two books, Dr. Dale Bredesen outlined the revolutionary treatments that are changing what had previously seemed like the inevitable outcome of cognitive decline and dementia. And in these moving narratives, you can hear directly from the first survivors of Alzheimer’s themselves–their own amazing stories of hope told in their own words. These first person accounts honestly detail the fear, struggle, and ultimate victory of each patient’s journey. They vividly describe what it is like to have Alzheimer’s. They also drill down on how each of these patients made the program work for them–the challenges, the workarounds, the encouraging results that are so motivating. Dr. Bredesen includes commentary following each story to help point readers to the tips and tricks that might help them as well.Dr. Bredesen’s patients have not just survived they have thrived to rediscover fulfilling lives, rewarding relationships, and meaningful work. This book will give unprecedented hope to patients and their families.

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How The First Survivors Of Alzheimers Saved Their Brains

For more than a century, people diagnosed with Alzheimers disease have been condemned to a relentless slide into dementia. Experts stress that there is no cure for this devastating condition. Even the drugs that FDA has approved for treatment help only a little, slowing the progression of cognitive decline. Although the agency approved a new drug recently, aducanumab has been shown to reduce beta amyloid plaque in the brain. However, patients who take it have not experienced recovery of their cognitive function. Consequently, it is a wonderful surprise to learn about the first survivors of Alzheimers. This show airs 8/21/2021 at 7 am EDT.

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First Survivors of Alzheimer

First person stories of patients who recovered from Alzheimer’s Disease–and how they did it.hopeThe First Survivors of AlzheimersArianna Huffington, Founder & CEO, Thrive GlobalDavid Perlmutter, MD, FACN, Board-certified neurologist, author, #1 New York Times bestseller, Grain Brain and Brain WashThe First Survivors of AlzheimersTerry Wahls, MD and author The Wahls ProtocolJeffrey Bland, PhD, FACN, FACB, President of Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute and Founder of Institute for Functional MedicineThe First Survivors of AlzheimersSteven R Gundry MD, four time NYTs bestselling author of The Plant Paradox, The Longevity Paradox and Founder and Medical Director of The International Heart and Lung Institute and The Centers for Restorative Medicine

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‘i Love Life’: Why These People Claim To Be The First Survivors Of Alzheimer’s Disease

As six million Americans and their families grapple with Alzheimer’s Disease, a small number of them are giving amazing accounts of how their symptoms actually reversed. Not only that, but they say their cognitive improvements have stood the test of time, nearly ten years in one case. These patients do not attribute their mental comebacks to a pill, injection, or any other single drug or combination of pharmaceutical products. Instead, they have followed a lifestyle program that was individually crafted to address all the many different things that were causing their Alzheimer’s symptoms. In the book, The First Survivors of Alzheimer’s: How Patients Recovered Life and Hope in Their Own Words, seven people give their own moving personal testimonies about what it was like to lose their ability to recognize cherished friends, perform normal tasks and even speak in complete sentences. With nothing to lose, they tried The Bredesen Protocol which they say restored their memory and thinking to where they were before their symptoms appeared.

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Did you know?

The First Survivors Of Alzheimers

Do you remember the first time you met someone who was a cancer survivor? Or the first time you met someone who had recovered from HIV? For my years as a neurology resident and then many years as a faculty member and researcher, I never thought I would meet an Alzheimers survivor we did not know what caused Alzheimers, we did not know how to prevent it, and we did not have any idea what an effective treatment might look like. The new drug candidates were failing repeatedly, and it was becoming clear that our laboratory models of Alzheimers were not accurate models, since they predicted successes that were never achieved.

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