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What Gift To Buy Someone With Dementia

Color Your Mind: Color Your Mind: A Coloring Book For Those With Alzheimer’s And The People Who Love Them

How to Talk to Someone With Dementia

Journalist Maria Shriver has been an advocate for Alzheimer’s awareness after her father battled the disease. She created an adult coloring book to offer an outlet for those suffering from memory loss to channel their creativity and self-expression. Its the perfect gift or stocking stuffer, as it will provide hours of brain-stimulating activity while letting them channel their creativity. Add a pack of pens or markers to complete the gift.

Memory games are scientifically proven to ward off dementia. We love the concept of this personalized memory game courtesy of Paper Culture. Unlike other concentration games, when your loved one flips over one of these triple thick, 100% recycled paper cards, they will be delighted to find photos of all their favorite people on one side and patterns of your choice on the other. They are incredibly easy to create, with the brands free online tools and filters. Each game comes with 16 pairs of game pieces in the shape of circles as well as a fun keepsake circular tube to store them in.

Symptoms & How To Choose The Right Gift

When looking for gifts for people with dementia, especially gifts that you intend to be of aid to them with their day to day lives, it is important to understand how the symptoms of dementia are likely to affect them.

In most – if not all – dementia cases, cognitive symptoms will be present. These include day-to-day memory loss, recollection of recent events becomes tricky, even if the past can be described in great detail. Concentration is affected in a number of ways, from planning and organisation to struggling with problem-solving, decision making and completing multi-step tasks in sequence, such as preparing dinner. Dementia patients may experience language and conversational setbacks, finding it harder to follow a conversation or not being able to think of the word they’re trying to say. Orientation issues can occur, whether that is not keeping up with the day of the week, or what the date is, or becoming confused about where they are. Visuospatial awareness may also become difficult, such as being able to judge distance or see in 3D.

Choosing the right gift can help to support and comfort your loved one. The first step is picking which kind of dementia gift you would like, from clothing to day-to-day items to games and puzzles.

Clothes And Other Home Stuff

It is always a nice idea to get clothes, shoes, or blankets for people with dementia. On the whole, all things which help create personal comfort for the person are usually a good hit. However, it is highly recommended to add some special details to the present. For instance, you can get a blanket with a family picture. Such small tricks increase the possibility of memory enlightenments and make a regular present more special. On top of that, these gifts develop sensitivity, which also stimulates inner peace and stability.

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Daily Living Gifts For Someone With Dementia

There are many products designed to make daily life easier for someone with dementia, and their caregivers. In addition to those listed below, consider medication reminder systems, home safety products and any type of memory-aide item. Some commonplace items can be useful as gifts for someone with dementia, such as easy-to-read calendars, whiteboards to list key phone #s and other reminders, appointment books, and notebooks.

The picture phone is a great tool for the person who has trouble remembering phone numbers. You can put pictures of key people on the buttons, making it easy for the person to reach out to family members and other important contacts.

Echo Show & Subscriptions

10 No

Ok, now this one might surprise you, sustainable? I know, but they are and also what you can do with it makes it more sustainable. I have the Amazon Echo 5 which is made from a climate-friendly sustainable build using largely recycled materials and it also uses less power .

You can use an Amazon Echo Show to play music, read audible books and display family photos by creating a slide show. Thats on top of the other voice-controlled tasks it can do!

For someone with mid to late-stage dementia, it may be too complicated to use but those at the earlier stages may find this smart tech useful in helping access various opportunities and use it on difficult days to help reduce anxiety and stress.

I would suggest getting the Amazon Echo 8 for better picture and sound quality and then as a gift to buy an audible book subscription. Alexa can then be used to read your favourite books.

Again if this is too complicated then, you can set up a photo album in Prime Photos, or use your Facebook photos to display family photos in slideshow mode!

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Something Helpful Dementia Clock Irremovable Identification Bracelet

It can be challenging to see your loved ones go through dementia, but its even more challenging to live through it. You can help out by gifting useful gadgets to make your loved ones life easier. There are different devices useful for different stages of Alzheimers, and as technology evolves, so do these.

You can now buy irremovable identification bracelets or location devices that can monitor your loved ones location if they become disoriented and wander away. They might cost a bit more, but they are definitely worth the investment. At the end of the day, these are a great present for their carer too , as they make everyones life easier.

Another great gadget is a day clock that features the time, day, month, and year in big, easily readable numbers. These can be bought almost anywhere, and they can lift the weight of uncertainty off your loved ones shoulders.

Why We Decided To Create Gleam In Your Eye Boxes

Like everyone, people with dementia deserve a positive environment and interactions in their day-to-day lives.In order to slow down the progression of their disorder, it is essential for people with dementia to continue engaging in activities both cognitive and physical and to have as much social interactions as possible. However, those activities must be adapted to ensure their success and to build self-confidence. That’s why, Gleam in Your Eye boxes contain a variety of games with different levels of difficulty. Our boxes have been designed with the input of health professionals.

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Arthur Bear The Musical Teddy Bear For Dementia Reminiscence Therapy

Ok so we have Arthur Bear in our office right now and without a doubt, hes simply adorable! Soft, cuddly and very well made.

But Arthur is no ordinary bear!

He has a built in MP3 player, perfect for uploading your loved ones favourite playlists! Simply squeeze his paw and your reminiscence therapy begins.

Which is what makes Arthur bear a perfect gift for reducing agitation and providing comfort for people living with dementia.

As dementia training Australia states:

Research and experience shows that access to personalised musical favourites benefits most people. It is now one of the most adopted, non-pharmacological interventions improving the lives of people with Parkinsons, depression, behavioural challenges and pain.

Check out the amazing success Music & Memory Australia is having using music therapy to reduce agitation during hospital stays in the video below.

Although Sean was seen dancing with wireless headsets, someone with more advanced dementia could easily be provided joy and comfort from their hospital bed.

Arthur bears capacity is 4GB or nearly 1000 songs! Thats lotsa playlists!

Price: $180.00

Find Arthur bear: here

Dementia journey: Mid late

Your Unforgettable Life Story Book

Holiday Gift Ideas for Alzheimer’s Dementia Sufferers & Caregivers

Christmas is often a time for reflecting on the past and remembering old experiences with loved ones. While people living with dementia may struggle to remember certain things, they can often vividly recall events from their past. This book is filled with memory prompt cards that include questions for you to fill out and enjoy reminiscing together.

Remembering past experiences can provide great joy and solace for everyone involved, and can be especially useful for boosting mood with people with dementia. This book can provide a useful tool for documenting the times you and a loved one have spent together, now and for all of their Christmases to come.

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Droplet The Smart Mug That Tackles Dehydration In Seniors

Although all of us have experienced dehydration at some stage, older people are particularly vulnerable due to a reduced sensation of thirst. This risk is even higher for people with dementia and people who have mobility issues or have suffered a stroke.

Dehydration has been shown to increase fall risk in older adults. And with falls being the leading cause of hospitalisation in people over 65 in Australia, many people may not be aware of how much water they should be drinking to reduce their risk.

Enter Droplet the intelligent hydration system?

A dementia friendly hydration system, developed in partnership with over 100 healthcare professionals.

If you care for someone living with dementia, youve no doubt faced the challenge of not knowing when they last drank some water. Especially when you cant always be there. During trials, Droplet increased the average daily fluid intake by 60%.

Other benefits:

  • Family or carers can record their voice for personalised reminders.

  • Base glows at night to make it easy to find.

  • Its dignified and dementia friendly.

  • Droplet cup is easy to grip and hold.

Price: Approximately $80.00

Dementia journey: Early mid late

Introducing Lively Technology Help Social Support And Companionship

Many people might not have thought about technology help for someone living with dementia, as it can sound like it might be too complicated.

But heres why Livelys service is unique?

Although they offer to help elderly people navigate the online world and digitalise and preserve family photos, their one on one in-home companionship with a trained Lively worker is what really sets them apart.

As founder Anna Donaldson says:

Lively brings young and older people together, to help each other out.

Check out the wonderful Tech, tea and tales video, showing young jobseekers teaching older people about technology. As well as recording their life stories.

As well as the benefits of social connection and reducing isolation, Livelys workers can also offer fun technology activities, like:

  • Music and memory playlists

  • Watching Youtube

  • Using Facebook

One other activity that is fast becoming a Lively hit, is using Google Earth to visit places people used to live and enjoy.

Social isolation elderly statistics Australia

Annas passion is to create meaningful work opportunities for young job seekers , spending time with older people and helping them learn how to use technology to stay connected.

Young people who are just like grandkids, but with more time and patience!

Lively operates mainly in Melbourne and has recently expanded to Brisbane. Enquiries are welcome from other states, but may require time to recruit the right person to match your loved ones needs.

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Gift Ideas For Someone With Middle Stage Dementia

As dementia progresses, the patients needs become more focused on basic sensory activities and memory aids that are as simple to use for them.

In the middle stage of dementia, the person often develops a need for simple memory aids and tactile activities. Sensory stimulation is important at this point in order to help lessen their discomfort as they experience symptoms more vividly than before.

Inspiring Programs For All Stages

Best Alzheimer

Bridges® by EPOCH at Norwalks services are designed to recognize and adapt to the unique challenges and individuality of each resident while ensuring comfort and safety. We believe in a full-service approach to care and provide personalized attention and programming for residents in every stage of memory loss.

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Reach Out To Friends And Family With Dementia This Xmas

Around this time of year, I must start getting out the address book to prepare for sending Christmas cards to people. If youre caring for someone with dementia youve got a lot on your plate and writing Christmas cards may well just be one of those tasks that you dont get round to completing. It doesnt mean that youve stopped caring about others.

For anyone who has a friend affected by dementia, please remember to get in touch with them at this time of year and remind your other mutual friends to do that. For most of us, with Christmas cards, if you dont get one back from someone for a long time you start to think that they have forgotten you and you may well drop them off the list. Please dont do that if the person is living with dementia or has someone with dementia in the house. A postcard or note can make all the difference.

What To Consider When Gift

When planning gifts for people with Alzheimers or dementia, be sure to consider which stage they are in and whether or not your gift idea will be easy to use, well-liked and effective. Try these tips, and be sure to share them with family members.

  • Consider your loved ones old hobbies and passions.
  • Think about their career achievements.
  • Consider their abilities and needed adaptations.
  • Purchase or make something thats appropriate for their stage of dementia.
  • Consider gift items that can help maintain their independence, if possible.

Its also important to manage your expectations. Gift-giving and exchanging at the time your loved one is at their best is important. Make sure they are well-rested, their needs are met and that they are in a calm, quiet environment. It may be necessary to plan opening gifts for a different time or revisit it later.

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Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles

Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles have been specially designed to be fun, easy to see and not too challenging. They make a great activity for boosting mood, and the pictures have been selected to stimulate conversation and nostalgia. The pieces are made of a durable, wipe-clean plastic and each set comes with a frame box to help you get started.

We all love doing activities together at Christmas, but for people living with dementia it can sometimes feel hard to keep up. Active Minds Jigsaw Puzzles create a fun experience for everyone to enjoy with their vibrant, fun and memory inspiring pictures.

Soft Blanket A Comforting Gift For People With Dementia

Dementia-friendly activities and gifts for Alzheimer’s patients (available in Canada)

A Luxury Fleece Bed Throw Blanket is a comfortable, warm way to pass the time. This is a great gift for people with Alzheimers or dementia because its not too heavy or warm. It is made of Bamboo Viscous derived micro fleece velvet, which is soft and luxurious. Its also machine washable.

The Alzheimers Organization says this is one of the best gifts for people with dementia or memory loss because it offers sensory stimulation. Plus, this blanket just feels comforting and good. When I asked my Twitter followers what they thought the best gifts for people with dementia or memory loss were, the most popular answer was soft, cuddly things. Youre never too old for soft, comfortable wraps and shawls and blankets that felt really good.

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A Trip To A Restaurant

Your loved one might have a favorite place that they enjoy going to. You can consider buying your loved one a gift card to a restaurant and taking them out to dinner with the whole family. This can be a great way to connect with your loved one with dementia and help them remember the places they used to love visiting.

Gifts For Mild Or Early Stage Alzheimer’s Or Dementia

Box of cards with pre-stamped envelopes: Writing notes to family and friends can be an enjoyable activity for some people in the early stages of dementia. You can help them keep this activity up by providing several blank cards and pre-stamped envelopes.

Family photo calendar: Make an annual calendar with birthdays, anniversaries and other special days identified. You can add pictures to each month as wellalong with each person’s special day.

Several online programs and stores offer services that can help you create a personalized calendar. Before you begin, you can start by collecting digital family photos that you can import into the calendar.

Clock with time, day and date: A clock that includes the time, date, and day of the week can be a wonderful gift for someone who struggles with orientation in dementia.

A photo phone is a large telephone that allows you to program several phone numbers of important people into the phone, along with a photo for each person. You can also do this with other phones if you use a special application that achieves the same effect.

Your loved one simply has to push the button that shows the picture of the person with whom they want to speak, and the number is automatically dialed. This can be helpful if memory impairments make it difficult to remember or locate important phone numbers.

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Clothing Gifts For Someone With Dementia

Dressing and personal grooming starts to become difficult for the person with dementia as they lose the ability to manage complex tasks or remember routines. Simplifying choices and reducing steps involved will help the person function more independently longer. Adaptive clothing can also help caregivers to more easily dress and assist the person.

We recommend Buck & Buck and Silverts for great adaptive clothing. You can even get a special discount at Silverts, just for our friends!

Womens Adaptive Top

This top is great for elders who live at home with assistance from a caregiver or who live in assisted living or a nursing home. It completely opens up with a simple back closure, so dressing can be done while seated and the person does not have to lift their arms or stretch. It is a nice looking color block design, available in a few different color combinations.

Mens Jumpsuit for Alzheimers Patients Who Disrobe

Unfortunately, some people with Alzheimers develop a tendency to undress at inappropriate times. Special clothing designs that make the clothing less accessible for disrobing can be the perfect solution for preserving dignity.

This mens jumpsuit with the appearance of a two-piece sweatsuit is one example, and Buck and Buck offers several designs for men and women.


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