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Does Donald Trump Have Dementia

Capsicles And Mishiz And Midtowm Elections

Donald Trump Jr. ACCUSES Biden of being âriddled with dementiaâ?

In Alzheimers, as language skills deteriorate, we see two types of tell-tale speech disorders, or paraphasias:

Semantic paraphasia involves choosing the incorrect words. For instance, after Attorney General William Barr released a letter on the Mueller report, Trump said: I hope they now go and take a look at the oranges, the oranges of that investigation, the beginnings of that investigation.”

Phonemic paraphasia, which is linked to the moderate to severe stages of Alzheimers, is described as “the substitution of a word with a nonword that preserves at least half of the segments and/or number of syllables of the intended word. For example, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu becomes Betanyahu, big league becomes bigly, anonymous becomes enenamas or “anenomynous,” renovation becomes renoversh, missiles become “mishiz,” space capsule becomes capsicle, midterm elections become midtowm” and “midturn” elections, and Christmas becomes Chrissus.

Trumps speech patterns appear even more disordered when you go beyond the sound bite and look at a whole speech. He careens from one thought to the next in a parade of non sequiturs, frequently interrupting himself in the middle of a sentence to veer into another free association. When commentators described his two-hour speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last month as unhinged, they were referring in large part to this quality.

Tiffany Trump Wishes She Knew Her Dad Better According To Her Mom

While Tiffany herself hasnt spoken ill of Trump, Maples revealed in a 2016 phone interview with the Times that she wishes shed get to spend more time with him.

Shed like to get to know her father better and spend time with him like his other children did: by going to his office and watching him work, Maples said.

In 2018, a source said, They do see each other and Tiffany goes to the White House for holidays.

It Normalises Incorrect Language

As with any sensitive medical condition, the language we use around dementia is important. There’s a long history of mislabeling when it comes to mental health conditions, and casual diagnoses make matters worse.

Words like ‘bipolar’ and ‘OCD’, for instance, are often used outside of a medical context. This creates confusion that impacts people with a formal diagnosis.

This is why we must be extra careful when applying the term dementia. People with the condition need a professional diagnosis so they can access the support they need. A weakened understanding of dementia could put people off seeking medical help.

If someone does have a diagnosis of dementia, we need to still see the person. We should never use their dementia as a label that comes to define them.

This post was first published in April 2018. It was most recently updated in July 2021.

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Does Trump Have Early Stage Alzheimers

Scott is an author of over 50 published books, a writer/executive producer of 3 feature films, and she helps others write and get published

Due to Donald Trumps recent behavior, many people are asking if he is really mentally deranged, and some commentators have wondered if he might have early stage Alzheimers. These questions havent yet made it to the mainstream media. They have mainly been confined to web publications and commentators on and other social media sites. But now psychologists and psychiatrists are being asked these questions, at a time when many Republicans and other political leaders are disavowing Trump, and the Republican Party is exploring what to do if Trump pulls out of the race. Trump has even been hinting that he may bail by suggesting that Pence will handle foreign and domestic affairs that the election is rigged that he would withdraw if the polls drop and that there could be civil disobedience if he loses.

Anyone following the news will see the pattern increasingly erratic behavior, and despite calls to act more presidential, exercise control, show empathy, and focus his attacks on Hillary, Trump seems more and more to simply react emotionally by attacking anyone who has said anything negative about him. He even has withdrawn his support from Paul Ryan and John McCain, since they criticized his attack on the Khans, and he withdrew press credentials from the New York Times, because they dont write good.

Donald Trump And Tiffany Trump Go Months Without Speaking

Does Donald Trump Have Dementia?

You can imagine that the President of The United States has quite a bit on his hands. However, youd also imagine that most parents would do their best to make time for their children, no matter what job they held.

But thanks in part to Trumps position as President, he and Tiffanys relationship is worse than ever.

Since the inauguration, Tiffany and her father have sometimes gone for months without speaking and she went a very long time without seeing him, a source close to Tiffany said. The last time she was at a family function with him, it was awkward for her and she didnt feel totally welcome.

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Donald Trump Impotus Has Frontotemporal Dementia

We all know The Apprentice President occupying the Oval Office in the White House is a liar, racist, sexist, and narcissist, and we all know he is corrupt, evil, cant make a laugh and is not very bright, to put it politely. Lately, his drugs can no longer hide, if they ever could his dementia and problem with speaking, walking, and standing straight. Mr. Orange with his eyes where nobody seems to be home is something we have gotten used to. Individual 1 as the Mueller report named this individual holding the most powerful office in our universe as the so-called leader of the free world is a very sick man. And now he aint even allowed to be the Lying King of Twitter:

No to wind turbines on Haramsøya

.living in the state, no matter who they are or how they got there, will get one. That will be followed up with professionals telling all of these people, many of whom have never even thought of voting before, how, and for whom, to vote. This will be a Rigged Election. No way!

Donald J. Trump May 26, 2020

Rough day for Trump as he deteriorates from dementia. He had difficulty w/ his speech & balance. Watch when he secures his arms on his gut- his balance loss worsens bc he cant use his arms to compensate. Its a vicious circle. His degenerative neurological issues are compounding

Tom Joseph May 25, 2020

Remember when administrations tried to hide it?

Cpac Speech Underscored Need For Assessment

At its extreme, this is called tangential speech. As psychologist Ben Michaelis told Stat, doctors evaluating for Alzheimers listen for tangential remarks and non sequiturs and whether the patient can stay on topic.

You had to listen to Trump’s whole CPAC speech to realize just how tangential it was. Those who learned about the speech from glancing at mainstream news headlines the next morning would have no idea how flat-out bonkers the whole thing was even by Trumpian standards, Amanda . The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson said Trump gave a rambling and incoherent two-hour speech in which he raved like a lunatic.

Americans have a right, indeed an urgent need, to know whether their president is suffering from dementia. We see clear signs that he is, but the only way to find out for sure is to give him a full neuropsychological evaluation and share the results with the American public. The need is more screamingly obvious now than it was a when we first called for it over a year ago.

John Gartner is a psychologist and a former assistant professor at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.

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Concluding Thoughts On Diagnosing Celebrities

So, should doctors comment on the mental health of Donald Trump? Or do concerns regarding ethical obligations to protect society from a dangerous leader carry less weight than concerns regarding stigmatizing the mentally ill?

And then there is the issue of hidden agendas: Doctors might use the power and authority of their position to pathologize those they dislike or those whose behaviors are negatively affecting their personal lives.

This is particularly relevant because Bidens mental health, physical health, and competence have also been questioned. McNally calls this the danger of dueling doctors, meaning partisan clinicians eager to diagnose mental disorders in political candidates of the opposing party.

So, what should we do instead of questioning Biden’s or Trumps sanity and competence? It might be better, according to psychiatrist Allen Frances, to criticize a presidents potentially harmful and dangerous policies. Just to give one example, instead of pathologizing Trump, many have used logic and evidence to criticize his policies related to women, sexual minorities, Blacks, religious minorities , and others.

Donald Trump Joe Biden And Dementia: Why Not To Diagnose From A Distance

Trump Brags (Again) About Passing Dementia Test

In the run-up to the US election in 2020, some sources speculated that Donald Trump and Joe Biden may be living with dementia. Here’s why you should never judge somebody’s mental health from afar.

When dementia or Alzheimer’s disease makes it onto newspaper front pages, its a good idea to approach with caution.

Miracle cures or bogeyman causes of dementia are often reported, but the reality of dementia research is complex. In recent years weve also seen several stories questioning US President Joe Biden or Donald Trump’s mental fitness.

Armchair diagnoses range from cognitive decline or narcissistic behaviour to Alzheimer’s disease, early-stage or frontotemporal dementia.

If youre Donald Trump, these stories might comfortably be filed under fake news. But regardless of how you feel about a public figure, mixing the medical with the political is a bad idea. In fact, nobody should have their mental health diagnosed from a distance. Heres why.

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Why Trumps Offhand Comment About His Health Could Be A Watershed Moment

Although the 2022 midterm elections are fast approaching, with control of Congress hanging in the balance, the question of whether Donald Trump will once again try to seek the presidency in 2024 continues to hover over national political discussions.

Pols, pundits and former associates of Trump are split about whether he will toss his hat in the ring a third time. Michael Cohen, the presidents former attorney and fixer, told CNN last year that Trumps fragile ego cannot stand to be considered a two-time loser. On the other hand, many analysts including me believe that Trump may very well take another crack at returning to the White House in 2024. In a recent piece, I argued that no matter the stakes, Trump will likely have no other option than to run again, given the wide array of legal problems bearing down on him, his family members and his business interests.

This offhand comment one that apparently came as something of an afterthought toward the end of the interview sent shock waves through the political establishment

There are three possible ways to interpret Trumps recent comments, all of which have important political consequences for national politics and even the international stage.

Confusing People And Generations

Memory loss is the symptom most closely associated with Alzheimers. While Trump famously forgets the names of people and places , one could make allowances for such gaffes. More troubling, Michael Wolff reported in “Fire and Fury” that at the end of 2017, Trump failed to recognize “a succession of old friends” at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump, 72, seemed to hit a new inflection point last week when he said, My father is German. Right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany. In fact, his father was born in the Bronx and it was his grandfather who was from Germany.

Dementia Care International says a “person may start to mix up relationships and generations in the second stage of dementia.

One day, when my Uncle Bruce was agitated, he cried out for me saying, Call John. Hes a rich lawyer. Hell know what to do even though it was my father who was the lawyer, not me. That was not in the early phase of the illness. That incident took place a few months before Uncle Bruce was forced to enter the nursing home.

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The Diagnosis Will Probably Be Wrong

Human behaviours can have many possible causes. This is why we recommend seeking a thorough and professional assessment if youre worried about your memory.

If somebody is showing signs of confusion, for instance, there are lots of reasons why this could be. Infections, changes in medication, disturbed sleep, depression or stress are a few possible factors.

There are several different types of dementia too, all of which are impossible to diagnose reliably without a persons consent or cooperation. A professional diagnosis will include a personal history, as well as physical exams, cognitive tests and a scan of the brain if needed.

Someone who knows the person well can often attend and provide helpful information, as well as support them through the process. In other words, you need both medical expertise and a persons direct cooperation.

He Does Not Miss A Thing Trust Me Russian Leader Says After Geneva Summit With 78

Does Donald Trump have dementia?

6:28 PM on Jun 18, 2021 CDT Updated at 4:29 PM on Jun 19, 2021 CDT

WASHINGTON Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson, who gushed about Donald Trumps health during a controversial tenure as White House physician, has demanded in a letter to President Joe Biden that he undergo a cognitive test to rule out dementia.

But the 78-year-old president got a clean bill of mental health from Russian strongman Vladimir Putin a former KGB officer who usually relishes the chance to undermine an American counterpart.

He does not miss a thing, trust me, Putin, 68, said Thursday, the day after their summit in Geneva, vouching for Biden as he met with graduates at the Higher School of Public Administration in Moscow. Biden is a professional you have to be very attentive when working with him so as not to miss something.

That assessment of the oldest American president in history, as reported by the Russian news agency Tass and The Moscow Times, is at odds with the diagnosis from Jackson, a former Navy admiral who led the White House medical office under Trump and Barack Obama.

We cant sit on this any longer, Jackson, R-Amarillo, said Thursday night on Fox News Hannity, where he called Bidens performance this week embarrassing at the G-7 and NATO summits in England and Brussels, and the Putin summit in Switzerland. Hes not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now.

The White House declined to comment on the letter.

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Person Woman Man Camera Tv Didnt Mean What Trump Hoped It Did

The president said on Fox News that he had to remember those words as part of a test that he said demonstrated his mental acuity. But the test, the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, is meant to detect signs of dementia, Alzheimers disease or other conditions.

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WASHINGTON Presidents and those who would be president often boast of their qualifications their education, their experience, their achievements. And then there is President Trump, who is boasting about his dementia test.

Even for a president who has rewritten the political rule book so many times before, the spectacle of a commander in chief repeatedly touting his performance on a cognitive examination to prove that he has not lost a step paves new ground in the history of campaigns for the highest office in the land.

Rather than dispensing with the issue, Mr. Trump drew new ridicule this week when he that he did so well on a test that, among other things, required him to identify an elephant. To demonstrate just how hard he said the test really was, he went on television to recite, over and over, the words that he had been asked to remember in the right order: Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.

Bragging about passing a cognitive test is one of the ways you fail a cognitive test, Mr. Colbert said.

Yeah, she responded.

Donald J Trump Displays Increasing Signs Of Dementia

Trump’s Ohio MAGA speech filled with slurred speech, disjointed arguments, and he was unable to read his teleprompter. His cognitive decline became apparent when he tried to go off-script.

Former President Trump apparently doesn’t realize his election loss was not tied to the 2020 election results in Montana or Ohio. In his first major MAGA rally speech since his leaving office this past Saturday, he repeatedly lost his train of thought and descended into a – woe is me, I’m a victim speech

Trump showed SEVERE DEMENTIA and SLURRED words in speech

The audience in attendance was made up of his most dedicated supporters in Ohio. Still, they did not respond well to his rambling, disjointed speech, according to the major news outlets that covered the rally.

Interviews with his supporters commented on Trump’s bitterness, and anger and some admitted the speech was nothing news and was boring. While he attracted thousands to his rally, it was clear halfway through the speech a large portion of the crowd he attracted were leaving early to salvage what was left of their weekend.

Giving these kinds of speeches during future MAGA rallies all the way up to the 2022 mid-term election could result in net losses up and down the ballot that expand the control of the U.S. House and Senate. Especially when one considers he is targeting the 12 Republican House members who voted to impeach him. A vengeance campaign against sitting members of Congress and the Senate could prove costly.

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