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Does Joe Biden Have Dementia

Biden ‘wrote A Bill That Is A Huge Contributor To Our Mass Incarceration Problem’

Does Joe Biden have Dementia? | What is Dementia?

The term “mass incarceration” is relative. From 1980-94, the nation’s prison population more than doubled on a per capita basis, from 139 prisoners per 100,000 American residents to 387, according to the federal government’s Bureau of Justice Statistics for 1994. By contrast, from 1994 the year the crime bill was passed to 1995, the inmate population increased by 6.7%. The annual increase then dropped steadily for the next six years, from 5.1% between 1995-96 to 1.1% between 2000-01.

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“During 2000, the prison population rose at the lowest rate since 1972 and had the smallest absolute increase since 1980,” the BJS study said.

In 1980 alone, state and federal prisons posted a 12% increase in the number of inmates, with an average yearly increase between 1980 and 1994 of 8.7%. In 1989, the federal and state inmate population swelled by a whopping 13.5% as 84,764 new inmates joined the prison ranks.;

Our assessment: While the crime bill did increase the prison population in states, it did not bring about a mass incarceration relative to earlier years. Rather, it coincided with a slowdown in the annual grown of the state and federal prison population. We rate this claim as false.

Does Joes Ice Cream Thing Help With Dementia

Regardless of ones political persuasion or complete lack thereof, nearly everyone in America has to be aware by now that Joe Bidens love affair with ice cream is the stuff of steamy romance novels.

Give Joe a few minutes alone in public and hes likely to wander off, only to return with an ice cream cone the size of your leg, make a beeline to the nearest television camera, and promptly proceed to shove his ice cream cone down his throat faster than you can say, Damn, Joe thats a big-ass ice cream cone.

So, as mankind continues the quest of attempting to figure out what goes on inside the head of Joe Biden shudder at the thought one thing is clear: Joseph Robinette Biden Jr. loves ice cream perhaps more than life, itself. Or, is there more to it than that?

Check it out:

On April 21, 2020, Daily Caller reported that Bidens presidential campaign had spent nearly $11,000 on Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosis favorite ice cream over which, Madam Speaker has come under fire after showing off a freezer-full of ice cream in an interview.

According to the Federal Election Commission , Bidens campaign has spent $10,600 on Pelosis favorite ice cream between May 2019 and March 2020. The description for the ice cream in the FEC filing says donor gifts. The Daily Caller contacted the Biden campaign to ask about the gifts but did not immediately receive a response.

Much ado about nothing? Maybe, but lets continue.

Dr. Hold My Beer, BfD

DTJ also wrote:

Bu Today: At The Age Of 80 What Percentage Of The Population Has Experienced Serious Cognitive Decline

Andrew Budson:From ages 60 to 70, there is a gradual increase in brain diseases, such that by age 70, slightly less than 10 percent of people are experiencing dementia. Dementia means that cognitive decline is severe enough to interfere with daily function. The most common brain diseases in late life are tiny strokes and Alzheimers disease. By age 80, approximately one-third of individuals have dementia, and by age 90, more than half have dementia.

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Becomes The Dementia Campaign

Biden and Trump partisans trade charges of senility in an era of aging candidates.

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. | Gerry Broome/AP Photo

03/07/2020 07:00 AM EST

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Altitude is a column by POLITICO founding editor John Harris, offering weekly perspective on politics in a moment of radical disruption.

The two people most likely to control the U.S nuclear arsenal, and with it the capacity to blow up civilization, through January 2025 are both well into their 70s and facing pervasive public speculation that they are becoming senile.

That is some funny stuff, no?

Just listen to Tucker Carlson on Wednesday night, the day after Joe Bidens big Super Tuesday victory and the victory speech in which he was momentarily confused over which side of the podium his wife and sister were standing. As a smart friend said last night, Joe Biden has spent his entire life trying to succeed in presidential politics, the Fox News host chortled, and now he has: Too bad hes not there to enjoy it. Pretty funny.

2020 is suddenly becoming the Dementia Campaign.

President Donald Trumps own public blunderssaying that his father was born in Germany when it was really his grandfather or referring to Apple CEO Tim Cook as Tim Applehave prompted commentary throughout his term questioning whether his cognitive faculties are deteriorating.

Trumpseemingly indifferent to the glass-houses maximin recent days has upped the ante in what is becoming the senility sweepstakes.

Littwin: Anyone Who Has Seen Dementia Up Close Knows Not To Fall For Attacks On Joe Bidens Mental Fitness

Donald Trump, 74, makes dementia a campaign issue in duel ...

With Donald Trump, as others have said, cruelty is the point.

If you watched Joe Bidens drive-in town hall Thursday night, Im pretty sure that when you turned off the TV , you werent thinking that Biden suffers from dementia.

You were probably thinking what I was thinking that Biden had it exactly right when he said he wouldnt trust Donald Trump on vaccines, but he would trust Dr. Fauci. He also had it exactly right on how to hold an event during a pandemic, something Trump brazenly ignores.

The truth is Trump has foolishly set a very low bar for Biden at an event like this Trump repeatedly says Biden doesnt even know where he is or if hes alive and so, of course, Biden easily cleared it. In fact, he packed as many details on issues into one town hall as Trump typically does in a year.

Yes, Biden does stumble over words, often rushing to finish his thought before the stutter sets in. Yes, he has trouble sometimes with digressions that he fails to bring back to the original point of the story. At times, his arguments can lose their power, not to mention their thread. Hes not a great speaker, and I never thought hed be a great candidate. But that doesnt mean someone suffers from dementia, either. Hes a gaffe machine. He was a gaffe machine in his first presidential run in 1988.

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Biden ‘doesn’t Believe In Legalizing Weed’

Biden’s position would liberalize laws governing marijuana but would stop short of legalizing it. His official policy position from the;campaign;website: “Biden believes no one should be in jail because of cannabis use. As president, he will decriminalize cannabis use and automatically expunge prior convictions. And, he will support the legalization of cannabis for medical purposes, leave decisions regarding legalization for recreational use up to the states, and reschedule cannabis as a schedule II drug so researchers can study its positive and negative impacts.”

At a campaign stop in New Hampshire in February, Biden responded to a query by marijuana legalization advocate Don Murphy of the Marijuana Policy Project by saying, “I think it is at the point where it has to be, basically, legalized,” POLITICO reported, quoting from a recording of Biden’s remarks. Biden’s campaign told POLITICO that in his remarks on the recording, he was simply “restating his cannabis policy,” which includes eliminating criminal penalties linked to marijuana, erasing marijuana-related criminal records and “letting states set their own policies regarding legalization of recreational marijuana while further effort is made to study the effects of cannabis use.”

Our assessment: Biden does not support legalizing the use of marijuana, rather comes up to the edge by calling for de-criminalizing it. We rate this claim as true.

Is It Time To Face The Uncomfortable Truth About Our President

The presidents town hall last Tuesday was a literal disaster. When asked about his thoughts on the current genocide occurring in Xinjiang, the president responded dismissing the genocide as part of Chinas different norms. Joe Biden also suggested that Hispanic and African-American communities

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He Does Not Miss A Thing Trust Me Russian Leader Says After Geneva Summit With 78

6:28 PM on Jun 18, 2021 CDT Updated at 4:29 PM on Jun 19, 2021 CDT

WASHINGTON Texas Congressman Ronny Jackson, who gushed about Donald Trumps health during a controversial tenure as White House physician, has demanded in a letter to President Joe Biden that he undergo a cognitive test to rule out dementia.

But the 78-year-old president got a clean bill of mental health from Russian strongman Vladimir Putin a former KGB officer who usually relishes the chance to undermine an American counterpart.

He does not miss a thing, trust me, Putin, 68, said Thursday, the day after their summit in Geneva, vouching for Biden as he met with graduates at the Higher School of Public Administration in Moscow. Biden is a professional; you have to be very attentive when working with him so as not to miss something.

That assessment of the oldest American president in history, as reported by the Russian news agency Tass and The Moscow Times, is at odds with the diagnosis from Jackson, a former Navy admiral who led the White House medical office under Trump and Barack Obama.

We cant sit on this any longer, Jackson, R-Amarillo, said Thursday night on Fox News Hannity, where he called Bidens performance this week embarrassing at the G-7 and NATO summits in England and Brussels, and the Putin summit in Switzerland. Hes not physically or cognitively fit to be our president right now.

The White House declined to comment on the letter.

Bidens Nonsensical Claim About Alzheimers And Hospital Beds

Joe Biden ‘has Alzheimer’s Disease, I believe’: Clive Palmer

You know, if we dont do something about Alzheimers in America, every single, solitary hospital bed that exists in America as the nurses can tell you every single one will be occupied in the next 15 years with an Alzheimers patient every one.

President Biden, remarks on the economy in Cleveland, May 27

And I say to the press here, if we dont do something, for example about Alzheimers, every single bed in American hospitals today will be occupied by someone with Alzheimers within 20 years, every single bed.

Biden, remarks while touring a cancer hospital in Columbus, Ohio, March 23

This is one of those classic Biden factoids an assertion with specific numbers that seems to change in each telling.

In the course of a couple of months, the period when Alzheimers patients would overwhelm hospital beds shrank from 20 years to 15 years.

In making this statement, the president is signaling his concern that combating Alzheimers is an important issue. He has proposed creating the Advanced Research Projects Agency for Health, a biomedical research lab that aims to produce new treatments for Alzheimers, cancer and other diseases.

But even if one made allowances for the year lets say the tipping point for when hospital beds will be overwhelmed is 2040 is there any evidence that Bidens claim is correct?

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Months In Bidens Critics Still Go After His Brain I Only Care About His Heart

Republicans fumbling for a Biden attack keep falling back on “cognitive decline.” We should watch what POTUS does, not what he says.

I got in my car one day last week and heard a short sound bite of President Bidens latest speech. At one point, the 78-year-old Delawarean seemed to fumble for the right word . I felt a slight wince, not because of his less-than-mini-gaffe I do the same thing sometimes, and Im 16 years younger but because I know how right-wing media jumps all over these awkward moments, in their increasingly desperate hunt for any ammo to end the 46th presidency after just one term.

Theres two words that I keep hearing again and again to depict Biden every time I monitor talk radio or talk to the handful of Trump voters that I know in real life: Cognitive decline. Almost six months into a presidency with sweeping ambitions to show America after 40 years in the wilderness that a government can actually help the citizens who elect it, and to restore global faith in the United States and rebuild democracy after the Former Guy nearly wrecked it, thats all they got. That somehow Biden will blow up America by reaching for the wrong word.

» READ MORE: After four years of American carnage, President Joe Biden gets it: Truth must come before healing | Will Bunch

Bu Today: Are There Specific Brain Functions That Tend To Go First Memory Spatial Relations

Andrew Budson:Well, if were talking about healthy aging, then processing speed is the first to be affected. If you are developing tiny strokes, then doing activities that involve a lot of complicated steps are affected, such as preparing your taxes, balancing your checkbook, and paying bills. If you are beginning to show signs of Alzheimers disease, then your memory will be affected first.

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Alzheimers Disease Is The Most Common Type Of Dementia It Is A Progressive Disease Beginning With Mild Memory Loss And Possibly Leading To Loss Of The Ability To Carry On A Conversation And Respond To The Environment

If you think that the US is grappling just with the Covid-19 pandemic which has been a reason for over 33 million people getting infected with the virus and over 6 lakh people succumbing to it, then see this. The country is worried about the growing number of cases of Alzheimer and the warning comes from none other than President Joe Biden.

Showing his concern on the growing cases of Alzheimer’s, the US President has once again reiterated that If we do not do something about Alzheimers in America, then every single solitary hospital bed that exists in America…Every single one will be occupied in the next 15 years by an Alzheimers patient.

See Zee Business Live TV Streaming Below:

Biden pledged during his victory speech on 7 November 2020 to create an America that looks ahead to curing diseases like Alzheimer’s. This gave a beacon of hope to 5.8 million Americans. The 16.1 million caregivers currently devastated by a disease that has no cure. Advanced health was one of the important agendas for Biden at the time of the US Election.

BIDEN: If we do not do something about Alzheimers in America, every single solitary hospital bed that exists in America… Every single one will be occupied in the next 15 years by an Alzheimers patient.

Does Joe Biden Have Dementia

Fox News host scolds colleague for suggesting Joe Biden ...

On another discussion board I frequent, I saw a discussion about whether or not Joe Biden is in the early stages of Alzheimers disease. The evidence they point to is various public appearances during which he seems to exhibit brief episodes of verbal confusion. As one might expect, the people espousing this position in that discussion all skew conservative. OTOH, die-hard Biden supporters will be comparably reluctant to acknowledge a problem until its so bad that it cant be glossed overso maybe the truth lies somewhere in the middle?

So what do people here think? Based on your personal experience with dementia among friends/family, or your professional medical training, what is your armchair/remote diagnosis/prognosis of Bidens mental fitness for continued service as POTUS?

He does sometimes stumble over words. He is also a stutterer, and even normal aging probably doesnt make it any easier to overcome the stuttering.

I think there are medical personnel that take care of the President that could actually make such a diagnosis and any and all chatter online is useless conjecture or a smear job.

Ive had relatives with dementia. Listening to Biden is nothing like listening to someone with dementia, especially since Biden is a stutterer, as Kenobi points out.

Dementia is different. You cannot and should not have any number of responsibilities with dementia. Dementia also has some more serious early symptoms:

Indeed so.

I hope he can make it through 4 years.

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After A Provocative Media Request Writer And Dementia Care Expert Christy Turner Asks: How Does The Media

Hi Christy, its Tori at /interview request.*; The email continued:;

Reaching out to see whether you can join our morning show.Theres been a lot of attention and concern about the mental and physical health of PresidentBiden.;

We are not looking to do a hit piece.Our goal is to have a respectful discussion with an expert in elder care. Were not asking you todiagnose him as thats inappropriate and not realistic.Wed like to shed light drawing from your years of firsthand experience the process forevaluating the acuity of an elderly family member. A lot of questions are being raised about the President and wed like to have a responsible,thoughtful discussion. If you prefer to talk this through, please feel free to give me a call.Warm regards,Tori, Editorial Producer, ;;

I couldnt even think of what to say back. The fact that I was being asked to do an interview about President Bidens cognition without knowing anything about it says a lot about how the media is trying to control a narrative about cognitive health a narrative that affects not just an individual, but public health at large. Long story short, I didnt appear on the show. Heres why.


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