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Best Games For Alzheimer’s

Holistic Care For Seniors With Dementia

Digital Game for Dementia Patients

With Homages Dementia Care Programme, older adults can receive the help that they need at every stage through different pathways like companionship, games and activities, nursing care, and home therapy. Together with our Care Specialists, care plans will be specifically designed for your elderly loved one based on their health status, care needs and preferences, ensuring that they are paired with the most suitable nurse or caregiver.

If you or someone you know need support in caring for a loved one with dementia, we can help. Reach out to our Care Advisors at for a free care consultation.

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  • Logic Master Tricky And Odd

    If you want to solve a tricky and weird question, then this game is a go-to game for anyone. The questions are unique and sometimes tough to solve. You need to give your full attention to solving this game. You need your best problem-solving skill while playing this game.

    Each question in this game needs you to think differently and creatively. The questions, as the game suggests, are very tricky and funny sometimes. This game helps you to increase your problem-solving skills, memory power, and attention and think differently and logically.

    Games For Dementia Patients

    Finding games for dementia patients is a time consuming job for most caregivers. Games for dementia, Alzheimer’s or any form of memory loss can range from Alzheimers card games to board games and from activities to improve dexterity to intellectual challenges. Games for dementia patients can provide the mental stimulation dementia sufferers need to stay engaged and alert while enjoying a vigorous memory workout.

    Andthe great news is that so many creative games are available that picking out the games you’d like to play with the patient is almost as much fun as playing them! At The Alzheimer’s Store, we are constantly looking for new games for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients. If you knowof any you would like to suggest, please contact us. Games for dementiathat we like best include hand eye coordination, aerobics and mental stimulation.

    The Alzstore offers a wide variety of games for dementia patients and some terrific senior memory games

    • Games that enhance hand-eye coordination through manipulation of various parts or pieces
    • Games for seniors that strengthen mental capacity through word-related activities, mental exercises or questions that encourage the verbal articulation of ideas
    • Games that improve recall by encouraging the recollection of memories via verbal interaction or pictures
    • Games that forge mental connections through association.

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    What Science Has Shown About Game Playing And Cognition

    While long-term research is still needed to determine whether specific games can play a role in keeping the brain healthy and how or if timing is a factor preliminary studies appear to show a link between game playing and lower risk or delay of at least one type of age-related memory loss.

    Mentally stimulating activities like using a computer, playing games, crafting, and participating in social activities are linked to a lower risk or delay of age-related memory loss called mild cognitive impairment , and the timing and number of these activities may also be important, according to a study published in August 6, 2019, in Neurology.

    Researchers found that engaging in social activities, such as going to the movies or going out with friends, or playing games in both middle age and later life, were associated with a 20 percent lower risk of developing MCI. In addition, the more activities people engaged in during later life, the less likely they were to develop MCI.

    That said, study authors point out that the study is observational, so its not possible to determine a cause-and-effect relationship. Its possible that instead of the activities lowering a persons risk, a person with mild cognitive impairment simply may not be able to participate in these activities as often. So further research is needed to investigate these findings.

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    Reduced Risk Of Alzheimers

    Pin on easy activity

    Did you know that approximately 5.7 million seniors in the US suffer from Alzheimers? This progressive brain disease is also the fifth leading cause of death among seniors. Nonetheless, this journal article reports that playing video games increases hippocampal grey matter and reduces Alzheimers risk factors in seniors.

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    Activities And Games For Patients With Alzheimers Disease

    As a caregiver of someone with Alzheimers, you can use games and activities to help stimulate their mind and senses.

    Alzheimers disease is often known as the long goodbye not only because of its ability to affect someones cognitive and functional abilities, but also their emotions and moods, behaviour, and physical abilities, leaving behind a shell of a once-vital person that family and friends barely recognize. This can be tough to witness, but there are some ways you can continue to engage with the person in your care and spend quality time together.

    Alzheimers disease affects everyone differently, so its often difficult to predict how it will progress, the symptoms , and the duration of each stage .

    Since there is no cure, people with Alzheimers, and their caregivers, rely on treatment plans prescribed by the doctor, plus lifestyle changes to slow the progression of the disease.

    Caring for someone with Alzheimers can be as rewarding as it can be emotionally and physically challenging.

    Its difficult to watch someone you know struggling to perform everyday tasks and your natural reaction may be to just take over. However, research shows that people in the early stages of Alzheimers can still acquire and process new information, helping them to learn or improve their performance on cognitive tasks, so its important to let them try the task themselves, as long as its safe for them to do so.

    DementiAbility method activities

    What you need for this activity:

    Great Apps For People With Dementia Or Alzheimers

    Caring for a loved one who has dementia can be trying and heartbreaking at times. You want them to have a good quality of life, and that in itself can be exhausting. Keeping them occupied and using their minds is one way to help keep them focused.

    Unfortunately, sometimes those afflicted with dementia have trouble understanding new forms of technology. Computers may confuse them, and using a mouse may be impossible. However, the invention of tablets and phones with touch screens can make a difference. The tactile surface and ease of use help give the patient something they can identify with. An iPad or iPhone iare excellent choices to help a loved one stay in touch with the world.

    Below we’ve provided information on 9 different apps that have been proven to be helpful for people who suffer from dementia and Alzheimer’s.

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    Tricky Test : Genius Brain

    As the name suggests, This is a tricky game to play. The simple yet innovative needs you to be creative and imaginative to solve the puzzle. For example, on some level, You need to Pacify the crying baby by shaking your phone.

    This game takes your IQ like no other game. The puzzles are very goofy and funny but very hard to crack. You need to think outside of the box to crack the puzzle in this game. As you move on with the game, the difficulty level also increases.

    What Are The Best Games Or Activities For Dementia Patients Who Are Very Active

    Video Games To Treat Dementia I The Feed

    The games for patients with dementia can be chosen from different alternatives that are also appropriate for other people. But walking or gardening can be more suitable for them.

    MentalUP provides hundreds of different free online games for dementia patients. Because they are safe and boosting, you can prefer whatever you want for peace of mind. Dont forget to use its detailed reports to keep track of your development.

    Also, it is important to remember that the multi-awarded educational game app MentalUP doesnt only include these games. It offers 150+ games and 240+ fitness exercises that are suitable for all people from different age groups.


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    Games For People With Alzheimers Can Be Simple

    In 2007 I began researching Alzheimers sometime in 2007, trying to figure out what the disease was and why it effected a person the way it did. I was looking for scientific and medical publications as well as best-care practices. Early in my search I came across a study in the American Journal of Alzheimers Disease and Other Dementia. The authors reported that playing Bingo provides mental stimulation that is highly therapeutic for people with cognitive disorders. Individuals participating in the study who played Bingo performed significantly better on measures of cognition than participants who did not play. Staff members reported increases in alertness and awareness in the test subjects, and this effect lasted for hours after testing was complete.

    Bingo is an ideal game for many people with dementia. People of all ages enjoy playing it every day, so it certainly is age-appropriate. Bingo is easy to understand and play, so it is stage-specific for anyone except those in the very last stages of the disease. The familiar game requires that the person distinguish letters and numbers. Some Bingo variations require matching colors and shapes. Others might require one to recognize animals. Regardless of the scheme, Bingo stimulates the brain. That is why the study above found playing the game improved cognitive functioning.

    Learn More About Caring For Your Loved One

    A dementia diagnosis can be hard to cope with, which is why its crucial to ensure your loved one has access to the care they need to live a high-quality life for as long as possible.

    While dementia is a progressive illness, the brain games for seniors discussed above can help your loved one slow down the progression of their symptoms. To learn more about caring for someone with dementia, . Weve also found the Alzheimers Association of Nebraska as a terrific resource for those families dealing with Alzheimers disease.

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    Board Games You Can Play With Dementia Patients

    Its easy to think you should avoid board games for people with dementia. You dont want to stress them out or highlight their difficulties. With dementia come problems with memory and cognition obstacles to successful board game enjoyment. However, the right board games, chosen wisely, can actually help. Indeed one study into the use of Bingo with dementia patients concluded that a simple cognitive activity such as Bingo can be of great value to the daily management of Alzheimers patients.

    There are some important things you need to pay attention to. Often in our experience at our care homes in Devon, our dementia residents are also struggling with the usual challenges of old age. Board and tabletop games should be visibly colourful or striking, and the players should be actively able to handle the pieces. This means choosing larger scaled versions, such as large playing cards, can be beneficial as well as using items such as playing card holders. Sensory stimulation in playing the game is important, so you need to make this as stress-free as possible to encourage the individual to stay engaged and play.

    Finally, do remember that dementia is progressive and therefore what games suit one stage of the disease, may not suit a later stage. The social interaction of playing board games with dementia patients always brings benefits. So, where possible, adjust the games accordingly.


    The Professor Layton Games

    Best Games for People with Alzheimer

    The Layton series of games are perfect for seniors who seek puzzling adventures and baffling brain teasers. These games are popular for their fun stories and puzzles. Also, they have little to no urgency. You can take time to learn as you solve different puzzles. We would recommend these games since they enable you to improve eye-hand coordination.

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    Scientist Recommends These Brain Games To Help Prevent Alzheimers

    Photo: oneinchpunch via Shutterstock

    As we age, keeping our brain sharp becomes more and more important. No one knows this better than Jessica Langbaum, a specialist in Alzheimer’s prevention and associate director of the Alzheimer’s Prevention Initiative in Phoenix, Arizona. While some suggest crossword puzzles and games like Sudoku to give the brain mental stimulation, Langbaum shares that Alzheimer’s prevention is a bit more complex.

    Just sitting down and doing Sudoku isn’t probably going to be the one key thing that’s going to prevent you from developing Alzheimer’s disease, she tells NPR. Something as simple as getting up and going to work actually can help do the trick. Langbaum points out that daily multitasking, processing of information, and remembering things that come up during the workday are all incredible forms of brain training.

    Langbaum, who was spurred to study Alzheimer’s after her grandfather was diagnosed when she was in graduate school, has learned over time that puzzles and games focus too narrowly on just one part of the brain. This can lead to other areas going into decline. She equates it with exercising just one muscle in the body instead of focusing on overall fitness.

    Best Brain Games For Memory

    Exercising your mind is as essential as exercising your body. But some of us neglect exercise for our mind. We need to sharpen our memory, have good problem-solving skills, and have quick and effective reaction time.

    The great news is that you can exercise your brain in the comfort of your house. You just need your PC or mobile phone to play the brain games. Brain games are an easily accessible and reliable method for brain exercise.

    In this article, I have handpicked the best brain games for memory that you can pay anytime you like.

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    Best Board Games For Alzheimers Patients

    While there is no perfect memory loss remedy, there are several things that you can do to prevent it. First of all, exercising regularly can help keep your lungs in good shape. People who get regular exercise have better memories, and a regular exercise program can reduce stress. Additionally, exercising can help prevent memory loss by keeping your mind active. Here are some of the best ways to make your brain healthier and keep your mind sharp. Read on to learn more. Best Board Games for Alzheimers Patients

    Choosing The Best Games For Seniors With Dementia

    what if you FORG?T your BEST most precious MEMORIES? | Forgotten

    There are many different games that seniors with dementia can enjoy.

    It is important to choose games that are both fun and stimulating for the individual while also being within their skill level and cognitive function.

    Some of the best activities and games for seniors with dementia include: board games, card games, puzzles, computer games, and other activities that require physical activity. It is also essential to keep in mind the individuals cognitive ability level when selecting a game.

    Learn More About Games and Fun

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    Best Games Forelderly With Dementia

    From this post, youll get detailedinformation relating to the best games for the elderly with dementia. Thesegames are the perfect option since all seniors of different abilities can playthem with less hassle. Other than this, we have selected only the flexiblegames. The seniors can play them alone or together with other family membersand friends.

    Brain Training Apps For Dementia

    So what games are suitable for Alzheimers patients? This article will discuss some of the applications and brain training games, mainly in two categories. One group of applications helps prevent Alzheimers or other diseases, and the other group helps the patients already suffering from such diseases.

    With the help of mobile applications, you can exercise your brain, which proves the necessity of having a smartphone for seniors.

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    Adapting Games To Match Abilities

    The challenge for Activity Coordinators is to find the right games to match the skills and interests of clients with the stage of dementia they are going through.

    Adapting and modifying games for seniors is necessary for all sorts of different reasons. As well as for those living with dementia, games need to be modified for those who use wheelchairs and those with impaired vision or sensory loss.

    So keep it simple you will know best how to modify games for your clients. Dont be hard on yourself, if something is not working out as desired, change course. When playing games, it is important not to over-estimate what your clients are capable of, the objective is to enjoy the activity and focus on the experience while connecting with others and/or learning a new skill. However, dont underestimate your clients either! Very often they will surprise you with their hidden abilities.

    The Advantage Of Memory Games For Dementia In Senior Communities

    Games for People with Alzheimer

    Amit Lampit, PhD, a research fellow in the School of Psychology, explained in the previously mentioned Health article that brain games in a community setting tend to have better results. This is because individuals are surrounded by others that encourage them to participate and guided by professionals. As such, they receive the best cognitive benefits from memory-related activities. If you have a loved one with dementia, give your nearest Vineyard community a call to chat about our memory care programming.

    At Arbor, our memory care residents experience a mix of physical, psychosocial, and cognitive programs each day. From discussion groups to playing memory games, our residents engage in a variety of cognitively stimulating activities daily.

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