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Is Dementia Curable In Homeopathy

It Treats Illness Not People

Dementia in Hindi – Discussion and Treatment in Homeopathy by Dr P.S. Tiwari

One major benefit of homeopathy is that it treats the illness and not the people. That means, it does not affect your daily routine and does not make any changes in your body. It cures the symptoms after finding out the main cause of the sickness.

Once you start treating yourself with homeopathy you will feel positivity in your body and get fresh vibes to the consumer. It has been in use for more than 200 years therefore it is a trusted and well-known pseudo scientific method of treating your sickness.

This amazing healing art is practiced throughout the globe and relies on the belief that a substance which causes symptoms of a disease in healthy people can cure the same in sick people which is known as like cures like.

Its a better choice to choose homeopathy over other medication methods as this one proves to be the effective one without any adverse effect on your body.

So, the end note is that yes homeopathic medicines make perfect sense as they have many advantageous characteristics that makes it one eligible pick to heal the symptoms.

Its dosage, its taste and its nature, everything is quite valuable and harmless for the consumer and nature as well.

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Benefits Of Homeopathic Medicines For Treating Alzheimers Disease:

Homeopathic remedies for Alzheimers disease are natural remedies that can help in slowing down further progression of disease. They mainly target at improving the memory of the person and in retaining the memory whatsoever is left. They also are very effective in dealing with depression and emotional imbalance in the person suffering from Alzheimers disease. Homeopathic medicines can be used in conjunction with other therapies to help improve the quality of life in Alzheimers patients as far as possible. Homeopathic remedies are non-toxic and carry no adverse side-effects.

Homeopathic Medicines For Alzheimers Disease To Deal With Accompanying Depression And Emotional Imbalance:

The most appropriate homeopathic remedies for Alzheimers disease to deal with depression and emotional imbalance are Ignatia, Kali Phos and Aurum Met. Ignatia is the best choice when a person experiences sadness, weeping spells, and desire to be alone. It is also indicated for mood swings. Kali Phos can help when a person has marked exhaustion, fatigue, lassitude, and weariness along with Alzheimers disease. Kali Phos is also indicated for gloominess, despondency, sadness, and a dull mind accompanying Alzheimers disease. And Aurum Met is useful when depression with suicidal tendencies persists in Alzheimers disease. A person requiring Aurum Met also feels he is worthless and of little importance, he feels life is a burden. Even the slightest contradiction is unbearable and leads to acute anger outbursts in such persons.

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Hyoscyamus Niger Another Important Homeopathic Medicine For Senile Dementia With Absent

The old people who need Hyoscyamus with Senile Dementia have strong emotions and become strongly attached. This leads to jealousy and suspiciousness. Shameless, obscene in behavior, talking and dressing are the most guiding symptoms to select Hyoscyamus Niger for Senile Dementia. This Homeopathic medicine works well in those with silly laughing and foolish behavior.

Homoeopathy For Dementia And Weak Memory

Homeopathic Remedies for Dementia.

Former Professor, Govt. Homeopathic medical college, Kozhikode, Kerala, India

Dementia isn’t a specific disease. Instead, dementia describes a group of symptoms affecting memory, thinking and social abilities severely enough to interfere with daily functioning.

Though dementia generally involves memory loss, memory loss has different causes. So memory loss alone doesn’t mean you have dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of a progressive dementia in older adults, but there are a number of causes of dementia. Depending on the cause, some dementia symptoms can be reversed.

Causes- Dementia involves damage of nerve cells in the brain, which can occur in several areas of the brain. Dementia affects people differently, depending on the area of the brain affected.

Dementias are often grouped by what they have in common, such as the part of the brain that’s affected or whether they worsen over time . Some dementias, such as those caused by a reaction to medications or vitamin deficiencies, might improve with treatment.

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Homeopathy A Safe Treatment For Dementia

Dementia is a general classification of brain disease that causes a long haul and the frequent steady abatement in the capacity to think and recall. This causes negative influence a man’s every day functioning. Other normal manifestations include issues with dialect and a lessening in motivation. An individual’s sense of awareness is not influenced. It affects the persons thinking, language, sense of judgement and behavior. Major cases of dementia are degenerative in nature and cannot be treated.

Homeopathy is an effective and trusted form of medicine used in the treatment of dementia. A holistic approach is used in homeopathy, which ensures the removal of all signs and symptoms of any disorder. Homeopathic medicines do not only treat dementia, but also address the underlying causes.

Here is a list of important homeopathic medicines and the cases of dementia when they are used.

  • Nux Vom: This homeopathic medicine is used in cases of dementia where the patient is extremely sensitive to the words and actions of others and is always seeking attention. There is suicidal tendency in the patient and he also is inclined towards killing friends. Although suicidal, the patient does not have the courage to perform the act. Extreme irritation is noticed. The patient becomes vindictive and quarrelsome in nature.

  • Other Disorders Linked To Dementia

    Huntington’s disease. Caused by a genetic mutation, this disease causes certain nerve cells in your brain and spinal cord to waste away. Signs and symptoms, including a severe decline in thinking skills usually appear around age 30 or 40.

    Traumatic brain injury. This condition is caused by repetitive head trauma, such as experienced by boxers, football players or soldiers.

    Depending on the part of the brain that’s injured, this condition can cause dementia signs and symptoms, such as depression, explosiveness, memory loss, uncoordinated movement and impaired speech, as well as slow movement, tremors and rigidity . Symptoms might not appear until years after the trauma.

    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. This rare brain disorder usually occurs in people without known risk factors. This condition might be due to an abnormal form of a protein. Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease can be inherited or caused by exposure to diseased brain or nervous system tissue.

    Signs and symptoms of this fatal condition usually appear around age 60.

    Parkinson’s disease. Many people with Parkinson’s disease eventually develop dementia symptoms

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    Homeopathy Medicines/remedies For Alzheimer / Dementia

    Acid phos, Agaricus, Alumina, Ambra grisea, Anacardium, Baryta carb, Bryonia, Calc carb, Causticum, Conium, Gelsimium, Gingko biloba, Helleborus, Lycopodium, Natrum mur, Opium, Plumbum, Selenium, Stramonium, Sulphur, Thuja, Zinc met etc.

    These medicines should be taken under the advise and diagnosis of a Qualified Homeopathy Doctor. Self medication is not advisable.

    Homeopathic Medicines For Alzheimers Disease With Marked Forgetfulness:

    Dementia Treatment in Homeopathy

    Effective homeopathic medicines for Alzheimers disease with marked forgetfulness are Anacardium and Alumina. Anacardium is a good choice when the person is very forgetful. He forgets what he has seen and suddenly forgets names of people surrounding him. Memory progressively gets bad. Along with forgetfulness, the person also shows irritability, anxiety, anger with violent behavior and use of foul language. Next remedy Alumina is also a valuable selection for forgetfulness in Alzheimers disease. Alumina is selected when memory is weak or entirely lost. The person has cloudiness in the mind, he is slow to answer and lacks judgement power. Absent mindedness also prevails. He also makes mistakes while writing and speaking.

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    Symptoms And Causes Of Alzheimers

    I believe symptoms of dementia can begin earlier in life through symptoms we generally pay little attention to, or dont worry too much about: such as repeatedly not knowing where our keys are or forgetting why we get up from our chair to go into the kitchen or being disoriented and not knowing for a few seconds where one is in a familiar environment such moments as these should all raise some cautionary alarms.

    At early-onset times, no medical tests will reveal anything conclusively one has to be pretty far down onto the ADS road already before a conclusive diagnosis can be given.

    But if youre already experiencing these early-onset symptoms, there is no reason to wait for later-day conclusive diagnosis when there are good homeopathic treatment options for stopping the progression of these diseases much earlier.

    The latest research shows that age, family history, genetics are generally causing dementia apart from that some researchers think plaque in the brain is a factor but the plaque in the brain is not much of a factor.

    They thought they were the great marker for Alzheimers disease but it turns out they are not because a lot of people a lot of elderly people have the plaque but are perfectly fine. They dont have a loss of memory. They dont have dementia. They dont have Alzheimers. They dont have anything. So the amount of plaque in the brain is no longer so much of an indicator of Alzheimers disease.

    Arsenic Album For Senile Dementia With Anxiety

    Arsenic Album is prominently indicated for senile dementia with attending anxiety. In cases where Arsenic Album is indicated, there is a loss of memory and marked anxiety. Marked restlessness also attends where persons move from place to place and cannot rest anywhere. Thoughts that the disease is incurable appears constantly in mind. Fear of death is another accompanying symptom. Intense prostration is felt too.

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    Anacardium Orientale Best Homeopathy Medicine For Weak Memory From Senile Dementia:

    These people will have great internal conflict, suffer strongly from Senile Dementia. It is best indicates for lack of self-confidence or inferior feeling. Anacardium patients who stay in a bad situation with Senile Dementia, need to prove themselves over and over. The delusion of being in a situation, in which he is dominated and suppressed. Best homeopathy medicine for dementia treatment with the sudden loss of memory. The Senile Dementia person feels as if something blocks his memory. Confusion and disorientation of Senile Dementia for the most part need to cure with Anacardium Orientale.

    Beyond The Constraints Of Alumina Unlocking The Key To Dementia


    Homeopath Elizabeth Adalian presents some important remedies in treating dementia.

    Courtesy :Homeopathy in practice Winter/Spring 2013

    Frequently one hears people joking about their senior moments but, often, these moments cannot be laughed off any longer. Sometimes, family members ignore the early signs of dementia as these signs are not seen as signals. This is because they may alternate with periods of lucidity. There are occasions, however, when sudden mental decline slips in. Whether the onset is slow or rapid, this state is regarded as irredeemable by mainstream medicine.

    The reason why it is extremely difficult to address dementia with any system of medicine is because one has no access to the pre-verbal period of sufferers early life. It is actually during this time when ones ability to modulate stress is established.

    Taking up the challenge

    Homeopathy is one system of medicine, however, which may be able to address these states if:

    1) Treatment commences as early as possible.

    2) A friend or relative can explain the level and nature of trauma in the background, which correlates with the level of suffering.

    3) A drug or toxicity layer can be exposed and removed through treatment.

    5) Maintaining causes can be removed, for example isolation, junk food diet, sedentary lifestyle, lack of mental stimulation, stress.

    6) A family history is elicited .

    The tip of the iceberg

    The use of bowel nosodes

    Amen DG Use Your Brain to Change Your Age. Piatkus

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    Causes Of Alzheimers Disease

    The exact cause of Alzheimers disease is unknown. Genetics play an important role in the occurrence of Alzheimers disease. In Alzheimers disease, the brain cells are damaged that progressively worsens over time. The risk factors that predispose one to have Alzheimers disease are advancing age, head trauma, positive family history of Alzheimers disease and high blood pressure.

    Alumina For Forgetfulness Confusion Difficult Speech In Senile Dementia

    Alumina is well-indicated medicine for forgetfulness and confusion of mind in senile dementia. Alumina suits where a person forget things and has difficulty to follow a train of thoughts and makes mistakes in speech. He answers questions very slowly or gives vague replies. The person also lacks the ability to think clearly and in a coherent manner. He also does everything in a hasty and hurried way. Apart from above sadness also arises especially in the morning.

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    Phosphoricum Acidum Best Homeopathy Medicine For Brain Development In Senile Dementia Cases With Difficulty Handling Complex Tasks:

    This Homeopathic medicine works well in cases of weakness and enfeeblement of the emotional plane. Senile Dementia after grief especially indicates Phosphoric acid. The Senile Dementia patients want to be left alone, moreover sleep with face to the wall. The persons with Frozen down emotions with indifference to any kind of stimulation are needed phosphoric acid for Senile Dementia. Forgetfulness and weakness of memory, especially for words mainly indicate this Homeopathy Remedy for Senile Dementia.

    Risk Factors That Can’t Be Changed

    Dementia – Homeopathic Aricept

    Age. The risk rises as you age, especially after age 65. However, dementia isn’t a normal part of aging, and dementia can occur in younger people.

    Family history. Having a family history of dementia puts you at greater risk of developing the condition. However, many people with a family history never develop symptoms, and many people without a family history do. Tests to determine whether you have certain genetic mutations are available.

    Down syndrome. By middle age, many people with Down syndrome develop early-onset Alzheimer’s disease.

    Mild cognitive impairment. This involves difficulties with memory but without loss of daily function. It puts people at higher risk of dementia.

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    Cannabis Indica Homeopathic Medicine For Dementia With Difficulty In Communication

    Cannabis Indica is one of the best homeopathic remedies for dementia in cases where there is difficulty in communication. Cannabis Indica is helpful where a person becomes extremely forgetful while communicating. He forgets the last words spoken by him as well as what he is about to say. He begins to speak a sentence and then suddenly loses the thread of conversation. While writing too, the patient forgets what he intends to write. The mind is foggy, and there is an inability to recall past events. Difficulty in focusing is also experienced.

    Diet & Management For Alzheimer / Dementia

    • Consume a diet rich in antioxidants with an emphasis on whole fruits, vegetables, grains, nuts & seeds which is also a good source of magnesium. Avoid milk and dairy products.
    • Regularly consume cold water fish to increase essential fatty acid levels.
    • A rich diet in magnesium is recommended. It helps to decrease aluminum absorption.
    • Use the mind: get adequate mental exercise by solving puzzles, reading good articles which make you think.
    • Daily exercise to improve overall circulation and well-being.
    • Stress management. Learn & practice better coping skills, like meditation, breathing exercise .
    • Avoid all kind of aluminum, like utensils, aluminum foil, non dairy creamers, baking powder etc.

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    Medorrhinum Homeopathic Medicine For Dementia Where The Patient Forgets Names And Words

    Medorrhinum is a suitable homeopathic medicine for dementia where the person forgets names and words. The main symptom that points to the use of Medorrhinum is forgetting the names of friends and familiar people. The patient may not even remember their own name. There is also forgetfulness while writing, both regarding the words that are to be written as well as their spelling. While speaking, the person may forget the appropriate words. During a conversation, the patient may forget what he was asked and the question has to be repeated. Along with the above symptoms, there are severe mood changes as well. Happiness alternates with sadness. There is also marked irritability over small things.

    Baryta Carb For Senile Dementia With Marked Forgetfulness And Difficult Communication

    How to Treat Alzheimer

    Baryta Carb is next highly beneficial medicine for senile dementia with marked forgetfulness and difficult communication. There is forgetfulness while speaking. The person forgets even the most familiar words while speaking. He also forgets what has just been said by him. Whatever he has done and about to do are also forgotten as well. He also makes great effort to recollect past but all in vain. The person is also absent-minded and confused. Understanding and reasoning ability are also decreased.

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    Homeopathy Medicines For Alzheimers Disease

    If you forget the names of your family members or you frequently cant remember where you kept your keys, simple absent-mindedness might not be to blame and the condition could be serious enough to be Alzheimers disease, for which there are several homeopathic medicines. Alzheimers disease is one of the leading causes of dementia among the elderly people with main symptom being progressive memory loss and forgetfulness. A person with Alzheimers has difficulty in remembering things. In addition to this, a persons thinking and reasoning skills are also gradually decreased.

    As is known, homeopathic medicines for Alzheimers provide a safe and successful line of treatment on account of them being drawn from natural, non-toxic substances and having no side-effects. In case of Alzheimers, the homeopathic mode of treatment can be opted for as a supportive system in conjunction with other medications. Although homeopathic remedies cannot revert the disease and the brain damage that has already occurred, but they can surely help in preventing further deterioration and brain cell damage.

    Homeopathic Approach To Alzheimer / Dementia*

    Even though there is no promising cure, homeopathy can manage this complaint well. With detailed case taking, giving importance to their feeling & analyzing them constitutionally, Homeopathy can provide hope to the sufferer & their family members by tackling and arresting the progress of memory loss without any side effects.

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    Kali Phos A Useful Homeopathic Medicine For Dementia When Prostration Accompanies Memory Loss

    Kali Phos is an effective homeopathic medicine for dementia. The main symptom pointing towards the use of Kali Phos is memory loss accompanied by tiredness. There is exhaustion on both mental and physical levels. In such cases, the patient doesnt recognize his surroundings and is not inclined to speak with others. Sometimes, gloominess, depression, nervousness, and anxiety are also present.


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