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What Is The Best Vitamin To Take For Dementia

Is Vascular Dementia Hereditary

Healthy Dose: Calcium Supplements Linked to Dementia Risk in Some Women, Study Finds

You also cant do anything about your genes or your ethnicity, both of which can affect your chances of developing vascular dementia. Its thought that your genetic background may play a part in whether or not youll develop vascular dementia, though any such risk is very small. For instance, an inherited disorder called cerebral autosomal dominant arteriopathy with subcortical infarcts and leukoencephalopathy can cause vascular dementia. If you have this disorder, you will usually have a family history or vascular problems such as strokes.Genes may also play a part in the fact that people from certain ethnic groups are more likely to develop vascular dementia people from an Indian, Pakistani, Bangladeshi or Sri Lankan background who are living in the UK have a significantly higher risk than white Europeans, for instance. People of African-Caribbean descent may also have a higher risk.

Can Dementia Be Prevented

Studies show that people can reduce their risk of dementia by getting regular exercise, not smoking, avoiding harmful use of alcohol, controlling their weight, eating a healthy diet, and maintaining healthy blood pressure, cholesterol and blood sugar levels, Alleviating additional risk factors such as depression, low educational attainment, social isolation, and cognitive inactivity increase the immunity rate.

Natural Remedies For Dementia And Alzheimers Finalword

So there you have our top 10 natural remedies forsuccessfully treating and reversing dementia and Alzheimers disease. But dontforget that these remedies and recommendations are also exactlywhat you need to be taking and following to prevent dementia from everaffecting you! . And like we saidearlier, you have nothing to lose by trying these treatments. We recommend youstart with #1 and then work your way down the list, using and utilizing as manyof the remedies as you or your loved one can. Expect to see some big resultswithin 3-6 months. It will, however, take at least 12 months for a full recovery so you must be patientand consistent with the daily application of these recommendations.;;

So what are you waiting for? Get going on this straightaway. We guarantee, the results are going to blow your mind! . ;;

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Get Assistance For Your Loved Ones

Its difficult to see your loved ones struggle with memory loss. Adding vitamins for Alzheimers prevention can be very beneficial, but you may need more help and guidance.

If you want to see if assisted living is a good fit for you or your loved one, contact us today for a tour. We are happy to assist you in any way.

Alternatives To Pharmaceutical Treatments

Can These 4 Supplements Really Cut The Risk For Dementia ...

There have been many natural remedies to aging-related memory issues throughout history, and European and Eastern countries continue to refer patients experiencing memory loss-related troubles to a variety of holistic treatments, including:

  • Huperzia serrata, a moss, is a traditional Chinese medicine. It is now being researched in pharmacology as the drug Huperzine A. Its been shown as both a powerful AChE inhibitor, as well as a protectant against further cellular damage due to various functions of dementia-type diseases. This supplement should not be taken in conjunction with other AChE inhibitors, for risk of serious side effects.
  • Dietary changes like increasing the intake of healthy foods such as avocados, blueberries, and the spice turmeric, have been researched and shown to slow the cognitive decline brought about by dementia

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What The Experts Say Are The Best Supplements For Your Brain

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  • What Experts Say Are The Best Supplements For Your Brain

  • Maintaining optimal brain health encompasses several areas of self-care, including adhering to a healthy diet and lifestyle, managing stress and socializing regularly. Taking dietary supplements can help promote brain health, but how will consumers know which supplements are worth the investment?

    Top Vitamins And Minerals For Fighting Dementia

    There is no definitive way to prevent dementia. Although, there are precautions that can be taken for prevention. It has been shown that certain vitamins and supplements can help in slowing down dementia.

    Large numbers of baby boomers are beginning to reach old age, making dementia at its highest rate ever. People are living longer than ever these days, so its important to figure out how to treat and cure dementia.

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    Forget About Those Over

    A recent survey found that about 25% of adults over age 50 take a supplement to improve their brain health with the promise of enhanced memory and sharper attention and focus.

    The problem? There’s no solid proof any of them work.

    “The main issue with all over-the-counter supplements is lack of regulation,” says Dr. Gad Marshall, associate medical director at the Center for Alzheimer Research and Treatment at Harvard-affiliated Brigham and Women’s Hospital. “The FDA doesn’t oversee product testing or ingredient accuracy they just look out for supplements that make health claims related to the treatment of specific diseases.”

    In terms of brain health, this means a supplement manufacturer can claim a product helps with mental alertness or memory loss but not that it protects against or improves dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. “This way manufacturers don’t have to back up any claim that their product is effective or even safe,” says Dr. Marshall.

    Super Vitamins For Dementia

    Important “vitamin” for caregivers and people with dementia

    The aging population is growing, which means the occurrence of dementia in the elderly is also growing. Its estimated that 1 in 8 people over the age of 65 are living with dementia. Currently, there is no cure and there are only a few treatments that have been somewhat effective in slowing the onset of dementia.

    Research has shown that the best hope for prevention of dementia and Alzheimers disease lies in maintaining that healthy lifestyle we mentioned above. New studies are being conducted to show which super vitamins can be added to that lifestyle to help prevent dementia.

    Some of the best mineral supplements and vitamins for dementia prevention include:

    For more information about memory care assisted living at American Senior Communities, please visit

    Disclaimer: The statements on this blog are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. The author does not in any way guarantee or warrant the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any message and will not be held responsible for the content of any message. Always consult your personal physician for specific medical advice.

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    When Doctor Says Dementia Take Best Supplements To Live Happily

    What is dementia?

    Dementia;is a general term for;any disease that causes deterioration in cognitive functioning, memory and/or thinking skills;which interfere with daily activities .

    Some people with dementia may also experience changes in their emotions, personalities and behaviour.

    Dementia ranges in severity from the mildest to the most severe stage, depending on the parts of the brain that are damaged and the disease that is causing the dementia. Most types of dementia cause a gradual worsening of symptoms over the course of years due to progressive damage to nerve cells in the brain caused by the underlying disease process, which is referred to as;neurodegeneration.

    Some mild changes in cognition are considered a part of the;normal aging process while dementia is not. Dietary supplements in some cases slow the progression of dementia and reduce the associated responsive behaviours.

    Finding Memory Care Near You

    The early challenges posed by dementia-related memory decline can be taken care of at home relatively easy, up until it becomes a struggle to remember daily tasks like eating, or when to take your medication. If unpaid bills and chores begin to pile up, it can pose a health and financial risk that is truly necessary when there are so many community options available now to help aging people live in a healthy and safe environment. For those interested in seeking out dementia-friendly communities with access to medical staff and lifestyle amenities like meals and chore services, visit to find out more information about memory care facilities near you. If you need assistance paying for memory care or other aging-related expenses, you might qualify for a Medicaid waiver.

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    In General What Is Good For The Heart Is Good For The Brain

    Its important;to make sure that any long-term health problems are managed as well as possible. These;could include;diabetes, high blood pressure, or mental health problems, such as depression or anxiety.

    If you have any of these or think you may be at risk of developing them, its really important to check in with your GP and take any medications they prescribe.

    You can also try to make your brain healthier through positive lifestyle changes.

    Natural Remedies For Dementia And Alzheimers Treatment Option #: Mineral Supplements

    Pin on #endalz

    Minerals are commonly referred to as the sparks of life.They are what keep our body battery going and keep it charged. Minerals arealso needed by the brains electrical circuit to function properly. You maynot know this but your brain is one incredible and very intricate circuitboard. Every time you think a thought , little sparks and electrical currents are busyracing and crisscrossing each other in a dazzling and spectacular light show. Infact, while youre brains at work it’s actually producing enough electricity topower a light bulb!

    So how it basically works is when you think a thought, that particular thought is then transferred or relayed to the area of the brainthat needs it by sparks or electricity. And minerals are one of the crucialcomponents that make this all happen and make the process run smoothly. Butwhen your brain lacks the minerals it needs for this process to work correctly,these sparks begin to jump in the wrong places. Or even worse, they dontjump at all! This is the;beginnings and eventual progression;of diseases suchas Alzheimers.;

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    Can I Buy Supplements To Prevent Or Treat Dementia

    We examine the truth behind the sale of supplements, vitamins, products and therapies that claim to prevent or treat dementia, or boost memory.

    Sometimes it can be difficult to know whether to trust these claims.

    Unfortunately, any supplement or treatment available to purchase that claims;to prevent, slow down or reverse dementia;is extremely likely to be bogus.

    The good news is;there is support out there.

    Alzheimer’s Society is;here for everyone affected by dementia. We;provide accurate, evidence-based advice and information.

    While there is currently no cure, there are drugs and non-drug treatments that can lessen a persons symptoms of dementia.

    Natural Remedies For Dementia With Dietary Supplements

    As you get older, you might find that you have more trouble remembering, making decisions and understanding information. While this is a normal part of ageing, severe cognitive difficulties might mean that you have dementia. Dementia refers to a decline in cognitive function caused by certain diseases or conditions that affect your brain such as Alzheimers disease or nutritional deficiencies. Finding out whats causing dementia and how natural remedies for dementia might help stop your symptoms.

    ;Keep in mind that reversing dementia might be possible through natural remedies.

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    Be Sure To Take Your Vitamins And Memory

    If youre serious about the prevention of Alzheimers and improving memory loss, you should definitely take a high potency multiple vitamin and mineral capsule. Be sure the vitamin formula you choose contains folic acid and vitamin C. Folic acid reduces homocysteine levelshigh homocysteine levels put you at risk for both heart disease and memory loss. Vitamin C has been shown to reduce your risk of Alzheimers disease by 20% when taken with vitamin E. To take advantage of its fullest benefits, you should take a dose of 2,000 mg of vitamin C per day.

    When you create a balanced diet that puts your overall wellbeing at the forefront, youre not only doing good for your body, but youre also supporting and enhancing your memory as well.

    Consider including the following memory-specific nutrients in your daily vitamin plan:

    • coenzyme Q10

    Discover our latest research update in the Summer 2014 White Paper.

    Natural Remedies For Dementia And Alzheimers Treatment Option #: Stay Active


    Remaining mentally and physically active has been wellproven to not only delay the onset of dementia, but also help to improve thesymptoms and even reverse the disease. When it comes to using your brain, theold saying You Snooze You Lose is definitely true. If you dont keep yourbody active it will eventually become stiff and seize up on you, and your brainis no different. So you must keep it active and working. Theres a directcorrelation between mental stimulation, such as learning something new or doingpuzzles, and a decreased risk of dementia and Alzheimer’s. Researchers believemental challenges help to build up the brain, and by doing this, make it less proneto developing the lesions that can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Whats more,mental stimulation also helps to delay brain deterioration in people whoalready have the disease, and in many cases, can even reverse it.;;;

    Staying physically active is also crucial for delayingand improving the onset and development of dementia and has been welldocumented. Regular moderate exercise, such as walking, swimming, cycling,tai-chi or yoga, have all been associated with better retention of cognitiveskills. However, the best form of exercise for dementia is weight training

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    Take Phosphatidylserine For Stress

    In recent research, a daily 300-mg. dose of phosphatidylserine quashed stress, anxiety and blue moods for 94 percent of women plus cut the risk of memory woes by as much as 50 percent! In supplement form, PS a fatty compound in the brain is knows as one of the best dementia prevention supplements because it prods the repair and replacement of aging neurons, says study coauthor Rika Ebina, Ph.D.

    Folic Acid Vitamin B6 And B12

    High levels of an amino acid called homocysteine are thought to make the brain more vulnerable to beta-amyloid . Homocysteine comes from the normal metabolism of protein from meat sources. An abnormally high level of homocysteine, along with low folic acid levels, has been associated with heart disease and possibly lends itself to a higher risk for dementia.

    An Oxford University study suggested that lowering homocysteine levels by supplementing with B vitamins may help fight against Alzheimers. Study participants age 70 and older, with a diagnosis of mild cognitive impairment, were either given high-doses of folic acid, B6 and B12; or given placebo pills. After two years, the researchers discovered the rate of brain shrinkage in people receiving the B vitamins was 30% lower than in those taking the placebo and the effect was greatest in those who had the highest levels of homocysteine, according to the book Alzheimers Treatment, Alzheimers Prevention.

    Based on the studies, 800 mcg of folic acid, 20 mg of B6 and 500 mcg of B12 per day are the best supplements for your brain health, but again, be sure to consult with a health care provider before taking any type of supplement.

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    Powerful Natural Remedies For Dementia And Alzheimer’s

    Dementia and Alzheimer’s are truly horrible and cruel diseases. But new research is showing that you can not only 100% prevent them from occurring, you can actually reverse their effects!

    Here’s 10 of the best natural treatments, herbal supplements and home remedies for dementia and Alzheimer’s according to the experts…;

    Article by Troy Sawyer

    Dementia is such a shocking disease. Because the mentaland behavioural changes happen so gradually in a sufferer, youre left to watchyour loved one slowly deteriorate before your eyes and you grieve every timethey take a turn for the worst.

    This is one illness thats particularly closeto home for me, having watched my mother-in-law suffer from this disease for overten years. The first signs were small and subtle, but slowly became morefrequent. Things such as leaving appliances on, repeating herself inconversation, and paranoia all gradually got worse until eventually she had tobe placed in a high care home that caterers for dementia and Alzheimerspatients. My father-in-law looked after her for as long as he could but the eventual strain took its toll on him. I also watched mywife grieve every time she saw her mom slip down further. The day her momforgot who she was, was especially hard for her.

    A Combination Of Nutrients

    Can These 4 Supplements Really Cut The Risk For Dementia ...

    Many brain supplements focus on omega-3 fatty acids , vitamin E, various B vitamins, or various combinations. Why these?

    There’s strong evidence that certain diets like the Mediterranean diet, the DASH diet, and the MIND diet can help improve cognitive function, according to Dr. Marshall.

    “These diets contain foods with large amounts of these vitamins and minerals,” he says. “But what is not clear is whether it’s the combination of nutrients in these diets that’s beneficial, or whether it’s specific ones or even certain amounts, or some other factors.” Researchers have tried to answer these questions by testing how these individual nutrients affect cognitive health. So far the limited studies have found no evidence they help, with a few rare exceptions.

    “Still, this doesn’t mean that the brain supplements may not work,” says Dr. Marshall. “It’s just that there is not much, if any, evidence from randomized clinical trials the gold standard for research on isolated vitamins or minerals and brain health.”

    Here’s a summary of what science has found so far and what it means.

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