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Does Meredith Grey Have Alzheimer’s

Beginning Relationship With Derek Shepherd

Grey’s Anatomy Sneak Peek 9×20 – Meredith Alzheimer’s Results

After having a one-night stand with Derek without knowing that he was her boss, she and Derek began dating, initially discreetly. But soon Bailey, Meredith’s resident, caught her and Derek together and made it her mission to make Meredith’s life at work as miserable as possible, as she was involved with her boss, who was also Bailey’s boss. Meredith soon learned that Derek was still married when his wife, Addison, came to Seattle to get Derek back. At first, Meredith was angry with Derek for not telling her, but she later admitted to still loving him and begged him to “pick me, choose me, love me.” When Addison handed him the divorce papers to end their relationship officially, Derek remained hesitant and soon after decided to stay with Addison, much to Meredith’s dismay. Although the two constantly flirted and Derek still hinted at having feelings for her, they both agreed to remain friends, and Addison, too, attempted to be friends with Meredith.

On the night of the Seattle Grace Hospital Prom, Derek went with Addison, while Meredith went with Finn. The two soon after met with each other in an exam room where Derek confessed that he still loved her and they had sex. Addison discovered Meredith’s underwear in Derek’s pocket and the two finally agreed to divorce. Meredith, however, was still dating Finn and issued a contest between the two boys to see which she would settle with. She ultimately chose Derek and they reconciled.

This ‘grey’s Anatomy’ Theory Will Break Every Fan’s Heart

Fan theories swirl around Grey’s Anatomy the way danger and bad luck swirl around Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. But what if all that bad luck was more fiction than fact?

A new fan theory suggests that Meredith Grey has Alzheimer’s disease. With the debilitating disease, symptoms usually develop slowly and worsen over time, becoming severe enough to interfere with everyday tasks. Fans will remember that it’s the disease that led to the death of Ellis Grey , Meredith’s mother, in season 3 and that Meredith tested positive for several genetic markers for Alzheimer’s in season 9.

In fact, Alzheimer’s was first introduced to the show in the pilot episode, when Meredith’s voiceover narration was revealed to be a story she was telling her mother at an assisted living facility.

So what if Meredith’s subsequent voiceovers were stories she tells her three children sometime in the future? Perhaps some of her memories from over the years were altered by dementia, mixing fact with fiction.

Much like the “If/Then” episode in which Meredith’s mom was never diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, changing many of the dynamics throughout the hospital, perhaps Future Meredith is supplying happier endings for her fellow interns than what really happened.

If this wild theory is true, it’s a heartbreaking ending for Meredith, and everything she has feared since the beginning of the show.

Reasons We Hate Meredith Grey

While you are pretty sure that you want her to succeed and be happy, you have to admit that you don’t 100 percent love her.

Meredith Grey is definitely not an easy character to like… and that’s basically the entire point. The protagonist of;Grey’s;Anatomy;has definitely gone through a lot in her life and there’s a reason why her nickname is “dark and twisty.” She says what she thinks, she doesn’t seem to have a lot of feelings , and she acts like she doesn’t need anyone but herself. In the almost 13 whole seasons that you’ve been watching Meredith and her fellow doctors, you have rarely seen her open up or show a lot of emotion. While you are pretty sure that you want her to succeed;and be happy, you have to admit that you don’t 100 percent love her. She feels like a friend or even a part of your own family because you’ve been watching her for so long, but like a long-time friend or relative, she gets on your nerves a lot. Here are 15 reasons that we hate Meredith Grey. It’s time to be honest here.

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Giving Birth And Richard’s Accident

Despite Derek’s warnings to slow down, a heavily pregnant Meredith couldn’t keep from joining in on a surgery at the beginning of the superstorm. However, Meredith was forced to leave when there was a risk of explosions in the OR. She talked to Alex about beating up Jason Myers, only to find out that Jo was the one who had beaten up Jason. She followed Jo into a staircase, where Jo promised she would never let Alex take the fall for what happened to Jason. As Jo left, a construction worker told Meredith that they were done with the grinder in the OR. “Then why aren’t I up there?” she angrily asked, and as she ran up the stairs, she slipped and rolled down the stairs. She sent Derek a message and got checked out by Connie Ryan, and she promised that everything was fine with the baby. While the surgeons were preparing the hospital and the storm hit Seattle, Meredith’s water broke.

The ‘grey’s Anatomy’ Alzheimer’s Test: Could You Pass It

Does Maggie Have Alzheimer

Characters from the hit show are testing patient memory as part of an Alzheimer’s disease clinical trial but should you worry if the questions trip you up?

Wednesday, March 30, 2011 What did you do for Thanksgiving last year? Where did you go on your honeymoon? Starting at 100, count backward by seven. Remember the following three-word sequence: truck, cabin, spoon.

These are among the series of questions Derek Shepherd and Meredith Grey are asking of Alzheimers disease patients to determine whether theyre qualified for entry into a clinical trial on this seasons Greys Anatomy.

But if youre sitting on the couch five minutes later struggling to remember the word cabin, should you worry about your own brain health? And just how accurate is such a test at gauging Alzheimers disease risk? Everyday Health asked leading memory experts for answers.

What the Greys Memory Tests Means

Although the test used on the TV show is not identified by name, some of the questions, like the three-word memory sequence and counting back directive, are included in the Folstein Mini Mental State Examination , a 30-point questionnaire introduced in 1975.

Senior Moments vs. Real Red Flags

We worry so much about memory loss because its something were afraid of, says Green. But since there are so many different things that can cause it and many of those conditions are reversible, its important to seek evaluation, and to do it sooner rather than later.

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A Popular Theory Leaves Meredith Where Her Mother Ended Up

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On the other hand, some fan theories arent nearly as happy. And it has fans chomping at the bit. If you recall, Merediths mother was discovered to have developed early-onset Alzheimers disease and later dies. Greys Anatomy season nine reveals to fans that Meredith tested positive for several genetic markers for Alzheimers. Its supporting a theory that some Redditors are saying could be a really bad and sloppy ending to the show.

The heartbreakingly popular theory is that Meredith is diagnosed with Alzheimers in the end. Rhysieroni says, I think it ends with Mer being diagnosed with Alzheimers, and we see a grown-up version of Zola or one of the other kids finding her journals, which are her voice-overs that she does every episode.

If the ending leaves Meredith where her mother ended up, the finale will break a lot of hearts. Sometimes a simple happy ending can sit better with fans.;

First Seattle Aids Patient

Starting in 1982, when he first came to the hospital, Ellis, along with Richard Webber, treated Phillip Nichols, who ultimately ended up being the first patient in Seattle to be diagnosed with GRID, now known as AIDS. They operated on him even without knowing how AIDS was transmitted. They later stood by his bedside as he died and later toasted his death at Emerald City Bar, where Ellis convinced Richard to toast with alcohol instead of soda.

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Standing Up For Richard

Bailey and Catherine brought Eliza Minnick to be the new Residency Program Director, effectively firing Richard from the job. When Meredith refused to allow Eliza into her OR to observe her teaching technique, Bailey suspended her. Bailey came to her house to get her to come back to her job. She agreed to come back if Richard could return to the Residency Program Director. Bailey declined and Meredith didn’t come to work. Richard came over to Meredith’s house to get her to come back and said she’d be fine.

Meredith’s First Preference Had Been Neurology

Grey’s Anatomy S07E14 – Meredith & Cristina #1

For those who don’t remember, Meredith had initially started taking a lot of interest in neurology, not least because of Derek, of course, but also because she was actually very good at it.

Meredith would most likely have gone on to choose neurology as her specialty had she not messed with Derek’s Alzheimer’s trial. The two had a falling out when it was revealed that she had rigged the trial. While Derek did forgive her eventually, he told her that he could not train her anymore, and finally, Meredith moved on to general surgery.

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Alzheimer’s Trial And Adoption Of Zola

The couple had recently been told that Meredith had a hostile uterus and conceiving a child would be difficult. Meredith and Derek met Zola when she was brought to the hospital for a spina bifida operation as part of Alex’s program. Derek immediately bonded with Zola and suggested adoption. Meredith took a little longer to bond with Zola, but eventually, she was unable to avoid falling in love with the child. However, Derek found out that Meredith had tampered with his Alzheimer’s trial just as the couple was granted temporary custody of Zola. When the social worker on their case, Janet, discovered that Meredith and Derek weren’t living together and that Meredith had been fired, red flags were raised in the system. Fearing that she would lose Zola, Meredith hid with Zola in the basement of the hospital for 4 hours. Zola was taken away from them for a time, during which Meredith and Derek rekindled their relationship. They were given a date to see a judge about the adoption after Alex went to the judge directly. That date was subsequently canceled and Janet told them that it was unlikely that it would end in their favor and suggested that they move on. But the decision did end in their favor, and Janet brought Zola to them, finalizing the adoption.

She Always Seems The Same

In 13 seasons, you honestly expect a ton of character growth. You can’t say that Meredith hasn’t grown at all because;you’re sure that she has, but at the same time, you can’t say that she’s a totally different person now, either. She seems the exact same and that’s something that you really hate about her. You think that she should have been changed by Derek’s death and realized that life is super short and that life is not something that should be missed. You know, all the normal things that people think when someone close to them dies. Maybe that’s a cliche and maybe Meredith would never react that way, but hey, it’s what you think. It’s been really difficult to watch Meredith go through something like losing her husband and the love of her life and still seem so sad .

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Meredith Messed With A Clinical Trial

Although Meredith has clearly proved her mother wrong, it’s actually a wonder that she has had quite as many chances as she did, given the number of stunts she has put up during the course of the show. To be fair, she had some good reasons to back her up every time.

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In season 7, the world-famous;neurosurgeon at Seattle Grace, Derek Shepherd , started working on a clinical trial to find a cure for Alzheimer’s. Meredith was chosen to assist him in the trial. As it happens, Meredith went and rigged the trial. Yes, that’s right. She interchanged the envelopes to make sure that Richard Webber’s wife Adele, who was fast-tracking into Alzheimer’s, was given the medication instead of the placebo. Commendable as her intent was, this was no doubt a gross violation of protocol.

What Is A Gunther In Medical Terms

Does Maggie Have Alzheimer


. Likewise, does Meredith get her job back in Season 8?

Meredith herself has already been fired and brought back to the hospital. In season 8, Meredith lost her job because she tampered with a clinical trial for Alzheimer’s. Ultimately, though, she was re-hired after Richard took the fall for Meredith and resigned as chief so she could be reinstated.

Furthermore, is there a Seattle Grace Hospital? Seattle Grace Hospital is based on Harborview Medical Center in Seattle, WA. Most of the filming actually occurs in Los Angeles , as that is where the set is located.

In respect to this, does Meredith get her job back as chief of general surgery?

Although still grieving over Derek, Meredith returns to Seattle with the children and later becomes chief of general surgery. She sells the “dream house” and moves back to her mother’s house, having purchased it back from Alex, and now lives there with Maggie and Amelia Shepherd, her sister-in-law.

Will Meredith get Alzheimer’s?

Meredith Grey’s character has been linked to Alzheimer’s disease for seasons. Plus, we learned that Meredith is predisposed to it at the end of season nine. Several stans think Meredith will confirm she has Alzheimer’s in the series finale, so this theory actually holds water.

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Hiring A Matchmaker And Thatcher’s Illness

Meredith starts treating matchmaker Cece.

At Jo and Alex’s wedding, Andrew kissed Meredith while drunk, which he immediately apologized for. While she dismissed at as no big deal, the kiss led to her having sex dreams about the majority of men in her life, such as Andrew, Jackson, and Tom. Soon after, she started treating Cece Colvin, a professional matchmaker, who picked up on Meredith’s desire to be kissed, even though Meredith dismissed the observation. She threw her hat in the ring for the recent job opening for interim Chief to have extra work to distract her from her desires. Cece had to be put on dialysis awaiting her kidney transplant. Throughout the set-up, she pointed out that there’s no cap on happiness and that love doesn’t just come walking through the door. After the surgery, Meredith briefly met Atticus Lincoln but dismissed him at his attempt to introduce himself. At night in bed, a curious Meredith googled Cece’s services but opted against using them.

Andy makes Meredith realize there are positive things to take away from her date.

At the hospital, she shared her experience with Andy Herrera, who made her see that she now knew there still were great men out there and that she managed to dodge this particular slow-moving bullet because he revealed his opinion on single mothers before the relationship could have dragged on for too long.

Andrew and Meredith bond while stuck in an elevator.

Meredith reconnects with her dying father.

Andrew lets Meredith sleep.

Hospital Merger And Richard’s Drinking

During the start of the merger with Mercy West Medical Center, Meredith was hospitalized from having donated a portion of her liver to her father, Thatcher Grey, since he was unable to be placed on the transplant list due to his alcoholism. Richard’s drinking escalated again, causing him to make an error during surgery which almost killed a patient, until Dr. Bailey stepped in, fixing the problem and scheduling weekly followups with the patient to ensure he had no lasting effects. Richard’s alcoholism led him to do one-on-one teaching sessions where he showed Meredith various surgical techniques and she discovered his drinking again. She kept this from Derek, but he became very angry with Meredith and made her tell him what was going on. When Derek found out about the drinking, he reported Richard to the board, forcing him to either step down from surgery and go to rehab or retire. When he chose rehab, Derek was named the interim Chief of Surgery.

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She Is Too Mean To Penny

Look, of course Meredith is going to be mean to Penny. Penny is the doctor who operated on Derek. And since things did not go well and Derek died, it makes sense that Meredith would have tons of rage and harsh feelings toward her. Anyone would probably blame penny. It would be hard not to. And yet… you hate Meredith for being so mean to Penny. Couldn’t she tell that Penny was uncomfortable;and felt really bad? As a fellow doctor, why didn’t Meredith understand the tough position that Penny was in? If Meredith was in her shoes and her patient ended up dying) and that patient was someone’s soulmate/one true love/post-it husband/then real husband), she would feel absolutely terrible. So sorry Meredith, but this was not the best approach to take. And the fact that this made Callie feel super awkward was the worst, too. It’s really such a tough situation!

What Shonda Rhimes Says

Bailey Confides in Meredith About Her Mother – Grey’s Anatomy

It’s interesting to hear what;Grey’s Anatomy;creator Shonda Rhimes has to say about how the show will end.

Shonda Rhimes says there’s a good chance she will be involved in the finale. In an interview with;Entertainment Weekly, she said, “I absolutely can see myself being part of it.” She continued that she had attempted to think about endings but then stopped doing that.

Rhimes explained, “I have written the end of the show at least six times. Seriously, every time I felt like, ‘this will be how the show ends,’ weve gone past those moments so many times that Ive stopped trying to come up with envision for it. We just dont end. I have no idea now. Krista and I have joked that my daughter, Harper, and her daughter Coco will end up running the show one day.”

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While fans never want to say goodbye to Meredith and the other beloved characters on;Grey’s Anatomy, of course, one day the series finale will air. These fan theories offer some interesting ideas;about what could take place. While it’s hard to wait, at least viewers know that they will get some great episodes before the finale airs.

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