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Does Trump Suffer From Dementia

Biden Obviously Has Dementia And Should Withdraw From The Race

Biden continues to ‘demonstrate his non-public dementia diagnosis’ almost every day

NEW YORK The Democrats ought to be ashamed of themselves. They spent the last four years criticizing Donald Trump in no small part for his mental state, and rightly so. The founding fathers included an impeachment provision in the Constitution in large part as a contingency to remove a president exactly like him, whose temperament and personality and mental state are incompatible with the requirements of the highest elected office in the land.

Trump is not merely a jerk. Psychologists have been so alarmed that they have violated a core ethical principle of their profession by attempting to diagnose him from afar. Narcissistic personality disorder is their universal conclusion and it fits like a glove. Among the characteristics of NPD is a lack of empathy not something one wants or needs in a leader.

Now Democrats are conspiring to gaslight the American people by engineering the presidential election of a man clearly suffering from dementia, Joe Biden. This is no time to be polite. We are talking about the presidency. As always, we need a frank, intelligent discussion and debate about the issues and the candidates. It is perfectly fair to talk about Bernie Sanders heart attack as well as Bidens and Trumps mental acuity.

What about Trump? If Biden is the nominee, and people dont vote for him which I think will be the case anyway Trump will win a second term. Isnt it imperative to stop that by any means necessary?

What Betty White Said About Fellow Actress Sandra Bullock Revealed

“This shows that people with dementia have significant walking problems, and that we need to look at this in people at risk of developing dementia to see if it can predict the onset of the condition.

“Importantly, I found that the people with Lewy body dementia had a unique walking pattern that distinguished them from those with Alzheimers disease. Their steps were even more variable and asymmetric when they walked.”

McArdle said that early diagnosis could help give people and their families more time to understand the condition and to plan for the future.

“As of yet, there is no cure for dementia, but an accurate diagnosis gives access to support and information, and treatments to help alleviate symptoms”, she added.

Donald Trump’s ‘dementia’ Is So Bad He Is Now Giving People The Same Silly Nicknames Michael Moore Says

Leah Thomas U.S.Michael MooreDonald TrumpDementia

With the release this week of Michael Wolff’s Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, President Donald Trump has gone on the defensive, calling the book, which claims to reveal the White House’s private workings, “phony.” And he refers to former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon, who is quoted frequently in the book, as “Sloppy Steve.”

“I authorized Zero access to White House for author of phony book! I never spoke to him for book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that don’t exist. Look at this guy’s past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve!” the president said Thursday on Twitter, speaking of Wolff and Bannon.

I authorized Zero access to White House for author of phony book! I never spoke to him for book. Full of lies, misrepresentations and sources that dont exist. Look at this guys past and watch what happens to him and Sloppy Steve!

Donald J. Trump

Documentary filmmaker Michael Moore responded Friday to Trump, pointing out that the president had already used the adjective “sloppy” in his nickname for Moore.

Wait! – On Oct 28 you gave ME the nickname Sloppy Michael Moore in one of your crazed tweets. Using the same nickname for TWO people…another sign of dementia! Unfit to serve!

Michael Moore

In November, Joe Scarborough, co-host of MSNBC’s Morning Joe, said sources close to the president told him during the campaign that Trump has the “early stages of dementia.”

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Watch: Biden Exhibits Symptom Of Dementia Speaks Complete Gibberish For 11 Seconds

Not that thats new, or anything


This time around, Biden appears to have been trying to wrap up his remarks at Ironworkers Local 5 in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, when he went off on the random tangent.

I dont want to get going because Id keep you here too long because you know all what Im about to, what Ive said, and you know what Ive done, and you know what were doing, and I know what youre doing, he said.

I dont want to get going because Id keep you here too long because you know all what Im about to, what Ive said, and you know what Ive done, and you know what were doing, and I know what youre doing.

Greg Price

As you can imagine, was terribly inspired:

Leader of the free world, ladies and gentlemen.

Jon Matthews

What? can he please repeat that in English?

AIC Productions

Jordan Chamberlain

Another day, another disturbing Biden gaffe raises questions about his cognitive function.

Of course, the frequency with which these things keep happening is just as concerning as the incidents themselves.

Is anyone ever going to do anything about it?

As long as President Biden has been in office, and even dating back to the campaign, questions have arisen as to just how mentally fit the elderly president is.

This only gets more conspicuous as time goes on and as incidents of his incoherent ramblings keep occurring.

But do we have that?


Does Donald Trump Have Dementia Alzheimer’s Or Mental Issues

Is Trump Currently Suffering From Dementia?

We found seven videos that show some questionable behavior of President Donald Trump. Take a look.

He got lost in Poland in 2017.

While visiting Poland July 6, 2017, President Donald Trump seemed lost on stage. In the video, Trump can be seen wandering around on stage and looking a little confused. And this isn’t the first time.

He couldn’t find his limo while getting off a plane.

Also in 2017, the president had to be redirected back to his limo after walking away from it while getting off a plane. Conspiracy theorists said that this behavior is evidence of sundowning, a symptom of Alzheimer’s disease also known as late-day confusion.

What does sundowning mean? People who are suffering from Alzheimer’s tend to get more confused and agitated in the late afternoon and evening. Their symptoms may be less noticeable earlier in the day.

I swear to God Trump is sundowning.Here he is, confused, wandering away from his limo.He had to be redirected.#25thAmendmentNow

Holly O’Reilly

But it’s not just the people of the internet. While the state of Trump’s mental health has always been in question, real-life experts have said that there’s at least been a deterioration.

In 2017, Health Web site STAT analyzed decades of Trumps on-air interviews, spoke with psychologists, psychiatrists, and experts in cognitive assessment and concluded the following:

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So, basically, the president doesn’t know basic geography. Okay, cool.

Conspiracy theorists have said that all of his other disconnected comments appear to be signs of dementia as well.

What is the 25th Amendment? Concern has grown so much in fact, that some people have even called to invoke the 25th amendment, which states that, “in case of the removal of the President from office or of his death or resignation, the vice president shall become president.”

A section of the amendment says the vice president is to assume powers if either the majority of the cabinet or such other body as Congress finds that the President is unable to discharge the powers and duties of office.

About two dozen Democratic representatives signed on to a commission that would help to carry out a medical examination and determine whether the President was physically or mentally able to do the job.

While the state of the mental health of our nation’s leader is still unclear, it’s safe to stay that the world is definitely keeping their eye on Donald Trump.

It Normalises Incorrect Language

As with any sensitive medical condition, the language we use around dementia is important. There’s a long history of mislabeling when it comes to mental health conditions, and casual diagnoses make matters worse.

Words like ‘bipolar’ and ‘OCD’, for instance, are often used outside of a medical context. This creates confusion that impacts people with a formal diagnosis.

This is why we must be extra careful when applying the term dementia. People with the condition need a professional diagnosis so they can access the support they need. A weakened understanding of dementia could put people off seeking medical help.

If someone does have a diagnosis of dementia, we need to still see the person. We should never use their dementia as a label that comes to define them.

This post was first published in April 2018. It was most recently updated in July 2021.

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The Two Reportedly Reconciled In The Final Days Of Mr Trumps Presidency

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Former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon believed Donald Trump had dementia, and considered a covert plan to remove the president through the 25th Amendment, according to a new book from former 60 Minutes producer Ira Rosen.

Bannon realised that Trump was repeating the same stories over and over again, Mr Rosen told Yahoo Newss Michael Isikoff in a podcast released on Tuesday. There was a David Brooks column that had been New York Times, that said Republican Senators went to see Trump in the White House, and they were hearing him repeat himself, and they realised he may be suffering from early stage dementia.

Bannon kept saying this, and he wanted to do something about it.

In the book, Ticking Clock: Behind the Scenes at 60 Minutes, Mr Rosen writes he has text messages that prove Mr Bannon was seeking to remove the president, including one that read, You need to do the 25th amendment piece. By the way brother I never steer you wrong.

What Is The Difference Between Alzheimers And Dementia

Does Joe Biden have Dementia? | What is Dementia?

DEMENTIA and Alzheimer’s are terms that are often used alongside each other.

Dementia comes in many shapes and forms, including Alzheimer’s, with the two terms often getting confused.

Dementia is a general term used to describe the deterioration of a person’s mental ability that is severe enough to interfere with their daily life.

It is known for the problems it causes with thinking, reasoning and memory – as these are the areas in the brain that become damaged.

There are many different types of dementia. Each is is associated with a particular type of brain cell damage.

The symptoms of dementia that somebody has will depend on which part of the brain is deteriorating.

There are two main groups dementia can be split into, but some conditions fall into both categories:

  • Cortical, which causes severe memory loss .
  • Sub-cortical, which affects thinking speed and activity .

Alzheimer’s is a cause of dementia – and the most common.

It accounts for 60-80 per cent of dementia cases, which is why the names may sometimes be used interchangeably.

Alzheimers is a degenerative brain disease that is caused by complex brain changes following cell damage.

McArdle found that people with both types of dementia could be distinguished from the normal ageing group based on their walking pattern.

Writing in The Conversation she said: “They walked slower with shorter steps, were more variable and asymmetric, and spent longer with both feet on the ground compared to control subjects.

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Fine Trump Doesnt Have Dementia Hes Just A Moron

A recent Washington Poststory chronicled the rise of Kevin McCarthy, the House majority leader, who has gained special influence with President Trump. McCarthys methods include obsequiousness, attention to detail, and an ability to bring the discussion down to a sub-literate level so Trump can follow it. At Camp David, McCarthy gave a presentation on the midterm elections. According to two people familiar with the presentation, Trump appreciated McCarthys use of pictures and charts rather than a memo. It was a basic and foundational presentation that explained midterm politics to Trump, in the words of one senior White House official.

Note that McCarthy was not walking the president through a complex technical policy requiring expertise in a field like science or economics. He was trying to explain the elections. He had to use pictures. It has been publicly known since last year that Trump cannot read a memo longer than a page, and any written material must be in bullet-point form. Trump himself admitted a year and a half ago that he does not read. I never have. Im always busy doing a lot. Now Im more busy, I guess, than ever before. By this point it is simply taken as a matter of course that people wishing to communicate with the president must treat him as though he is suffering a severe mental impairment.

Now can we test the media for #TrumpDerangementSyndrome?

Donald J Trump Displays Increasing Signs Of Dementia

Trump’s Ohio MAGA speech filled with slurred speech, disjointed arguments, and he was unable to read his teleprompter. His cognitive decline became apparent when he tried to go off-script.

Former President Trump apparently doesn’t realize his election loss was not tied to the 2020 election results in Montana or Ohio. In his first major MAGA rally speech since his leaving office this past Saturday, he repeatedly lost his train of thought and descended into a – woe is me, I’m a victim speech

Trump showed SEVERE DEMENTIA and SLURRED words in speech

The audience in attendance was made up of his most dedicated supporters in Ohio. Still, they did not respond well to his rambling, disjointed speech, according to the major news outlets that covered the rally.

Interviews with his supporters commented on Trump’s bitterness, and anger and some admitted the speech was nothing news and was boring. While he attracted thousands to his rally, it was clear halfway through the speech a large portion of the crowd he attracted were leaving early to salvage what was left of their weekend.

Giving these kinds of speeches during future MAGA rallies all the way up to the 2022 mid-term election could result in net losses up and down the ballot that expand the control of the U.S. House and Senate. Especially when one considers he is targeting the 12 Republican House members who voted to impeach him. A vengeance campaign against sitting members of Congress and the Senate could prove costly.

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Donald Trump Suffering From Dementia Melania Trumps Husband Balance Gait Deteriorating Netizens Claim

  • Donald Trump’s health could be deteriorating
  • Donald Trump may be suffering from dementia
  • Donald Trump’s balance and gait are deteriorating

Donald Trump’s health became the topic of discussion after he made an appearance at a rally in Wisconsin.

At that time, the POTUS was seemingly swinging his right leg around. It also became evident that his balance and gait have been deteriorating.

Some netizens are convinced the dementia is whats causing Trumps healths decline. Twitter user reached out to a doctor, who also had the same observations about Melania Trumps husband.

That video of him walking was very disturbing. People with balance issues have a wide-based gait to compensate. Hes a fall risk. His balance is very poor and hes at risk of fracturing his neck or femur. If he does its all over because demented patients with this fracture never recover. Hes certainly deteriorating, the doctor said.

Some netizens also questioned Trumps family and why they dont stop him from walking on elevated flooring.

I dont understand what their plan is. His family, I mean. Let him fall down some stairs on national TV? It will happen eventually. I mean, whats their plan, I want to know, Twitter user said.

Trump is a sick man. Too bad his family and any close friends care about money and power over his health and well-being, Twitter user said.

Stroke victim Trump Twitter user said.

Seek medical attention, you may be suffering from a stroke, Twitter user said.

It Stigmatises People Living With Dementia

Is Trump Suffering from Dementia?

It’s one thing to dislike the things a politician says or does, but to attribute Donald Trumps behaviours to dementia is both hurtful and unhelpful.

This language reinforces the myth that people with dementia are ‘crazy’ or incapable of making sound decisions.

It also supports the idea that people living with dementia are unfit for employment, which may not be the case.

We want a society in which people with dementia feel understood, valued and able to contribute to their community. But to get there we need to stop making assumptions and recognise the many people living well with dementia.

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Confusing People And Generations

Memory loss is the symptom most closely associated with Alzheimers. While Trump famously forgets the names of people and places , one could make allowances for such gaffes. More troubling, Michael Wolff reported in “Fire and Fury” that at the end of 2017, Trump failed to recognize “a succession of old friends” at Mar-a-Lago.

Trump, 72, seemed to hit a new inflection point last week when he said, My father is German. Right? Was German. And born in a very wonderful place in Germany. In fact, his father was born in the Bronx and it was his grandfather who was from Germany.

Dementia Care International says a “person may start to mix up relationships and generations in the second stage of dementia.

One day, when my Uncle Bruce was agitated, he cried out for me saying, Call John. Hes a rich lawyer. Hell know what to do even though it was my father who was the lawyer, not me. That was not in the early phase of the illness. That incident took place a few months before Uncle Bruce was forced to enter the nursing home.


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