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Can Alexa Help With Dementia

Activating Alexa And Connecting Calendars

Amazon Alexa Show Giveaway and Dementia Tool

Now that youve downloaded ReMe and with the Eco device at home, you might want to upgrade ReMe to the Alexa feature. This is how it is done:

  • When you decide to upgrade your app with the Alexa feature You would just click on Upgrade to Alexa feature and pay £4/month, which would then activate the Calendar option within ReMe. You would now click on Connect Calendar to the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • 2. Clicking on Connect calendar will then open up another page with a list of calendars to choose from.

    3. You would then choose your calendar and follow the instructions and were done with our first mission to integrating ReMe with Alexa. So if you had chosen a Google calendar to connect with, all events and reminders from your Google calendar will be displayed on your ReMe calendar.

    Now when you set you Amazon- Echo Dot device Alexa will remind you the important dates, events and alerts from your ReMe calendar, which we shall see in the next section.

    Easily Manage Your Calendar

    With as busy as life can get, it can be difficult to keep track of all your plans. Give your Amazon Echo and Echo Show the responsibility of managing your calendar so you can stay on top of doctor appointments, outings with friends, grandkids coming to visit, birthdays, and all the rest of lifes events.

    Putting plans up on your calendar is simple say, Alexa, add an event to my calendar and give the name of the event along with the date and time when prompted.

    Your Echo is already equipped with the abilities to set reminders to keep you on top of your calendar. This handy feature will remind you when its time to leave for an appointment, to call a friend back, or even when its time to take something out of the oven.

    Does Insurance Cover It

    The only insurance cover closely connected with water damage is the Water Damage Insurance. However, like any other insurance policy, the risks covered are sudden and accidental. This insurance does not cover acts of negligence such as leaving faucets on.

    Therefore, the only way out of a possible water damage situation is to have the faucets maintained regularly by a licensed plumber.

    However, when it comes to seniors leaving taps on, more measures are required in addition to regular maintenance of plumbing fixtures. The following sections will discuss these measures in detail.

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    The Role Played By The Latest Technological Innovations In The Lives Of Dementia Patients

    Although it is true that there has been still no cure for Alzheimers and dementia, yet thanks to the advancements in the field of technology that there are the latest technological innovations that can ease off the burden of caregiving from the shoulders of an unprofessional caregiver. They can also ensure that their patients or loved ones remain absolutely safe and comfortable. This kind of assistive technology can promote independence and autonomy and manage safety risks and reduce stress. Take a look at the top inventions for caregivers.

    Communication Aid

    During the life of a person who is under memory care, effective communication is the key to attaining a peaceful life. Research reveals that people who suffer from dementia are able to remember the exact way that an event made them feel even though they might not be able to recall the names and faces. Thanks to technology that they can use adapted telephones which can be pre-programmed with the numbers that are most frequently dialed. Dialing is easy as the buttons are larger than normal ones. Then there are video chatting services like Skype, FaceTime through which you can stay in touch with people who are far away from you in terms of distance.

    Dementia-friendly clocks

    Monitoring the use of electrical appliances

    Home care robots

    GPS tracking devices

    Medicine management tools

    Home monitoring devices

    Message reminder

    Play Music Or An Audiobook

    Amazon Alexa

    Prompt Alexa to play your favorite music by saying something like Hey Alexa, play 70s hits. You can also ask Alexa to play a specific playlist from your Spotify account or request a particular song from an artist. The same goes for your favorite audiobooks or podcasts. Alexa also integrates with Audible, so you can listen to your favorite audiobooks, songs, and even fall asleep listening to Audibles Sleep Collection of meditation and soothing sounds.

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    Practical Gifts That Make Life Easier And More Pleasant

    1) Specialized clothing for Alzheimers and dementiaThese practical, stylish, and comfortable outfits are specially designed for people with dementia.

    Prevent spontaneous undressing with stylish back-zip jumpsuits .

    • Browse Buck & Buck jumpsuits for women and men
    • Browse Silverts jumpsuits for women and men

    Make dressing easier with soft fabrics and easy-to-use Velcro, snap, and zip closures

    • Browse Buck & Buck adaptive clothing for women and men
    • Browse Silverts adaptive clothing for women and men

    2) $20 Jumbo Large Print 2022 Wall CalendarBeing able to keep track of time and date decreases confusion and helps seniors stay oriented and engaged with the world.

    This jumbo calendar is easy to see and understand and has plenty of space for making notes about appointments or special events.

    3) $45 Deluxe 5-piece Redware Dining SetIn Alzheimers patients, red colored dining ware is found to increase food intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%.

    This set includes a cup, inner lip plate, partitioned plate with lid, and adaptive grip fork and spoon.

    4) $60 American Lifetime Extra Large Digital Day ClockBeing able to keep track of time and date decreases confusion and helps seniors stay oriented and engaged with the world.

    This digital clock has an 8-inch large-font screen display, 5 alarms, and clearly spells out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date.

    We also found this same style of clock with a white color frame and a second option in a white color frame.

    Is It Just A Novelty

    The question of how long lived this Amazon Echo / Alexa platform was going to be was a recurring one. Is it like “pet rocks” some asked?

    The consensus seemed to be that this was a potentially useful and certainly “different” interface, and that so long as new and more sophisticated capabilities came along, the platform seemed like it was much more than just the fad of 2017. Time will tell if the explorers’ crystal ball is correct, of course.

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    Alexa For Seniors With Memory Loss: Most Useful Tool For You

    While memory loss is a key symptom of Alzheimers disease and other forms of dementia, forgetfulness can also be a part of the normal ageing process. It can also sometimes be a result of other diseases, such as depression or an underactive thyroid.

    If youre experiencing any kind of memory problems, there are lots of devices that can make a real difference to your life. From gadgets that remind you to turn off the taps when running a bath to medication reminders and technology to stop you getting lost, there are a wealth of products on offer.

    Some memory aids are fairly technical, others less so but all are designed to help with remembering important and safety-critical everyday tasks. Below, we describe one of the most popular series of smart gadgets currently available on the market which can help those living with memory problems: Amazon Echo and Alexa.

    There are at least 10 ways we can think Amazon Echo and Alexa can help forgetful seniors to either remind them about something and also to trigger their memory, such as:

  • Set medication reminders
  • Alert friends and/or family in the case of an emergency
  • Store your memories
  • Work together with other Smart appliances in your Smart living
  • Alexa also has 5 skills to Boost Memory for Seniors and sharp their minds:

  • Memory Recall Training
  • Jeopardy!
  • Staying Sharp Memory Game
  • Connect You To Your Past

    How to Help Someone with Dementia Communicate

    Somewhat similar to the previous Alexa skill, Memory Lane is the first of a suite of skills Hacking Alzheimers are building to use Alexa with Alzheimers patients. Memory Lane connects users to the past. The user can ask for a descriptions and audio clips from a defining event in history from that year. It can cause nostalgia, improve mood and possibly trigger memories.

    Click here to get Memory Lane free Alexa skill on .

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    Is Amazon Echo Useful For Seniors

    This explorer synthesis is mainly for older adults and their families who want to learn what other older adults see in Alexa, and why they do or do not think it is a useful product. Hopefully the experiences shared below by our explorers will help other older adults decide if the product is interesting for them.

    Alexa For Seniors: 11 Ways This Device Can Make Aging In Place Easier

    Technology has made the world easier to navigate than ever. Gone are the days when we penned letters and waited weeks for a reply. Faxes, corded landlines, and boxy televisions that only received a few local stations are all a thing of the past. We can now make video calls to loved ones on the other end of the country, set up virtual doctor appointments, and find our favorite books in minutes without leaving the house.

    As technology rapidly evolves, theres an increased ability for seniors to maintain their independence. Amazons Alexa is one such tool that makes living alone and aging in place easier than ever before.

    Read on to learn more about the basics and benefits of Alexa for seniors. Plus, youll find the top eight ways you can use Alexa, from making phone calls and tracking to-do lists to simplifying your smart home functionality.

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    Mental And Neurological Causes:

    These are causes that result from one form of neurological or mental malfunction. Dementia is one of the most common mental problems associated with the elderly. Basically, it refers to a decline in the mental functions of an individual, and up to 80% is caused by Alzheimers disease. Dementia is caused by damage to various brain cells resulting in the impaired ability of such cells to communicate with one another.

    Memory loss is the main symptom of dementia. Aside from that, there may be impairment in language and communication, diminished attention span and poor focus, poor visual perception and poor judgment.

    Of special interest in our case is memory loss. It is believed that dementia especially causes problems related to short-term memory. So, it is possible to visualize a situation where your granny is fetching water in the kitchen but is distracted with a loud bang outside. As they go to check it out, they realize the thud was caused by a fall of one of the oldest trees in the backyard. And just like that, they are taken by the new distraction, so much as to forget they were actually fetching water.

    What Do Elderly People Use Their Amazon Echo For

    Alexa, do I have dementia? â Awakening From Alzheimers

    Attached to this page are a series of audio recordings of the actual explorer discussions about Alexa. You can see them either in the right column or below . We have tried to pull out the key findings of relevance to older adults here for easy consumption.

    What follows are some use cases the Longevity Explorers like.

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    Alexa Guide For Seniors: 14 Ways Older Adults Can Use Amazon Echo Devices

    More than 118 million people in the United States have a smart speaker like Amazon Alexa. If you have a smart speaker of your own, you already know how valuable they can be around the house.

    But can Alexa help seniors? Absolutely!

    This guide will show you some of the best Alexa skills for seniors, from setting reminders to controlling the temperature around the house.

    Is Echo Show Good For Seniors

    What about the Echo Show? This second-generation smart speaker has Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, and its wireless too. Of course, the Echo Show devices use Alexa.

    The original Amazon Echo Show was a tall, cylindrical device, whereas the new one looks more like a tablet. It has a screen, which was missing from the first edition of the Echo Show. This gives the senior the capacity to do both audio and video calls easily with their device.

    Alexas AI has been improved as well. She can get in touch with the seniors friends, family, and medical professionals through the contacts you feed her. If you dont want her to access specific contacts for any reason, Alexa wont.

    All the same features weve discussed throughout this article such as setting reminders, making lists, telling jokes, reading off the weather and news, and turning on music are still standard with the Echo Show.

    You can even use the Echo Show to call 911, although some users have said the only way to do that is by adding 911 to your seniors contact list. Then your senior would ask Alexa to call the same way they would anyone else on their list.

    One additional new feature that we encourage caregivers to use with the Echo Show is Alexas Care Hub skill.

    Heres information on how to set up this new Care Hub skill.

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    What Often Results From Leaving Faucets On

    Your guess is as good as mine a flooded house and a couple of wasted hours trying to clear the mess. But is that all there is to it? No. When seniors leave faucets on and the house is filled with water, think of what could happen if the water soaks items such as their clothing, furniture or crucial documents.

    A worst-case scenario would be that the flooding water happens to get in contact with open electric sockets or naked cables. You could be looking at possible electrocution here. And if they happen to have left the faucet on at night, they could drown in their sleep a lesser painful death than electrocution, but death all the same.

    But even when we are lucky to survive all the above threats, one thing is for sure water bills will never be the same. So whichever way you look at it, water left open carries with it direct and indirect consequences. This is why it is important that we help our seniors deal with this problem. But what are some of the solutions? Read on to find out.

    Question: Is Amazon Echo Good For Seniors

    How to get dementia help without needing a nursing home

    The Amazon Echo or, Alexa is a voice-activated technology device. Unlike other voice-activated technologies, Alexa is screenless. While many kids are learning to utilize Alexa to help with homework or provide entertainment, Alexa is for seniors too! Alexa makes a great tool for engaging loved ones with dementia.

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    Which Home Assistant Is Best For Seniors

    Google home is a very good voice assistant device for seniors but Amazons Alexa has more skills. Both Google Home and Alexa devices provide skills such as reminders, routines, ability to make phone calls, weather and news and access to 911 and so much more. But Alexa has over 100,000 skills vs Googles 80,000 skills.

    Meet Our Newest Angel: Alexa

    In our on-going commitment to keeping the elder community safe and linked to the outside world, Visiting Angels® proudly introduces one of our latest developments in senior care.

    We leveraged the power of Amazon’s Echo Dot with our proprietary system to act as a voice-activated medical alert. This breakthrough in senior care connects subscribers to urgent response agents 24×7.

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    How Does Alexa Drop In Work

    Whenever you drop in on an Echo Show, its light ring will first turn green, make a pulsing sound and then connect automatically. The screen will be a frosted glass video for a few seconds before turning clear. Then, once connected you will see and hear everything within the range of the device and so will the person you are calling.

    Trigger My Clock From Motion Or A Button

    Amazonâs Alexa: a perfect companion for those living with ...

    You will note that you can even trigger My Clock from a motion sensor or an Echo Button in an Alexa Routine in the video below.

    Here are some sample Alexa Routines that you could modify to point at your Echo device. The links below go to routines on the Alexa section of the Amazon website.

    Note: To use these links you need to click on them from the mobile device that has your Alexa app installed.

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    Futuristic Technology To Help Person With Dementia

    Telepresent RobotsA more expensive , but futuristic and spectacular, option is Giraff, a telepresence robot that allows you to visit your loved one and move about the home without actually being there. Giraff is a screen on a post that is controlled from a distance, via a mouse over the internet. Giraff is on sturdy wheels, so it can freely move about, and the screen angles up and down. Answered via remote control, it can give your loved one the feeling you are in the room, and allows you to visit remotely, and check everywhere around your loved one for issues like safety hazards or messes. More.

    Robotic PetsStudies have also demonstrated that a low-maintenance pet eases anxiety and lessens behavior problems for persons with Alzheimers or a related dementia. Well, it doesnt get lower maintenance that a robotic cat designed specifically to help the elderly. Joy For Alls Companion Pet is a cat whose fur has a realistic feel, and its purr is meant to simulate actual purring by a friendly cat. It moves realistically, and sensors enable it to respond to petting and hugging. It even rolls over for belly rubs. At night it yawns and nods off. It also meows, but not too much. More.


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