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Gifts For Women With Alzheimer’s

Suggested Gifts For Alzheimers Disease And Other Dementia By Need Or Interest

Dementia-friendly activities and gifts for Alzheimer’s patients (available in Canada)

Another thing to consider when choosing a gift for Alzheimers is the type of stimulation you think is most needed. What type of gift will your loved one most enjoy. Does she or he enjoy watching television? We dont recommend television usually, especially given what normal programming is, but we have given a lot of thought to alternative television. We have a great selection of Nature DVDs that are interesting and beautiful to watch but dont involve a plot or even narration. And they are very relaxing for those on both sides of the care-partner relationship. Or try our Video Respite DVDs that actually involve your loved one in conversation, singing, and reminiscence.

Speaking of reminiscing, what could be better than helping mom or dad, grandpa or grandma, or even your spouse who has dementia remember some of those good-old-times. Track down old photographs and create a scrapbook or a memory book. Take walks down memory lane and record those conversations. Not only will you be creating something that you can enjoy with your loved one over and over again, you will be creating a legacy that will be a part of your family for generations to come. Read more about reminiscence therapy and find products for remeiniscing.

Gift For Alzheimer And Dementia Woman

A Little Caregiving Help

For caregivers and their family members, sometimes the best gift can be simply offering to help lighten the load or assist in caring for the person with dementia. If friends or family members ask you what youd like for a gift, you may want to suggest a gift certificate or something that will help make things easier, Frantz says.

That could include house cleaning, as well as lawn, handyman or laundry services. Another option is volunteering to visit the person with dementia for an afternoon so the caregiver can have some time off.

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Memory Mondays: Holiday Gift Ideas For Loved Ones With Alzheimers

The holidays are right around the corner, and that usually means its time to search for the perfect presents for your family, friends and more. When someone close to you has Alzheimers disease or another form of dementia, however, you may be stumped on the best gift to buy.

Its best to first consider what stage of the disease your loved one is currently in as you shop for gifts, according to recommendations from the Alzheimers Association. A gift may be similar to what you would give your loved one prior to their diagnosis in the early stages of the disease, for example. Meanwhile, sensory stimulating gifts become more important as the disease progresses, as the stimulus may invoke some memories.

Consider this list of gift ideas for loved ones with Alzheimers to make your search stress-free and to ensure everyone feels special this holiday season.

Gift Giving Can Be Challenging When It’s For People Living With Dementia However It’s Not Impossible There Are Some Great Ideas Out There For Your Loved One With Dementia These Are Our Favourites

Excited to share this item from my #etsy shop: Gift for Grandma ...

The holiday season is a time for family and friends to come together and celebrate by sharing meals, exchanging gifts, and spending time together. However, for families living with Alzheimers and other dementias, these can be tricky at times. Here are some of the best Christmas gifts that weve seen this year for people living with dementia they would make excellent presents for birthdays or other occasions too.

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Gifts For Family Caregivers Of A Relative With Alzheimers

The best gifts you can give someone who is caring for a relative with Alzheimers are those that relieve stress or provide a bit of respite for the caregiver.

  • The gift of time: For a cost-effective and truly meaningful gift, create coupons for cleaning the house, preparing a meal, mowing the lawn or shoveling the driveway, or for providing respite time that allows the caregiver time off to focus on what they need.
  • Gift certificates: Give gift certificates for restaurants and laundry/dry cleaning services, especially those that deliver lawn care services computer/technology support housekeeping services or personal pampering services, such as massages, facials and manicures/pedicures.

Senior Services Of America: Providing Seniors With Dementia Care Love And Engagement Every Day

Senior Services of America specializes in the management and operation of senior housing communities. Since 2000, every day, we have been providing seniors with:

At our memory care communities, we provide many activities and items seniors with all stages of dementia need for care, comfort, and stimulation.

To learn more about the care and comfort we offer, find your nearest community today.

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Artifact Uprising Softcover Photo Book

Artifact Uprising offers some of the most gorgeous personalized photo prints, books, and keepsakes. Their Softcover Photo Albums are the perfect stocking stuffer or giftdepending on the size of book you chooseto store all their favorite memories. Ranging in size from 5×5 to 10×10, all you need to do is choose your photos, upload them, and place them where you want them. Soon after you will receive your photobook, sure to put a smile on anyones face! These customized memory books are a cost effective and thoughtful option.

An Overview On Alarm Clocks

Two women give Alzheimer’s patients baby dolls to comfort them

Waking up is never easy, especially if you dont get to do it on your own. Alarm clocks have been used for more than a century for pulling people out of a deep slumber, evolving in sophistication along the way. Many people today use a smartphone to wake up, but there are still benefits to an alarm clock. It frees you from the burden of having your smartphone next to you as you sleep, for one, while also giving you a wider range of options as to how youll be awoken.

If its been a while since youve gone alarm clock shopping, you may be surprised to hear about the many options now available. You can still get the standard digital alarm clock that lets you choose between disruptive beeps and other noises versus waking up to a local radio station. But there are also alarm clocks that sync to your phone, letting you wake up to music from your playlist.

Theres another option that you may have missed along the way. One alarm clock actually model uses light therapy techniques to wake you up gently and naturally. It simulates the natural light from the sunrise, working with your bodys circadian rhythms to gently nudge you awake. Even some digital clocks use changing colors as a wake-up technique to combine this new approach with traditional alarm clock design.

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Gift Ideas For Alzheimers And Dementia

Searching for the perfect gift for a loved one with Alzheimers or dementia does not have to be difficult.

The Alzheimers Association recommends that you first consider what stage of the disease your loved one is in when shopping for a gift for them.

In the early stages of Alzheimers, for instance, a gift may not be very different from what youd give your loved one before their diagnosis. In later stages of the disease, however, sensory stimulating gifts become more important, because the stimulus could bring back some of your loved ones memories.

Here are some gift ideas for Alzheimers by stage that you can use when searching for a gift for a loved one this holiday season:

Something Warm Comfortable Clothing Fidget Blanket And Weighted Blankets

Comfort, warmth, and calmness are all easily give-able presents that will have great success with your loved ones. Comfortable clothes such as soft cardigans or pyjamas, fluffy socks, and bathrobes are all great for fighting the cold or for relaxation. Some very popular and helpful gift ideas are fidget blankets and weighted blankets. As Alzheimers and other dementias often cause older people to feel anxious, agitated, or have disturbed sleep, these gifts will definitely come in handy.

Weighted blankets or lap pads provide deep pressure therapy as a result, theyre effective in reducing anxiety, calming nerves, providing comfort, and promoting deep sleep. However, you should check with your loved ones doctor before investing in one people with respiratory, circulatory, or temperature regulation problems may not be able to use a weighted blanket or lap pad. The standard advice for weighted blankets is to be about 10% of an older persons body weight.

Fidget blankets or fidget quilts come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, and they provide sensory and tactile stimulation. They are often covered with different sewed-on elements, such as ties, ribbons, buttons, pom poms, zippers, and a variety of textures. These help with focusing attention, exercising hand muscles, and stimulating different senses. You can add some personal touch by sewing your own fidget quilt or by doing so with your family member living with dementia.

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Something Soothing Companion Toys Mixtapes

There are different ways to soothe anxiety this can depend on the person, the stage they are at, or the type of nervousness that they often experience. Perfect Petzzz is a company that creates soft lifelike kittens and puppies that appear to be breathing. This can keep an anxious person calm by encouraging them to match their breathing pattern to that of the stuffed animal. They fit perfectly in someones lap and can promote the reduction of stress.

Music is a love language, and what better way to gift love? Compile a CD with your family members favourite songs or music that has emotional significance. These will encourage reminiscing and can help them relax too. Music therapy can also unlock long lost memories. For the easiest use, buy a music player that has a USB input for you to add all significant songs.

Twiddle muffs are another great way of soothing and engaging your loved one. They work similar to fidget quilts, except they come specifically as hand muffs. Not only do they keep hands warm, they also keep them busy with the bits and bobs attached inside and out. They provide stimulation activity for when your loved one feels restless, and they soothe by easing their anxiety.

Dementia can be hard for everyone involved. If youre only just finding yourself in a situation where a loved one has begun showing signs of dementia, its good to be prepared.

Helpful And Assistive Things To Buy For Dementia Patients

7 gift ideas for loved ones suffering from Alzheimer

Gifts that simplify everyday life or make tasks easier can be excellent choices for seniors. Here are some dementia products that may be able to reduce stress or streamline aspects of day-to-day life.

  • A memory picture phone can be an excellent gift for seniors who may be intimidated by or not able to use technology easily. This 10-button, corded picture phone includes an emergency button, and each button is a frame meant to hold the photo of a family member or friend. The phone is hearing aid compatible and ensures effortless communication.
  • Adigital memory loss calendar day clock is a modern clock that includes a digital alarm clock and spells out the week, month, and date in large, clear letters. There are no confusing abbreviations, and the clock has a battery backup in case of a power outage.
  • The Hydro Flask is a carefully engineered, standardized flask that ensures safe and temperature-controlled drinks. Its made with pro-grade stainless steel to ensure no flavor transfer. It has a lifetime warranty and can be designed and customized to your choosing.
  • Lastly, nonslip shower mats always a good idea are just one of many assistive products for seniors that will help keep your loved one safe and comfortable.

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Gift Ideas For Dementia Patients In Late

Late-stage dementia is sometimes called end-stage dementia. This is the stage in which symptoms become severe, and the patient requires help with activities of daily living.

In this stage of dementia, your loved you might:

  • Need help walking

  • Be unable to speak or have difficulty being understood

  • Become incontinent

  • Be unable to recognize family and friends

Since every patient is different, it is difficult to predict how long late-stage dementia will last.

It might feel difficult to purchase a gift for your loved ones during this stage, but some gifts can bring a smile to their face.

Regardless of the stage of dementia, it is always a good idea to have your loved one have the best activities available which keep them stimulated and engaged.

Early Stage Gift Ideas

Gift-giving during the early stages of Alzheimers doesnt have to be that different than what you might have done before your loved one was diagnosed. Some ideas include:

Activities like crossword puzzles or Sudoku

Favorite movies and books

CDs consisting of your loved ones favorite tunes

Photo albums, calendars or scrapbooks that feature memorable family occasions and family photos

An outing to a movie, play, concert or other event with friends and family

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The Best Gift Ideas For People With Dementia

Wondering what gift to buy or create for a family loved one can often bring doubt and procrastination, especially when selecting a special gift for a loved one living with Alzheimers disease or another form of dementia.

Before making or buying a holiday or birthday gift for someone with Alzheimers disease or other dementia, it is essential to learn about their preferences, current needs, health conditions, and physical limitations. This information can help you select gifts or activities that will meet the persons needs and abilities and be something they enjoy. To help narrow your search, ask your loved ones directly about their favorite interests, sports, or past experiences. If needed, ask relatives to shed light on the persons favorite childhood activities and hobbies. Another key step is to learn about the persons dementia stage and to be aware of what changes may occur with progressive dementia, such as Alzheimers. Always take time to speak with a physician to better understand how you can meet your loved ones needs as the disease evolves. Flexibility is essential when caring for a loved one with dementia.

The persons abilities, skills, and interests will ebb as Alzheimers disease progresses. However, we can still help them celebrate positive experiences and help foster moments of enjoyment and accomplishment.

If you need gift ideas on what to purchase or what gift to create for a loved one with dementia, check the list of best gift ideas below.

Practical Gifts That Make Life Easier And More Pleasant

Great gift for people with Alzheimer: SMPL Simple Music Player

1) Specialized clothing for Alzheimers and dementiaThese practical, stylish, and comfortable outfits are specially designed for people with dementia.

Prevent spontaneous undressing with stylish back-zip jumpsuits .

  • Browse Buck & Buck jumpsuits for women and men
  • Browse Silverts jumpsuits for women and men

Make dressing easier with soft fabrics and easy-to-use Velcro, snap, and zip closures

  • Browse Buck & Buck adaptive clothing for women and men
  • Browse Silverts adaptive clothing for women and men

2) $20 Jumbo Large Print 2022 Wall CalendarBeing able to keep track of time and date decreases confusion and helps seniors stay oriented and engaged with the world.

This jumbo calendar is easy to see and understand and has plenty of space for making notes about appointments or special events.

3) $45 Deluxe 5-piece Redware Dining SetIn Alzheimers patients, red colored dining ware is found to increase food intake by 24% and liquid intake by 84%.

This set includes a cup, inner lip plate, partitioned plate with lid, and adaptive grip fork and spoon.

4) $60 American Lifetime Extra Large Digital Day ClockBeing able to keep track of time and date decreases confusion and helps seniors stay oriented and engaged with the world.

This digital clock has an 8-inch large-font screen display, 5 alarms, and clearly spells out the time, period of the day, full day of the week, month and date.

We also found this same style of clock with a white color frame and a second option in a white color frame.

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Gifts For People With Alzheimers Disease

Holiday and Families Who Care for Them

According to the Alzheimers Association, more than 15 million family members and friends are now serving as unpaid caregivers for the 5.4 million people who are living with Alzheimers disease in the United States. This means that most of us know someone who is living with or caring for someone who has been touched by the disease. Chances are that this holiday season youll be considering gifts for some of these parents, grandparents, relatives or friends. The Alzheimers Association offers these ideas to add to your shopping list.

Nordictrack T Series Treadmill

As Dr. Fredericks noted, exercise is a great way to keep dementia at bay while providing physical and mental stimulation. While there’s a lot of smart workout equipment on the market, you might want to consider shying away from anything that might be overstimulating, as it could be frustrating and difficult to operate for someone suffering from dementia. This incredibly highly rated treadmill from NordicTrack is one of the easiest treadmills to operate, allowing them options to increase or decrease speed as well as incline, and offering multiple types of workouts with the touch of a button.

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