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How Much Coconut Oil For Alzheimer’s

There Still Isnt A Good Trial Of Coconut Oil

How Much Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s & Dementia?

An eagerly-awaited new trial of coconut oil in Alzheimers disease at the University of South Florida has been abandoned because of lack of funding and enough volunteers.

: Dietary Fats and Cardiovascular Disease: A Presidential Advisory From the American Heart Association. Circulation June 15, 2017.

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Putative Ketotherapeutic Benefits Are Multi

In addition to serving as an alternative energy substrate for glucose and potentially compensating for impaired brain glucose metabolism, NKTs have additional putative benefits that are particularly relevant to AD pathology. Ketosis may improve neuronal function, regulate neurotransmission, reduce reactive oxygen species , and modulate inflammation pathways.

Ketone bodies also have direct and indirect signaling properties that regulate neuroinflammation. BHB activates hydrocarboxylic acid receptor 2 at 0.7 mmol/L, levels similar to those observed in human KD therapy trials , which may exert a neuroprotective effect through several downstream mechanisms . Elevated BHB also inhibits histone deacetylases to upregulate the expression of detoxifying genes , potentially alter impaired chromatin structure and accessibility and reduce cognitive deficit in an AD mouse model . Ketosis and downstream HDAC inhibition upregulates the expression of brain-derived neurotrophic factor , a ligand responsible for the activation of multiple proteins involved with neuronal biogenesis and cognition .

It has recently been suggested that the gut microbiome mediates the KDs effect on the previously discussed inflammatory and GABAergic mechanisms . KD-induced changes in the microbiome may also modulate cerebral blood flow and upregulate A clearance .

What Are Risk Factors

  • Risk factors are aspects of your lifestyle, environment and genetic background that increase the likelihood of getting a disease.
  • Risk factors on their own are not causes of a disease. Rather, risk factors represent an increased chance, but not a certainty, that dementia will develop.
  • Similarly, having little or no exposure to risk factors does not necessarily protect a person from developing dementia.

There are some risk factors that can be changed, and some that cannot â read on to know which are which!

Risk factors

Read about risk factors for dementia in our downloadable, print-friendly infosheet.

This sheet also contains strategies and lifestyle changes that can help you reduce your risk of developing dementia.

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The Catch Is Getting Enough

If we could get the level of ketones in the brain up high enough in Alzheimers patients, the hope is that they can use this for energy in place of glucose and we may be able to restore some of the brains mental functions, says Veech.

But dont expect that to happen from consuming coconut oil or MCTs, Veech cautions. While cells produce ketones when they metabolize the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil, that doesnt lead to levels anywhere near high enough in the brain to do much good, he notes.

Aluminum In Cookware And Other Products

Alzheimers &  Coconut Oil: Superfood for the Brain  BR ...

It would be difficult to significantly reduce exposure to aluminum simply by avoiding the use of aluminum products such as pots and pans, foil and beverage cans.

That’s because the use of aluminum in these products only contributes to a very small percentage of the average person’s intake of aluminum. It’s important to remember that aluminum is an element found naturally in the environment and our bodies at levels that are normal and not harmful.

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Why Your Brain Needs Dietary Fats

First, lets discuss why your brain needs dietary fats to keep it healthy.

Of all your organs, your brain especially needs dietary fat.

Its largely made of fat, 60% by weight.

Your brain cell membrane integrity largely depends on the quality of the fats you eat.

And healthy brain cell membranes are critical for brain health and function.

They control whats allowed in and what is pushed out .

When unhealthy trans fats get integrated into brain cell membranes, they become less efficient.

Trans fats even condemn your brain cells to shorter lives.

Its not an exaggeration to say that the quality of your brain cells depends on the quality of the fats you eat.

  • obesity
  • cancer

There are many foods that contain fats which are actually good for your brain, including avocados, nuts, fatty cold-water fish, and olive oil.

But when it comes to healthy brain fats, coconut oil is in a category by itself.

Frequently Asked Questions About Coconut Oil

As a newer breakthrough, there are many swirling questions about coconut oil. Here are some of the most common.

Does coconut oil cross the blood-brain barrier? Coconut oil does not cross the blood-brain barrier, at least not directly. It is broken down during digestion into smaller molecules, including ketones. Then, the ketones cross the blood-brain barrier and are used as an energy source.

How does coconut oil improve memory? Coconut oil improves memory by supporting the health of the neurons in your brain. It provides energy to neurons so they can function. Coconut oil also helps protect neurons by reducing inflammation and oxidative stress.

What are the benefits of coconut oil for dementia? The benefits of coconut oil for dementia are:

  • Providing ketones the brain needs for energy
  • Reducing oxidative stress that can make dementia symptoms worse
  • Improving insulin resistance, which makes it easier for neurons to get the energy they need

To maximize the effects of coconut oil, try virgin coconut oil if you can find it. Virgin coconut oil has been through fewer refining processes, so its purer.

What is the recommended dosage of coconut oil for memory? The recommended dosage of coconut oil for memory varies by patient, and should be discussed with a qualified healthcare provider. C

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Is Dementia The Same As Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimers is the most common form of dementia, so dementia is just a category that Alzheimers Disease belongs to. Yet, there are other forms of dementia besides Alzheimers.

Dementia can be categorized into four different forms of dementia:

  • Frontotemporal dementia: the type where the nerve cells in the temporal and frontal lobes of the brain degenerate. Frontotemporal dementia affects the parts of the brain that control behavior, language, and personality
  • Lewy Body Dementia: the most common type of progressive dementia, Lewy Body Dementia occurs when abnormal clumps of protein start to form in the brain.
  • Vascular Dementia: its the second most prevalent form of dementia. Its caused by the damage in the blood vessels that limits direct blood supply to the brain and may lead to blood vessel clogs or stroke.
  • Mixed dementia: it typically involves some combination of Alzheimers Disease and other forms of dementia. While Alzheimers may strike those over the age of 65, mixed dementia occurs upon further progression.
  • Virgin Coconut Oil Halts Severe Dementia In 35 Days

    4 Doctors on Coconut Oil & Alzheimer’s

    by Sarah Pope MGA / Affiliate Links â

    After helplessly watching her 58 year old husband rapidly degenerate into severe dementia only 5 years after MRI diagnosis with Alzheimers, Dr. Newport decided to pursue unorthodox treatment of his condition with virgin coconut oil instead of the expensive drug Axena which has the drawback of producing intestinal distress in some patients and wears off within just a few hours of ingestion.

    Mary Newport, a neonatal pediatrician at Spring Hill Regional Hospital in Florida, learned through research that the active ingredient in Axona is MCT, also known as Medium Chain Triglycerides, a saturated fat used to treat epilepsy as well as in neonatal feeding programs.

    Since Virgin Coconut Oil is loaded with MCTs, Dr. Newport began an intensive feeding program for her husband that consisted of a mixture of 2 TBL virgin coconut oil and the MCT pharmaceutical isolate with every meal. Interestingly, this regimen also assists with sensible and steady weight loss.

    Within 35 days, Steve Newports rapid neurological decline was arrested and 18 months later he had recovered enough brain function and normal behavior to test as only a mild case of Alzheimers the same tests which before starting the VCO feeding program had indicated that he was borderline severe dementia.

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    But Doesnt Coconut Oil Help People Lose Weight

    Dr. Oz thinks it can. He called coconut oil the miracle fat that fights fat. Yet the only study that tested whether it helps people shed pounds came up empty.

    In 2009, a masters degree student in Brazil gave 40 obese women either coconut oil or soybean oil and asked them to cook with two tablespoons of the oil every day. After three months, the women given coconut oil didnt weigh any lessand had no smaller waiststhan those given soybean oil.

    Thats the only study. But it was all that Internet osteopath-salesman Joseph Mercola needed to shout about The Amazing Oil That Trims Womens Waistlines on, where he will happily sell you coconut oil by the barrel.

    A More Nourishing Way To Build Your Memory Cells

    No known supplement or oils can help your memory.

    There is an easier and far less complex way to help you improve your memory: build Memory Palaces, using the Magnetic Memory Method way.

    Memory Palaces work even in the most broken brain. But they work REALLY well in healthy brains.

    Memory training through daily exercise that keeps your mind active, in tune, and fully under your control is a great way to noticeably improve your brain.

    Just look at Nelson Dellis and Climb for Memory charity. Nelson is a firm believer that exercising the brain daily can keep the mind sharp and delay, or even prevent, Alzheimers disease.

    It gets better:

    The Memory Palace is the best memory technique because it allows you to develop and use spatial memory in a way.

    Spatial memory, the basis of the Memory Palace technique, unlocks the power of multiple levels of memory, including:

    • And more

    So that you can move information into long term memory faster and with predictable and reliable permanence.

    This incredible combination of intelligence and memory strengthening is very powerful. Combined with Recall Rehearsal, the holistic process lets you move information from short term memory into long term memory faster.

    If you choose this memory training technique

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    Coconut Oil A Miracle Cure

    And under such circumstances, it is understandable that families wanting a miracle cure will grasp anything that even remotely suggests a cure.

    No wonder, Dr. Newports studies were treated as the gospel truth. Soon after, hundreds of families reported that coconut oil improved their family members symptoms.

    Their claims were not as dramatic as Steve Newports progress, but any development was hailed as positive. Especially improvements to episodic memory because we use this to share the stories of our lives.

    This is a common psychological phenomenon

    We tend to see or believe what we want to see.

    The Newports story was so remarkable that it was even featured on CBN.

    Soon after this report appeared, the coconut oil fad reached its peak.

    Does Coconut Oil Help Prevent Dementia

    Can coconut oil help fight Alzheimer

    There have been some claims that coconut oil could be used as a treatment, or even a cure, for Alzheimer’s disease. However, there is currently not enough experimental evidence to back up these claims.The claim is based on the theory that the brain cells of people with Alzheimer’s disease are unable to use glucose to produce energy properly, and so the nerve cells ‘starve’.

    Some believe coconut oil may act as an alternative energy source for the brain. However, there is not enough scientific evidence to know whether this is the case.

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    The Idea Behind Coconut Oil For The Brain

    Our brains normally use only glucose for energy, explains National Institutes of Health researcher Richard Veech, who worked with the Newports.

    But during fasting or starvation, when we draw on our fat stores for energy, our brains can switch to using products of fat metabolism called ketones as a replacement for glucose, provided the ketone levels get high enough in the brain.

    Early on in diseases like Alzheimers and Parkinsons, the brain starts to lose its ability to use glucose, which leads to a kind of starvation of the brain. But the brain can still use ketones.

    Role Of Diet Quality In Nkts

    Consuming a high-quality nutrient-rich diet is important for long-term health . Criticism of NKT approaches, primarily the KD, hinges on the argument of their poor reputation of low adherence, unsustainability, and suspected unhealthfulness for being high in fat and low in nutrient-dense foods . While these arguments are justified in the absence of evidence to the contrary, our group demonstrated that patients with AD could consume and tolerate a nutrient-dense KD for 3 months with a non-starchy vegetable intake as high as 7 servings/day . This diet successfully induced robust ketosis. A well-formulated KD with focus on non-starchy vegetable and quality fat intake was also feasible in 194 patients with type 2 diabetes for 2 years . In this study, elevated serum BHB levels were maintained, reaching or exceeding the goal of 0.5 mmol/L in nearly 33% of cases, and a myriad of health-related benefits were observed.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Cbd For Dementia

    CBD has been proposed by scientists as a natural alternative for many serious conditions.

    CBD is a potent antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and neuroprotectant, so it may greatly improve brain functioning, which is essential in slowing and halting the progression of neurodegenerative diseases.

    Below I explain how CBD oil could improve different forms of dementia based on the latest scientific findings.

    Consume Healthy Oils On A Dementia Diet

    Coconut Oil And Dementia – Alzheimer’s Disease – Alzheimer’s Society

    Coconut oil is one of the best oils that you can consume on a dementia diet. If youre cooking a dish that wont pair well with coconut oil, or if youre just wanting to branch out a bit, there are other healthy oil options.

    Check out these other healthy oils you can consume on a dementia diet:

    • Caprylic acid this MCT derived from coconut or palm oil that has been shown to help improve cognitive function in Alzheimers patients. However, nut and seed oils should be used sparingly due to the nature of the oil extraction process.
    • Extra virgin olive oil
    • Grape seed oil
    • Walnut oil

    Caregivers should aim to add more of these healthy oils to their loved ones dementia diet. When combined with other lifestyle changes, they can help improve the symptoms of Alzheimers and dementia. Theyre also an auspicious addition for preventing cognitive decline early.

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    Where To Buy Cbd Oil For Dementia

    If youve been considering taking hemp-derived CBD oil for dementia, you can buy one in a local cannabis dispensary or search for CBD products online.

    I prefer buying CBD oil online. The majority of CBD supplements are sold this way, so you get access to a wider range of products. Cannabis dispensaries have plenty of CBD supplements as well, but they may not carry the best products out there, not to mention that they might have stood on the shelves for a long time after arrival which is not the best way to store CBD oil.

    Buying CBD oil online is also more convenient. You can easily check the reputation of your potential supplier. Always make sure that your manufacturer uses organic hemp, makes its products with CO2 extraction, and posts testing results from 3rd-party laboratory screening.

    Finally, online stores are less expensive than dispensaries. Usually, you will pay around twice as much for CBD oil in a local dispensary than you would for a product ordered online.

    Its worth waiting the extra 2-3 days to get exactly what youve been looking for without spending an arm and a leg.

    Coconut Oil And Memory: Can It Boost Your Brain

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    Is coconut oil good for memory?

    Well, many people think that a diet rich in coconut oil is essential to prevent brain fog, memory loss, dementia and even Alzheimers disease.


    Heres the thing:

    For years, coconut oil has been been a staple in ketogenic diets for its high fat levels and low carbohydrate content.

    Interestingly, a 2016 study by Klaus W.Lange and his team revealed that both the direct administration of ketone bodies and the use of high-fat, low-carbohydrate ketogenic diets have been shown to be efficacious in animal models of AD and clinical trials with AD patients.

    But theres a catch

    The study stated that the mechanism underlying the efficacy of ketogenic diets remains unclear, but some evidence points to the normalization of aberrant energy metabolism. At present there is only limited evidence of the usefulness of ketogenic diets in AD.

    Dont get deterred through

    There are other foods that improve memory well worth checking out too.

    And yes, I like to cook with it myself, such as when making my Memory Friendly Chocolate Pancakes With Cacao Powder:

    But despite being a wonderful ingredient in memory recipes like ours at the Magnetic Memory Method Headquarters in Brisbane, one question remains

    How vital is coconut oil in boosting your brain?

    Lets find out. Starting with:

    Yours Free: A Private Course With Cheat Sheets For Becoming A Memory Master, Starting From Scratch. > > > .

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    How The Ketoflex Diet Works

    What is a good dementia diet? A good dementia diet is the KetoFLEX diet. In fact, its one of the best diets you can follow if you want to improve cognition and prevent or reverse cognitive decline.

    The KetoFLEX diet was developed by renowned Alzheimers expert Dr. Dale Bredesen. KetoFLEX is based on decades of research into the best ways to reverse cognitive impairment and prevent cognitive decline.

    On the KetoFLEX diet, patients eat primarily plant-based whole foods. Youll focus on eating a rainbow of darkly-colored vegetables and low-glycemic fruit. As much of the produce as possible should be locally and organically grown.

    Youll also eat healthy fats on the KetoFLEX diet. These include virgin coconut oil , extra virgin olive oil, whole avocados, avocado oil, seeds, and nuts. Fats will help your body go into ketosis, and theyll help keep you feeling full, too.

    Foods that support gut health are another important part of the KetoFLEX diet. Youll eat prebiotic and probiotic foods, including foods with a lot of resistant starch. These foods help you cultivate healthy microbiota in your gut, and these bacteria keep your brain and body balanced.

    This science-backed diet is mildly ketogenic . Traditional keto diets require you to eat almost no carbohydrates, which is incredibly difficult for most people. The KetoFLEX diet allows you to eat healthy carbohydrates from non-starchy vegetables, so its easier to stick to the plan.


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