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Simple Music Player For Dementia

Why It Is Our Top Choice

Simple Music Player For Dementia (Music Therapy For Dementia)

The iGuerburn Upgraded 16GB Simple Music MP3 Player Dementia Products Gifts for People with Dementia Patients Alzheimers Music Box for Elderly Seniors 9.4 x 4.9 x 4.7 inches a wonderfully designed music player that is built with elderly users in mind, especially those with dementia. It makes the top of our list of best music player for elderly for the following reasons:

  • Simple, attractive design, resembling a classic tabletop radio.
  • Brilliant, visible colors suitable for weaker eyes.
  • Easy plug and play usage with intuitive buttons.
  • Large 3000 song or audiobook capacity.
  • Clear sound quality.

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Alison Added We Were Very Very Keen I Was Terrified About Setting The Programs But That Was No Problem I Was Practically Doing Cartwheels Round The Garden After Doing That

Both couples thought a longer cable would be useful, which Geoff from Relish said was helpful feedback.

Roger also thought it was excellent. Once its set up, certainly from the listeners point of view, just pressing the button and getting music is so much simpler.

He had already created a playlist for his wife Elizabeth, whos living in a care home, and is looking forward to her being able to hear it on this player.

Relish Radio Review: Verdict

The Relish radio is a world apart from what many of us have come to expect when it comes to radios for the elderly. Usually, radios designed for ease-of-use arent always as attractive or as powerful as they should be. However, with the Relish radio, you dont compromise on anything.

This is a radio with excellent sound, and amazing aesthetics as well as the added bonus of user experience. You get the quality audio you need for listening to your favourite music, without having to worry about an ugly box in the middle of your room.

The more you use this radio, the more wonderful features youll discover, designed to make life easier. The volume dial even stays above 0 at all times, so theres less of a risk someone will think the radio is off because they cant hear it.

Though this might sound like an odd thing to mention, the Relish also looks like a traditional retro which can make it a lot more accessible to older people who would otherwise be confused by modern radio sets.

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Roberts Radio Revival Rd70 Review

The most innovative aspect of the Relish radios performance is the personalisation. Rather than the stations being displayed with relatively confusing names, like Absolute Radio, you can set specific stations based on whats easier for the person whos going to be using the radio system.

For instance, you might label something Mums favourites, or 1960s music.

Theres also a set of four pre-set stations which the user can easily access at the press of a button. Three of the set stations are radio channels, while the final option is the My Playlist option for playing music from an MP3 USB.

Theres a 3-watt speaker system too, which makes the Relish radio a relatively powerful device compared to some of tis competitors. You dont have to compromise on sound quality just because you want a radio to be easy-to-use.

An Initial White Prototype Was Reviewed By Our Panel Earlier This Year But This Time We Saw A Yellow Version A Colour Chosen By People Through Dementia Voice

Dementia Simple Music Player

Latest prototype of the Easy Music Player.

John and Joyce said the points raised when the panel looked at the previous prototype had all been addressed, including having much clearer instructions.

While they werent able to get a radio signal probably just a problem with this specific prototype they did play music from a mobile phone using Bluetooth.

That worked well, said Joyce, though the sound quality on the headphones was better than the radio on its own.

They also successfully tested playing music from a USB stick during our Zoom session.

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Q What Are Some Beneficial Activities For Dementia Patients To Do

A variety of activities that can help keep physical and mental faculties engaged can be therapeutically beneficial for dementia patients. Simple household activities such as baking or cooking, cleaning, arts and crafts, knitting, painting, reading, organizing household items, gardening, watching family videos, and doing simple puzzles can all be good exercises that not only stimulate the brain to slow down the progression of dementia, but also give a sense of purpose and accomplishment to promote fulfillment for patients.

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Best Music Player For Elderly

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We all know that listening to music is good for the mind and soul. Moreover, there is research to suggest that music therapy can help seniors and dementia patients.

In this article, we have compiled a list of the best music players for the elderly. These music players have been expressly designed with features that make music listening an easier and more comfortable experience for seniors and people with potential neurological conditions like dementia.

The table below provides a quick snapshot of our selection, and we go into further detailed reviews of individual music players for seniors.

  • Parting Words Reap the Benefits of Music Therapy with a Well-Designed Music Player
  • Regular music listening has been found to promote a host of positive neurological and physical changes. As of now, extensive research is being conducted on the therapeutic effects of music on seniors and people with dementia.

    Research findings have shown that music therapy can promote memory and slow cognitive decline, reduce schizophrenic symptoms, reduce depressive symptoms, lower anxiety, and help in the management of physical pain.

    This video below describes a few more ways in which listening to music can benefit health:

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    Q Are There Any Disadvantages Of Music Therapy

    While this is a bit of a stretch, one possible disadvantage of listening to music can be hearing impairment. If the volume of a digital audio player is turned too high, and if the listener already has significant damage to their hearing, this can cause further damage. However, music players meant for the elderly typically take care of this by ensuring that the maximum volume levels are capped at a safe sound level, while ensuring that the clarity of the music remains strong. Some of these music players also make the volume controls more difficult to access to avoid accidental touches.

    Q How Can Listening To Music And Music Therapy Help The Elderly

    How to upload tunes to the Simple Music Player for dementia

    Recent research in the US and Japan shows that hearing music activates areas of the brain that are connected with memory, logical thinking, speech, reward, and emotions. It has also shown that not only does music help us recall our memories better, but it also helps in consolidation of new memories.

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    Agptek G02 8gb Clip Mp3 Player With Fm Shuffle

    The great thing about the AGPTEK G02 portable musicplayer is its simplicity. It eliminates everything complicated with respect to music and just leaves you with a single button kind of like the original iPod, which is to date still considered one of the best examples of simplistic design for an electronic device.

    This device is a clip-on MP3 player, which can be worn anywhere on your clothing. It has a single play/pause button, surrounded by a volume up and down button, and on the other axis a forward and rewind button.

    In this very small packet comes the power of large capacity this device can hold up to 8GB of songs on it. It also has a built-in FM radio which supports 87 MHz 108 MHz frequencies. It is also a powerhouse when it comes to battery life it has 10 hours of audio playback at medium volume and can be charged in 2.5 hours.

    This device is portable and your loved ones need not be confined to a spot when wearing it, unlike many of the other players on this list. It is 1.97 x 1.43 x 0.61 inches in size and weighs only 0.49 ounces or 14 grams!

    Finally, the player comes with an included waterproof silicone case that your elders would love .


    • Least expensive music player on our list.


    • Does not have the capability to shuffle songs. Plays songs in a straight list.
    • Earphones may not be the best of quality fairly affordable alternative earphones can be purchased separately.
    • A few users have seen their player malfunction after a few months of use.

    Simple Music Player For Dementia

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    Simple Music Player for Dementia / Alzheimers. Help them enjoy their favourite songs and encourage cognitive activity through nostalgia. Very easy to operate, cannot be accidentally adjusted by the user.

    Key Features

    • Very Simple to Use, Lid Operates Music
    • Designed for Dementia / Alzheimers
    • Music has a Positive Effect on the Brain
    • Hidden Volume, No Accidental Adjustment
    • Music Loaded Easily via USB from PC/Mac
    • Min. Capacity of 2GB
    • Headphone Output if Required

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    Q Can An Elderly Use A More Mainstream Digital Device For Listening To Music

    While some elders may have no trouble at all operating a mainstream digital device such as a touchscreen phone or MP3 player, Apple product , or portable CD player, these devices can be complicated to use for an individual who has developed neurological deficits. As such, for individuals with dementia or other cognitive or memory impairments, we recommend a specialized music player the carry the features we outlined in the previous section.

    Igeurburn Upgraded Simple Music Mp3 Player

    Simple Music Player w/ Lid

    Music is considered a great healer, and for seniors, it is a great way to feel soothed and relaxed. The iGeurburn Simple Music MP3 Player is uniquely designed for this purpose. It is an excellent MP3 player for people suffering from dementia with its simple, intuitive controls.

    This player is easy to operate as it features a big ON/OFF button. It is also built with a power port, headphone port, and USB port connection. Apart from that, there is only one other large button being the volume control knob which allows you to change the volume to suit your listening.

    It features a standard headphone jack, and has a capacity to load nearly 3000 songs or audiobooks of your choice.

    The design of this player resembles that of a classic tabletop radio, and comes in more modern and visible orange and light blue colors.


    • Excellent clarity in sound.
    • Large capacity carries 16GB of songs .
    • USB plug and play device, so that you dont have to muck around with wires.
    • Durable and resilient construction.
    • This system can be carried anywhere with ease easily portable.
    • Tabletop old radio aesthetic, in attractive colors with nice contrast so that the player is clearly visible to weaker eyes.


    • It is not Bluetooth compatible.
    • There is no shuffle feature in it.

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    How To Load Songs On To The Simple Music Player

    The Simple Music Player for Dementia comes with a male to male USB cable. Simply plug one end in to the device and the other in to your computer or laptop. The device will come up in ‘My Computer’ or ‘Finder’ named ‘SMPV100’. Just drag and drop the music files from your computer on to the device, then rearrange them in to the order you want them to play.

    Note: Ensure the device is powered off before plugging it in to your computer, then turn it on once plugged in.

    John Said Even The Cover That You Pull Down To Get To The Buttons That Was Easy To Do

    Joyce was worried about the battery draining, since the button on top only mutes the player rather than turning it off fully. However, Oli said Ravencourt will look into changing this while making other final tweaks to the design.

    We like the concept of a one-press button, said Joyce. We like the yellow as well, it stands out.

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    Here Are 7 Benefits Covered In The Studies:

  • Memory Support Melody and lyrics may be recalled long after names, faces, and dates have been forgotten. The way in which music is stored and processed in the brain uses both hemispheres and varying locations. Researchers believe musical memories are retained longer as they are stored beyond affected areas.
  • Triggers Some of the most important, emotional, and memorable events in our lives are accompanied by music. We all feel this. Our first dance, date, kiss Music triggers this same phenomenon for those with dementia and promotes recollection of places, events, and people. Associated emotions may be positive and uplifting as we use music as a form of celebration or occasion.
  • Expression when verbal communication becomes difficult, it becomes crucial to explore ways to communicate non-verbally. Tapping, rocking, clapping any responsive behavior becomes an opportunity for self-expression, communication, and connection.
  • Familiarity music is powerful, yes, but the studies overwhelmingly show that personalized music is far more so. If family, friends, and carers can take the time to ensure the music played is to the taste, liking, culture, and background of the patient, the benefits can be multiplied. Fair enough too! Who among us wants to listen to our least favorite music?
  • Why Buy From Techsilver

    Using the Simple Music Player for Dementia

    We pride ourselves on the level of personal and knowledgeable customer service we provide, offering honest and expert advice, no matter how small the query. Unlike other technology and phone retailers, we are happy to give personal support to our customers, ensuring peace of mind every step of the way, from browsing to purchase and delivery to enjoyment.

    for our other products to improved the lives of those living with dementia.

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    Overview Of The Simple Music Player:

    • A preloaded MP3 player that is easy to operate
    • You can upload favorite music, books on tape, podcasts, etc. from your computer using a USB cable
    • Only 3 controls:
    • Lift the lid to play music
    • Press the big button to skip the song
    • Close the lid to stop the music
    • Music will always continue where it was left off
  • Highly durable construction consisting of a strong wooden enclosure with a high-strength plastic covering
  • The loudspeaker grill is cloth finished but reinforced with a steel mesh to avoid any damage to the speaker
  • Rubber feet ensure the music player doesnt slip
  • Click here to learn more!

    Summary Here Are Our Top 3

    • The Simple Music Player MP3 Music Box for Alzheimers and dementia. When we began our review, we thought WOW this is too expensive. Then we heard from customers, did our research, and now feel differently. Yes, there are cheaper music players, but the Simple Music Player has been DESIGNED to work for those who can no longer operate a radio, MP3 player, or TV remote. Read some owners reviews here. Theres no other player thats better suited or easier for Alzheimers or dementia patients, and it can make all the difference in the World to them.
    • The Memory Loss One Button Radio This radio can be set up and controlled completely by just ONE BUTTON. Take the front panel off, choose your station and volume then replace the panel. Has to be the easiest solution for those with Alzheimers, dementia, memory loss, visual impairment, or poor dexterity. Find out more here. THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!
    • iGuerburn Upgraded 16GB Simple Music MP3 Player With just a few cautions, were adding this player to the list for 2020. As long as you are reasonably confident you have someone in the family who can create a USB with your loved ones favorite music on it and set it up you should be fine. Its a quality item, sent in quality packaging that many people are reviewing as one of the best. Has to be the easiest solution for those with Alzheimers, dementia, memory loss, visual impairment, or poor dexterity. Find out more here. THIS PRODUCT IS CURRENTLY SOLD OUT!

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    Radios And Music Players Designed For People With Dementiadementia Together Magazine

    Our panel tries out players for radio and music that aim to be easier for people with dementia to use.

    This issue, we return to our West Sussex consumer panel of people affected by dementia. They tried out some new and existing radios and music players at home, and we caught up over Zoom to see how theyd fared with them.

    Then I Had An Idea What About Her Music

    Simple Music Player for Dementia

    Music changed everything. Her blood pressure came down, her heart rate stabilized, she became more calm, accepting, and began taking her medication again. Somehow the music brought her out of the fog and allowed her to connect with her old self again. Its over now, and shes safely living with us. But Ill never forget the power music had to bring relief to my Mom. Today, shes never far from her music player.

    So what brings you here? Do you have a family member in pain or suffering? Do you love someone with dementia or Alzheimers? Or are you just interested in finding a simple and easy music player without all the confusing buttons? Whatever the reason, youre very welcome to stay awhile

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