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Alzheimer’s Association Car Donation

Easy Everyday Ways To Donate

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Did you know that you can support Alzheimers Research UK in many different ways online?

So, next time youre simply browsing the internet, looking to make a purchase online or wanting to get rid of your old car, why not do it through one of the below websites and Alzheimers Research UK will receive a donation.

There are various easy, everyday ways to support groundbreaking dementia research at no extra cost to you!

While we work closely with and promote these third-party websites we are unable to take responsibility for the users experience. Please contact the relevant website if you have any queries or concerns.

Thank You For Your Donation

CaringKind is designated a 501 Charitable Organization by the IRS. Ourtax-exempt number is: 13-3277408.Thank you for your generous contribution. Your request has been received and wewill be processing it shortly.This is the only number you need to connect withNew York Citys dementia experts. Our Helpline Specialists can provide you withthe most up-to-date information, education and support. Were here for you.You can also call us for emotional sup

Alzheimers Disease And The Alzheimers Society

More than 600,000 Canadians are living with dementia today, a number projected to double in less than 10 years. The impact doesnt stop there, because 1 in 5 Canadians have experience caring for someone with dementia.The Alzheimers Society

Alzheimers Disease affects us all. We are working together, across the country, to see breakthroughs in research and care for our loved ones.

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary notes,

As our population ages and are living longer, its become increasingly important to have a basic understanding of dementia, how to maintain the health of your brain and reduce your risk for Alzheimers disease or related dementias later in life. Currently, the lifetime risk of developing dementia is 1 in 4 for women and 1 in 6 for men.

Resources and support area available to your family if you are facing this issue for the first time. If this is a disease that is impacting your family, reach out to the professionals and groups near you that can come alongside you and your loved ones.

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Our Mission Our Vision

Promote dignity and independence of people with disabilities and special needs.

Choice in Aging, formerly Rehabilitation Services of Northern California , was established in 1949 as a private, nonprofit 501 public benefit corporation. Choice in Aging has centers in Contra Costa County and serves more than six hundred people each year. The Choice in Aging Board of Directors are dedicated community volunteers who provide guidance, support, and their expertise to the organization.

Our programs include Adult Day Health Care services for frail adults, elders, and persons with Alzheimers disease and related dementias. This program is designed for loved ones who can engage in a safe and supportive environment during the day, while still living at home with their family members. Adult Day Health Care services are licensed by the California Department of Public Health and certified by the California Department of Aging.

We are also proud to offer information and referral resources to the local community, as well as support services to caregivers and family members of frail elders and persons with Alzheimers and related dementias.

Make A Gift Of Publicly Traded Securities

Brightview Avondell Bel Air Alzheimer

Includes gifts of stocks, bonds, mutual fund units and shares.

Benefits to donors:

  • Subject to generous tax incentives
  • No capital gains tax on gifts of publicly-traded securities to public charities
  • One of the most tax effective ways to make a donation

If a person donates a stock originally purchased for $300 that has grown to a fair market value of $1,000 and transfers ownership to the Alzheimer Society, he or she will receive a tax receipt for $1,000 from the Alzheimer Society and will not have to pay tax on the gain.

charitable donation of securities form.

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How Your Gift Makes A Difference

Your monetary donation to the Red Cross helps provide food, shelter, relief supplies, emotional support, recovery planning and other assistance during disasters.

When you donate money, you’re with us as we respond to more than 60,000 disasters each year.

You were with us as we installed more than 2 million smoke alarms in vulnerable communities since 2014. When you donate money to the Red Cross you’ll be there as we hold 500 blood drives each day, collecting 40% of the nation’s supply of blood and blood products. And as we provide nearly 471,000 services to military members, veterans and their families each year.

The Red Cross provides critical services to people who don’t know where to turn after a disaster, who require lifesaving blood, or who need help from our nation after sacrificing so much on our behalf. We don’t turn away people who need assistance we are committed to bringing help and hope to all those in need. All of this is possible because of individuals like you who donate money to the Red Cross.

Your support makes it possible.

Collctiv For Digital Payments

If youre organising a bake sale, tombola or raffle and want a digital alternative to collecting money, why not download Collctiv? Simply set up a digital pot on the app and download a QR code that people can use to pay direct. It works with Android and Apple pay and is super quick to use. Once youve collected your donations, transfer them to your bank account as you would with any normal collection and then send the monies back to Alzheimers Research UK.

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Will My Data Be Wiped Off My Donated Device

Yes. Although we recommend that all phones, tablets and other devices are wiped before donation they are split into 3 groups.

  • Working/ Faulty smartphones tested and wiped.
  • Physically good condition feature phones tested and wiped .
  • Poor condition, faulty and incomplete feature and smartphones destroyed and base materials recycled

What Vehicle Donors Are Saying

Man With Alzheimers Releases Debut Album to Raise Money For Charity

Donors Share Their Experience with Donating a Vehicle:

“I wanted to take a moment to email the two of you to express how easy this process was to donate my car… took the time to answer all my questions, allowed me to contact directly when I had follow-up questions, and even helped me by phone fill out the necessary forms that I needed to complete the transaction with the DMV.” – Monica M.

California Office
4669 Murphy Canyon Road, Ste.200
San Diego, CA 92123
All donations will be a charitable benefit to one of thousands of our nonprofit partners and CARS , a 501 nonprofit that provides transportation solutions for seniors.

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The Car To Fall In Love With

Wouldnt this American Classic look amazing in your garage? Donate today and help the Brevard Alzheimers Foundation fight against such a horrible and costly disease.

We must be doing something right because this is the 30th year of the ALZBBQ and could be your year to win this classic piece of American history. It all starts with a $25 donation.

Each year about 3,000 people donate to the ALZBBQ and Car Drawing.

Your odds of winning this car are way better than POWERBALL!

TAXES PAID: The Brevard Alzheimers Foundation will pay to the IRS up to $7,500 toward taxes required. This may or may not be the actual amount you will owe on your federal taxes. Please consult your tax advisor concerning your specific situation.

Watch Last Years Winner!

Too Good

Donate A Car To Charity

  • Is the Vehicle in Running Condition?*
  • Why don’t you have the Pink Slip?
  • Why isn’t the Vehicle in Running Condition?
  • Vehicle Identification Number*
  • Describe Mechanical Issues, if any
  • Describe Condition of Body
  • To Which Charity Would You Like to Donate Your Vehicle?*
  • Is the Vehicle Located at the Address Above?*
  • How did you hear about our car donation program?
  • Notate the address where the vehicle is locatedStreet Address
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    Check Out More Unique Ways To Give

    You can choose from several other unique ways to give to the Alzheimer Society. You can: buy a Forget Me Not necklace or keepsake for yourself or to give as a gift donate a vehicle and get a tax receipt donate through ChangeIt®.

    for more information on these interesting alternative ways to give!

    The Society hosts a variety of fundraising events throughout the year. The revenue supports the important work we do.

    Read More

    Raise Your Voice and help make dementia care a priority. The Society needs you to speak out and make change happen.

    Read More

    We need volunteers of all ages and skills to help make a difference in the lives of people with dementia.

    Donate A Vehicle To Alzheimer’s Los Angeles

    Brightview Avondell Bel Air Alzheimer

    Looking for a way to support Alzheimer’s Los Angeles? Donate your vehicle! While car and truck donations are our most popular type of vehicle donations, we also accept motorcycles, golf carts, motorhomes and more. Vehicle donations are one of the most generous ways to give to non-profits AND it doesn’t cost you anything except maybe an old car that you don’t need anymore. When you donate a car to Alzheimer’s Los Angeles you are supporting their mission .

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    Vehicle Donations Drive Change

    FREE pick-up and tax deductible! Make a difference today and donate your old car, truck, motorcycle, RV or boat to the Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation, please to get started.

    Phone 908-5766 Fax 838-9855PO Box 30783, Tucson, AZ 85751-0783

    Privacy Policy © 2011-2022 Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation.

    The Alzheimers Research and Prevention Foundation is a leading global Alzheimers disease prevention organization, funding some of the most significant integrative medicine research on Alzheimers prevention , while providing educational outreach to laypeople, healthcare providers and caregivers on the 4 Pillars of Alzheimers Prevention®.

    ARPF is a charitable organization registered in AZ, CA, CT, FL, IL, MD, MA, MO, MI, NJ, NM, NY, OH, NC, PA, RI, TX, VA, WA, WI. In FL, ARPFs registration number is CH-31726 under s.496.411, F.S.

    The Vehicle Donation Process

    How do I check on the status of my car or get other answers?

    We are available seven days a week. Please call 855.277.6CAR . or email to get the answers to your questions.

    Hours of Operation :

    8 a.m. – 10 p.m. , Monday – Friday 9 a.m. – 8 p.m. , Saturday 11 a.m. – 7 p.m. , Sunday

    What are the benefits of donating a vehicle to the Alzheimer’s Association?

    Its easy, free and secure. We convert vehicles into cash, which becomes a welcome donation to the Alzheimer’s Association. Your gift may qualify for a tax deduction, and you avoid the cost and hassle of repairing or selling a car you no longer want.

    Are there any costs?

    No. There is no cost to the donor. All expenses are deducted from the gross sales price, and if the costs ever exceed the price, those costs are covered by CARS, our vehicle donation program provider.

    What types of vehicles do you accept?

    All vehicles are considered. We strive to accept all types of donated vehicles, running or not, including cars, trucks, trailers, boats, RVs, motorcycles, campers, off-road vehicles, planes, heavy equipment, farm machinery, and most other motorized vehicles. To find out if we can accept your vehicle, please complete our secure online vehicle donation form, or call us toll-free at 855.277.6CAR during regular hours of operation.

    Does my car have to be registered?

    Do I need a smog certificate or safety inspection to donate my vehicle?

    My car doesnt run or hasnt been used in years. Can I still donate it?

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    Sign Me Up To Change My Society

    Scrap cars. Running vehicles. We take them all! The tow is free, and the society will always issue a tax receipt. Whenever possible, our supporting agents across Canada re-sell donated vehicles. The goal? To achieve the highest dollar donation outcome for your charity possible. A win for the charity. And a win for tax time!

    Your unused/unwanted vehicle makes an impact on illness like Alzheimers Disease. For our part, we are at-the-ready with exceptional donor care. The donation process takes just a few minutes of your time. In fact, in the same amount time its taken to read this little post, you can likely have your cars information out to us! We take care of every detail. The charity will never pay for this care. If Alzheimers Disease is your heart-cause, caring for you is ours.

    Vehicle Donation Tax Benefits

    How Alzheimer’s Disease Progresses

    Is my vehicle donation tax-deductible?

    Yes. Vehicle donations are tax-deductible. Individual tax situations vary. For specific tax- related questions, please consult your tax advisor or refer to IRS Publication 4303.

    How is the value of my tax deduction determined?

    Most vehicles are sold through local wholesale auctions and we work to get the highest return per vehicle for you and the Alzheimer’s Association. According to IRS guidelines, you may claim fair market value for your donation up to the actual sale value. If your vehicle is sold for more than $500, the maximum amount of your deduction will be the sales price of the vehicle which will be listed on your IRS Form 1098-C.

    A special rule may apply if the donated vehicle sells for $500 or less. In this case, a deduction for the lesser of the vehicles fair market value on the date of the contribution may be claimed, or $500, provided you have written acknowledgment .

    Defining the fair market value

    The fair market value of a vehicle is the price that you could sell it for in its current condition to another individual, willing seller and willing buyer, and it represents the cash that you give up to make the donation. A convenient source of this information is the private party sale value as shown in online valuation guides such as .

    What tax forms will I receive and how do I receive them?

    How do I request a donation or tax receipt?

    What if my vehicle is valued over $5,000?

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    Give As You Live Online

    Give as you Live Online is a free and easy way to raise funds for Alzheimers Research UK when you shop online.

    When you shop at over 4,000 top stores including John Lewis & Partners, Expedia and Marks & Spencer via Give as you Live Online, they’ll turn a percentage of your spend into free funds for us!

    Simply sign up, search for the retailer on our website or app and shop as normal. It’s that simple!

    Did You Know That You Can Donate A Car Truck Rv Boat Motorcycle And Other Types Of Vehicles To Help Support The Alzheimer Society Of Toronto

    Donate A Car Canada accepts vehicle donations on behalf of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

    They will accept a variety of vehicles including:

    Donate a Car makes used car donations, car removal, car recycling, or junking a car a simple and easy process with FREE towing or pickup in every province. You can also maximize your donation by dropping off your vehicle at one of their identified locations.

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