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What Is Pds Protocol For Alzheimer’s Disease

Finally Theres A Remedy That Addresses The Underlying Cause Of Your Pain

New Hope for Alzheimer’s Disease – The Bredesen Protocol – Dr Wes Howard

This wonder substance is called EG-M, and it naturally contains mega-amounts of collagen, plus more than a dozen amino acids, essential proteins, and healing minerals

all things that your body craves to be healthy and pain-free.

So when researchers were able to extract EG-M and put it to the test in the lab, they were blown away to see their patients pain EASED starting in as little as 7 days.

And by the end of the short study, every single person in the group reported an average:

  • 72.5% decrease in overall pain
  • 75.9% reduction in range-of-motion related pain
  • And even a 43.7% increase in flexibility

And, again, this was all starting in just 7 days!

Now, EG-M checked the box of being able to relieve wide-spread pain while working FAST.

But could it do the same for something more targeted? Like arthritic knees and hips?

So, in the next study, 44 patients with severe arthritis in their knees and hips were given 500 mg once a day for 8 weeks.

And even though the study was supposed to last 8 weeks, patients reported to the researchers on day 10 that they were already seeing dramatic improvements

And on day 60, they reported feeling a full 35% better for pain, and 29% less stiffness.

The way EG-M works is genius because the second you start using it, it goes to work.

First it helps ease pain and stiffness quickly to get you back to doing all the things in life you love most.

The Mend Protocol For Alzheimers Disease: Functional Medicine On Steroids

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A recurring theme of this blog is to shine a light on what I like to call quackademic medicine. I didnt invent the term, but Ive made it mine. Basically, quackademic medicine is a term that very aptly describes whats going on in far too many academic medical centers these days, which is the infiltration of pseudoscientific medicine and outright quackery in the form of complementary and alternative medicine . Of course, the more recent term for CAM is now integrative medicine, which was coined to imply the integration of alternative medicine with science-based medicine as though they are equals. Thus, there are academic medical centers that embrace acupuncture, reiki, and naturopathy, the last of which includes homeopathy as an integral part of its curriculum and skill set.

The MEND Protocol is a treatment for Alzheimers disease marketed by Muses Labs. I always become very suspicious when I see that make claims like this:

Ah, yes, personalized medicine and a personalized protocol. Muses Labs claim to use these factors to design a personalized treatment for MCI due to early stage Alzheimers:

This next part of the description of the MEND protocol might not be technobabble, but it is pure woo babble. Its very name tells me that. So does this next bit:

What the hell does this even mean?

Muses Labs itself touts its approach thusly:

Elsewhere, the company is described thusly:

What Is The Bredesen Protocol

The current approach to Alzheimers disease has failed. Researchers and drug companies have spent billions of dollars looking for a single drug that will cure Alzheimers disease, yet all of the drugs have failed in their clinical trials, and not one pharmaceutical or drug in existence can prevent Alzheimers disease, stop the progression of Alzheimers disease, or reverse the symptoms of Alzheimers disease. The Bredesen Protocol is a therapeutic, personalized program that identifies, targets, and treats the root cause of cognitive decline and Alzheimers disease.

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Amyloid & Genetic Alzheimers

DR. AMEN: So talk more about that, I mean, thats revolutionary. Im involved in imaging and so Ive talked a lot to my friends at GE, they make the medicine we use for doing SPECT scans, but they also make the amyloid imaging agent and I think they spent a hundred million dollars developing it and Im like, SPECT will actually give you more information that sort of says Alzheimers or not. What youre saying is actually different, that if you have a high amyloid load, yes, you could be on your way to Alzheimers disease, but amyloid is not the cause, its the reaction.

DR. BREDESEN: It is the reaction. So what happens is, and there are very nice studies out of Harvard on this, amyloid has turned out to be an antimicrobial. So you are producing this because it damages microbes. You are producing this because it responds to inflammation.

So, my point is its all well and good to think about removing the amyloid, but more important, lets think about removing the causes and there are often many contributors. We typically find 10 to 25 contributors for each person, so dont take the amyloid away until you take the inducers of the amyloid away, and weve had a number of people come through who had their amyloid removed by antibodies who did much worse when they had that removed, so you want to remove the cause the inducers, first.

DR. AMEN: Are there any studies showing that removing the amyloid in humans improves cognitive function?

Mend Protocol For Alzheimers Disease

Alzheimers disease multiple intervention trial (ADMIT ...

Post-mortem cross sections of a healthy brain and a brain with advanced Alzheimer disease , showing characteristic shrinkage.

SBM essentially advocates for an ironic-sounding holistic approach to scientific evidence. All evidence should be considered in its proper context with an eye toward the strengths and weaknesses of each kind of evidence, and in the context of the institutions of science and medicine. SBM represents a higher standard of overall evidence, which we feel is justified given the degree to which medical interventions are adopted prematurely .

At the same time there are those, in the minority but with an established presence, who are essentially arguing for lowering the standard of science in health care. They exist on a spectrum, at one end including those who would abandon science entirely in favor of spirituality and philosophy-based medicine. At the other end are those who claim to endorse science but want to change the rules of scientific medicine to include a much lower standard of evidence. This is more pseudoscience than antiscience. Chief among them, in my opinion, are proponents of what they call functional medicine. Functional medicine essentially uses science incorrectly, but still cloaks itself with the imprimatur of science.

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Alzheimers Disease & Roads To Devastation

DR. AMEN: So, many years ago when I started looking at the brain, we used a couple of studies here, with the most important one to us being SPECT that looks at blood flow and activity almost right away. I went, oh, ADD is not one thing, depression is not one thing, bipolar disorder is not one thing, schizophrenia is not one thing, and what youre saying is Alzheimers is clearly not one thing and its got many different roads to devastation, and if youre gonna prevent it, reverse it, slow it, you actually have to attack all of the risk factors.

So the big surprise was what we call Alzheimers disease is actually a protective response surprisingly to these different insults.

In recent years, the medical field has begun to understand Alzheimers as a disease with many causes. Similar to Dr. Amens research in ADD with brain SPECT imaging, the body can show physical damage differently depending on patients with the same diagnosis of a mental illness. This has lead Dr. Amen to apply treatment seven different ways for the seven types of ADD he observes in the brain.

Similarly, Dr. Bredesen has found that by categorizing patients into types he can begin to treat patients with solutions that show improvement. These contributors are complex and include chronic inflammation from a variety of causes as well as toxic exposure.

Some Of The Most Common Prescription Drugs That Are Linked To Severe Memory Loss

They can cause innocent, healthy seniors to be misdiagnosed with Alzheimers disease

Did you know the FDA receives more than 2 million consumer complaints about prescription drugs every single year!?

And seniors are at the most risk.

More than 31,000 seniors will die this year from complications related to their legally prescribed medications.

Not to mention how many end up in nursing homes their minds shot, unable to recognize their own families

All from common drugs prescribed by their doctors?

But what can you do?

Your well-meaning doctor prescribes them for high blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, whatever it is.

Which is why you need to know about the very real remedies and treatments for the diseases that plague us Alzheimers disease, arthritis, MS, heart disease even cancer.

And, today, were exposing everything and revealing every disease-fighting secret so Big Pharma loses and you win.


You see, there are TRUE cures if you know where to look.

In fact, in many countries around the world these therapies are PRESCRIBED by doctors.

And reports are flowing in that theyre working for grateful patients with cancer, heart disease, Alzheimers and more.

But why not here in the greatest country in the world?

Well, it interferes with Big Pharmas money machine.

You see, these are all NATURAL disease treatments discovered by top scientists right here on Gods green earth.

So why would Big Pharma even waste their time?

But, finally, that ends TODAY.

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The Mind Diet: 10 Foods That Fight Alzheimer’s

Doctors have been saying for years that what you eat can affect the health of your heart. Now there’s growing evidence that the same is true for your brain.

A new study by researchers at Rush University Medical Center in Chicago shows a diet plan they developed — appropriately called the MIND diet — may reduce the risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease by as much as 53 percent.

Even those who didn’t stick to the diet perfectly but followed it “moderately well” reduced their risk of Alzheimer’s by about a third.

Diet appears to be just one of “many factors that play into who gets the disease,” said nutritional epidemiologist Martha Clare Morris, PhD, the lead author of the MIND diet study. Genetics and other factors like smoking, exercise and education also play a role. But the MIND diet helped slow the rate of cognitive decline and protect against Alzheimer’s regardless of other risk factors.

The study, published in the journal Alzheimer’s & Dementia, looked at more than 900 people between the ages of 58 and 98 who filled out food questionnaires and underwent repeated neurological testing. It found participants whose diets most closely followed the MIND recommendations had a level of cognitive function the equivalent of a person 7.5 years younger.

The MIND diet breaks its recommendations down into 10 “brain healthy food groups” a person should eat and five “unhealthy food groups” to avoid.

Why Am I Telling You All This Because You Deserve The Truthand The Information To Protect Yourself

The Bredesen Protocol for Reversal of Alzheimer’s Symptoms – Dave Jenkins at ACNEM Brain Conference

Thats why Im also so excited to show you the details on this natural sleep trick that can help give you the good nights sleep you deservethe safe way.

That deep restful REM sleep I mentioned earlier?

Well, scientists have found a way to trick your body into creating more of it by calming the chemical receptors in your brain that control how you feel, think and react.

Think of it as a light dimmer it doesnt completely turn off those signals, it just takes them out of overdrive to put you in a super relaxed state. And the result?

No more insomnia or anxiety keeping you awake at random hours just peaceful sleep, and the feeling of true rejuvenation the next morning when you open your eyes.

And best of all its completely natural.

Surprisingly enough, this trick is actually over 3,000 years oldand is even PRESCRIBED by doctors in countries around the world.

Its not meditation , a calming essential oil or even a presciption pill you take before bed

Nope, its actually a simple sleep formula made of all-natural ingredients. You have to see all the details to believe it.

Because it just puts your body into a calmer, NOT a sleepy or zombified state, you can enjoy the brain benefits around the clock.

And because every ingredient is non-habit forming, you can feel good knowing that you can use it as often as you need itwithout fear of addiction.

Or feel free to use it once, even if you just need it to get you through an especially tough time.

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Day #: Peg Was 80 When She Was Diagnosed

Dr. Spreen here.

First, Iâd like to thank you for signing up for my live webinar How to Reverse Alzheimerâs in 37 Days.

I know thereâs nothing more terrifying than being diagnosed with Alzheimerâs disease.

It doesnât matter if youâve just been diagnosedRead more

The past two days youâve heard about Steve and Peg, who both used a brand new medical breakthrough to reverse their Alzheimerâs disease and restore their memories.

But you may be wondering, has this been studied in a clinical trial?

The answer is yes.

Get Other Health Problems Under Control

Your body is many systems working together. If one part is not working well, others will suffer as well also. If you have known health problems, get them under control. While digestive problems are not necessarily a “cause” of Alzheimer’s disease, if you have trouble absorbing nutrients from your food, your body systems, including your brain will suffer. If you have lung problems, it will hinder your oxygen levels and ability to exercise, both of which could contribute to problems in your brain. Connections are being made between Alzheimer’s disease and diabetes and insulin resistance, another reason to keep your blood sugar levels under control.

Do you have a natural remedy for preventing or treating Alzheimers disease? Please send us some feedback!

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This Could Be Your Only Opportunity To Watchthis Video Uncensored And In Full

Ill give you full details in a moment on how you can claim your FREE report.

But let me tell you exactly what youre getting. Were jumping right in with #5 and its an absolute shocker.

For the first time ever, there’s been a BIG step forward in the fight against cancer.

It’s NO match for this natural discovery.

Its all thanks to this breakthrough that comes from one of the strangest places on earth a rare type of sourhoney!?

Keep watching and Ill explain

Cancer. Just the word alone will make anyones heart drop in fear. Maybe you have a loved one going through treatment right now and you know exactly how devastating the disease can be

Maybe youve even worried about it yourself wondering how a diagnosis would impact your own life your family, friends, even pets

Its a completely rational fear, considering the fact its estimated that there are 14 MILLION Americans living with some form of cancer right now

and 1.6 MILLION new cases expected to be added by the end of this year alone.

But, instead, we’re all told the same thing:

Chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are the only way.

But I dont make a single red cent off ANY cure

So I cant wait to share this exciting news with you today

In the heart of the Brazilian jungle, a tiny, remote area exists where special bees create one of the rarest substances on earth

Its a type of sour honey that has remained untouched for thousands of years.

How does it work so fastand so effectively?

Differences Between Pseudo Dementia And Dementia

The Bredesen Protocol
  • Dementia is an ailment in which there are mental problems such as memory loss. Pseudo means false or apparent. Pseudo Dementia thus mimics Dementia. It is similar to dementia, but not exactly the same.

  • The popular examples of Dementia are Alzheimers disease while the popular example of Pseudo Dementia is depression which is a mental disorder that includes a depressed mood lasting nearly two weeks or so, in which patient does not feel like doing anything. No hopes and no ambition left.

  • The two may be differentiated on the basis of cognitive abilities. Usually the resolution of the cognitive difficulties after a medical trial of antidepressant medicine indicates depression and not a progressive dementia.

  • Pseudo dementia is not permanent, as it is based on mood which is based on events that happen on a daily basis in ones lives, but Dementia is unlike the former, more of a lasting disease.

  • The treatment of both may be more or less the same, but Pseudo Dementia has more complex and varied set of symptoms, so its diagnosis is more difficult than Dementia

Whatsoever the disease be, these ailments can be treated if a person is strong willed. It is said that Where there is a will, there is a way. If there is support of near and dear ones, one can defeat such disorders.

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Alzheimer’s Breakthrough Study Shows New Drug Slows Memory Loss

One study patient diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s, who asked his identity not be revealed because he’s a working physician, began the Bredesen program when his memory started to slip. A year in, he says his symptoms disappeared and his cognitive test scores are back to normal.

Bredesen doesnt consider the program a cure for Alzheimer’s.

The longest we have a person on the program is four and a half years. We’ve not had a single example yet out of hundreds in which someone has gone on the program, gotten better, stayed on the program, and then gotten worse, he said.

How To Treat Alzheimers: Interview With Dale Bredesen

Dr. Bredesen is an internationally recognized expert in Alzheimers disease and the mechanisms that underlie it. As a Caltech graduate with a medical degree from Duke, he served as Chief Resident in Neurology at UC San Francisco. His international acclaim came with publishing a study showing he could reverse Alzheimers disease.

Alzheimers is a debilitating brain disease that progressively destroys memory and thinking skills, most commonly in older adults. It has so far been considered an irreversible illness, but new research lead by forward thinkers such as Dr. Bredesen bring us closer to understanding this complex disease in order to cure it. His book, The End of Alzheimers, was published in August 2017.

DR. AMEN: Welcome Dale, such a joy to have you help tell our audience about The End of Alzheimers. So both you and I are considered mavericks, that we think outside of the box. When did this become purposeful for you? When did this mission really start?

DR. BREDESEN: Thanks Danny, so let me start by saying I really appreciate your work in psychiatry because you are asking how these diseases actually occur instead of just saying that were gonna follow some arbitrary rules. Youre saying, what is the neurophysiology of psychiatric diseases, and I think thats huge and thats exactly what should happen in the 21st century.

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